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  1. Not Withams, but maybe Brightwells as seen on Page 32.
  2. Powerspark is the correct name, https://simonbbc.com
  3. Yes, there’s a fluid flywheel on the Fox. CVRT has a conventional flywheel and a centrifugal clutch on the gearbox.
  4. All Fox parts are rare parts, and all Fox jobs are pigs… but it is repairable and there are flywheels out there.
  5. Seems a shame to break it for spares. Try Helston for a flywheel.
  6. Try here: https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/cvrtd-219-c.asp
  7. I think it would help if we knew where in the world you are? Rob Dove was advertising some on Facebook the other day.
  8. The problem is there is no U.K. Jeep dealer that has a comprehensive offering of spares on an easy to use website. There are some good dealers in France and Classic Jeep in Sweden is excellent, but the shipping & taxes has made it not worth it. You’ll have to phone or email one of the U.K. dealers.
  9. Tithonus is not the same as Wolf, there is no bolt on cover on a Tithonus.
  10. Do you have the petrol or diesel manual? It is fairly easy but a bit involved. You need to lift off the complete engine deck, then remove the fan section of the bulkhead and remove the drive shaft. Do not disassemble them drive shaft, you need to remove the bolts that hold it to the flywheel and gearbox input module. You can then swap the belt and put it back together.
  11. Everything canvas on my Jeep came from John & Mary Worthing. http://www.canvasco.com
  12. Look up The Welding Wood on Facebook. Tony saved a series 3 one for me. Chris
  13. Your best option is to find a CVRT one and swap the ends.
  14. You really should have put all of this in a private message rather than on a forum which anyone can read, now everyone has all your details!!!
  15. Ours had 310 miles since base overhaul on the clock when we got it.
  16. Considering the 432 is black with purple flowers painted on it I don’t think he’s striving for authenticity so maybe any extinguisher will do?
  17. Any 2kg dry powder extinguisher should fit those.
  18. Probably best if you show us a photo the bracket and then we know what you’re looking for.
  19. Hi Rob, the carb you are looking for is one of these: https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/cvrtj60-engine-carburettor-48nnip-5338-p.asp Chris
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