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  1. Just follow the instructions on your reminder and you can tax it free online next year.
  2. I have a number of them too, but most of mine are still working as track pins 😀
  3. Track pin from a CVRT
  4. Do I see a CVRT track pin?
  5. Probably easier to just make a new one from scratch?
  6. You can’t MOT a tracked vehicle, see form V122G. Your Q plate probably means the age couldn’t be verified when it was registered, you’ll need to get that changed for it to be tax exempt. I hear it is more difficult than it should be, best talk to the DVLA and ask them for some advice.
  7. If they withdraw Warrior from service they will likely be sold off in a job lot overseas, like Challenger 1, Saxon, CVRTs to Latvia, the WMIKs going to Lebanon etc.
  8. Here you go John.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193351343796 Chris
  9. It is a CVRT J60 part, I will look up the part number later unless someone beats me too it.
  10. British military vehicles 1950s to present. They are very common in the U.K.
  11. https://www.dallasautoparts.com/product/propshaft-front/ £160 + postage
  12. Nothing to do with an asset code, when they got to the end of the numbers-letters-numbers series they started the letters-numbers-letters series. My newer Wolf is HP63AA but my older Lightweight is 57KB22. Chris
  13. https://merlinarchive.uk/vehicle/KL70AB
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