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  1. There are no CVRTs still serving with the British army.
  2. Try here: https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/34-tonnarrow-tracksankey-trailerillustrated-parts-list-102-p.asp
  3. If you do some searching on Google you can find a map of the clean air zones. It won’t hinder those of us going to Normandy.
  4. Diesel1 hasn’t visited this forum since April 2023.
  5. Everything for a Dingo is expensive, if you can find it..! I’ve just rebuilt my engine and decided I couldn’t put it back in without tidying up the dingo first so it’s now pretty much stripped for blasting and rewiring. If you need tyres the Empire tyres from Barry Ring are very good.
  6. Here you go.. https://www.rrservices.co.uk/product-page/wireless-set-no19-b-set-antenna-base
  7. You need the B set antenna base. You can get a replica of the metal bit from various places, I’ve seen them on eBay, but the rubber bit is much harder to find and took me 2 years. There’s a guy now making replicas, try the Dingo group on Facebook. Chris
  8. It’s a big book.. https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/cvrx28tx29x28dx29common-itemsillustrated-parts-list-2896-p.asp
  9. You need to get hold of a CVRT common items parts list and search the NSNs on thexmod.com
  10. NATO Green is BS381C shade 285. It will be slightly different wherever you get it from. If you want to match your vehicle find a local automotive paint supplier and take them an easily removable part for them to match it to. They can all supply aerosols.
  11. Hi Nick, thats from a Warrior, there were a lot of them about a few years ago Chris
  12. sirhc

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    At the bottom of the page click ‘theme’ and make sure default is selected
  13. This is the most recent addition to our collection. We’ve had it over a year already. Hope to have it at Tanks, Trucks & Firepower again this year. We took it last year but didn’t drive it as one of the water pumps started leaking. Chris
  14. Looking for a headlamp for my Mk II* carrier as per photo ( I have the blackout cover already) and an original user handbook. Also looking for 1 off British Butlers blackout headlamp complete for my Dingo. Thanks Chris
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