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  1. Spoke to the organizers earlier this year. They said the first date for entry to the site is the 19th, and if you mark out a spot you have to stay or they will remove the posts and ropes. Whether this happens or not is another thing but hopefully it will stop the marking out of big areas that don't get used until the last few days.
  2. Spoke to them at Stoneleigh about entry dates. The earliest people can get in for marking out is the 19th, but if you do go and mark out a spot you have to stay. They said it's to stop people marking out areas and then turning up for the last few days. The chap we spoke to said if any areas are roped off and left they will take the ropes down.
  3. They have a US distributor Rory Grenier fordgpparts@gmail.com
  4. Unforgettable is a good word. Thanks to all those involved.
  5. That's me stuck. I did it on purpose so I could use the A frame. A big thanks to the chap that towed me out. A great weekend with the convoys and the great meal on the Saturday night. And to top it off a surprise envelope with fuel vouchers. Very much appreciated. Thanks to all those that organized it.
  6. Thanks, Mummy always said I was special.
  7. Simply put this year will be the last show. Gutted as I'm not able to go:-(
  8. I'd best get my trailer packed. Probably can't make this year though, so that gives you a bit of time to get it sorted. I'll keep checking lottery tickets for funding.
  9. I got a ticket a couple of years back. Coming back from combined ops show there's a steep hill into a dip and a steep climb out. Speed camera at the top of the hill, no problem there, lay bye at the bottom where I know dibble sometimes sit but couldn't see them. Got a bit of speed up to drag the trailer up the hill, and got a ticket through the post. 36 in a 30.
  10. I've never had one on mine, running 12 volt points/condenser. 10 years so far with no problem.
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