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  1. I'm inclined to think you need to study the arc through which the door moves before making further "suggestions" as then it will make sense as to why all these door's mechanisms are made the same way. If the bend is not where it is as shown, the mechanism simply will not operate.
  2. OK, the dial on the meter itself says from 20mph level road so I'll keep an open mind for now
  3. OK, so I have purchased a Tapley (BM) meter. It is functional but is without instructions. Google finds threads from others saying its hard to find the instructions on how to set it up/ use it.. Can anyone help please? it is the "older model", ie version with two scales for stopping distance and % efficiency scales Also, and this really is a stupid question, what should the stopping distances of Ferret (Mks 1, 1/2, and 2) and CVRW Fox be?
  4. the bar is fitted the way it is because that is the only way it will work. Reversing it will cause a jam and possibly damage to what appears to be a garage that is being rented rather than being his own to destroy. When it opens, the door obviously moves through an arc, not a straight line, hence the bend to allow clearance for the arc the solution is to do what I did. Remove the bar and open and close the door manually. There is no alternative with an up and over door and that sort of electric opening mechanism. Hence I fitted a roller door on my other garage.
  5. advice please... long time ago I bought one of the first Jolley kits for a Ferret. Sadly he was still learning himself at that time and did not supply an "electronic" coil as he said the original one was OK. I am aware that now he says you must replace the coil. My question is: what coil should I use with the Jolley electronic system? I am loathe to ask him as I feel he short changed me on the original deal, so don't wish to make him richer for having misled me and now needing to correct it at my additional cost.
  6. the "modifications" (sadly) originate in the UK, where this "thing" has been knocking around on the selling circuit for at least a decade. It allegedly has some street cred in terms of bling use by a boxer for personal promo, so to that extent there is an argument that it should be kept in bling as something "different" (and in recognition of its civvi history?) actually the fact it is now in the Good ole USA is a great result as you guys are so desperate for armour, and have so much money to throw away, there is a reasonable chance someone will buy and de-bling it back to "original"
  7. as Chris mentions, it is best to use valid descriptions in case you ever end up in court (road traffic accident) and some wise barrister (or a sensible man in the street) goes through your situation with a fine tooth comb and looks up definitions ... wheeled vehicle is not a crawler tracked vehicle is a crawler crawler [ kraw-ler ]SHOW IPA SEE SYNONYMS FOR crawler ON THESAURUS.COM noun a person or thing that crawls. Digital Technology. web crawler. Also called crawler tractor. any of various large, heavy vehicles or machines tha
  8. things are different to when I last registered a vehicle, but aside from the still valid issues flagged by Chris above, if you are presented with the option as to how to describe the vehicle, refer to it as a "motor tractor", as that (and only that) is the vehicle classification category which the DVSA can "cope" with when it comes to armoured (ex) MV and therefore what category of MOT it falls into. Yes I know we now have historic class for MOT exemption, but there is nothing lost by also ensuring it is "categorised" into something that a DVSA civil servant can understand.
  9. I think you have your Ferret identifications mixed up, the photo in his post shows a bog standard Mk 1/2. It is does not show a "malaya" Mk2 with the extra armour between hull and turret - for that take a look at this and see the difference:
  10. I suppose a bling auto car sales room (is it really a museum if the "exhibits" are for sale?) in the USA is a logical place for its latest reappearance. Always for sale, but never openly owned, appears to be its perpetual destiny.
  11. List here the vehicle serial number and I'll look it up on the 101 Club records. To re-register as age related you will need a letter from Gaydon confirming the build date as DVLA can be rather hit or miss with accepting "certified" letters from the 101 Club, so best go straight to Gaydon anyway. John (101 Club Treasurer)
  12. Hi all Finally admitted defeat on remembering my old credentials so I'm repackaged as this one instead. Used to be 00ec25, and still am in a sense 😀 Real life has intervened for last decade or so, and it may take me a while to rediscover my mojo on here, but the love of vehicles has never gone away Regards John
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