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  1. Hi Graham, I have some parts, but not the ring or mantlet. Chris
  2. There was one at Tanks, Trucks & Firepower last month.
  3. Maybe https://www.hamptonsuk.co.uk Or https://www.crouchmilitarysales.co.uk
  4. Hi, In your Spartan the intercom and radio are powered separately, but both should be powered from the second set of batteries by the back door. There is a separate master switch for this. Do you have the manuals? Chris
  5. ISO 10 hydraulic oil. If it’s losing fluid that’s not good and needs investigating.
  6. When I was looking for someone to rebuild a starter Barry Ring suggested using a Denso high torque starter. We fitted one and have had no issues. https://www.amp-starters.co.uk/Automotive-Equipment/WOSP-Reduction-Gear-Starter-Motors/Willys-Jeep-Starters/WOSP-LMS250---New-Willys-Jeep-97-tooth-flywheel-Reduction-Gear-Starter-Motor__p-5435-599-3460-34217.aspx
  7. £270/year https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-tax-rate-tables/rates-for-cars-and-light-goods-vehicles-registered-before-1-march-2001
  8. Hi Andy, I suspect Cornwall might be a bit far for TheAmericanPatriot to send his wheels! Chris
  9. Welcome to CVRTs... the rubber will fall off your best looking wheels, and stay on the scabby horrible ones forever. Age, manufacturer and how they have been stored all play a part, but you can never tell when the rubber is going to come off. I once had the rubber come off on a bend, I turned and it went straight on. The solution to your problem is to keep plenty of spares in stock and buy the newest ones you can find. Chris
  10. Clive, this is the sight: https://www.milweb.net/classifieds/large_image.php?ad=78520&cat=8 Chris
  11. You may think that buying a complete Jeep will save you a lot of money, but bear in mind nearly everything will be worn out or need work in some way. Engine, gearbox, axles, steering box etc parts are not cheap, NOS may not be available and reproduction parts vary a lot in quality. Whatever you think it may cost to do a restoration... it will cost more! Chris
  12. I did mine in my Sabre. Booked the test online, examiner came to the house. He was an ex-army driving instructor. He stood and watched while I did a few circuits round the houses. A couple of manoeuvres, Highway Code questions and it was done. It might have changed now. I think it cost around £65. https://www.gov.uk/learning-to-drive-a-tractor-or-specialist-vehicle/driving-tests-for-tractors-and-specialist-vehicles Chris
  13. Hi Lance, The issue with the Fox is that it has 4 wheels but is not a goods vehicle, which is what confuses the DVLA. The Department for Transport have advised people on several occasions to classify it as a Motor Tractor which is what we did with ours, as John suggests. Registering a CVRT as a crawler is not an issue as it’s obviously got tracks so the DVLA staff can easily compute that! Chris
  14. You could also check the temperature of the hubs after a drive.
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