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  1. The silver bit in this photo? I’m sure I have a few but it might take me a while to dig one out.
  2. https://marcusglenn.com/bridge-weight-plates-
  3. Other than the issues with the DVLA being on strike and a huge back log of registrations there is no reason a CVRT can’t be registered as far as I know.
  4. Not Withams, but maybe Brightwells as seen on Page 32.
  5. Powerspark is the correct name, https://simonbbc.com
  6. Yes, there’s a fluid flywheel on the Fox. CVRT has a conventional flywheel and a centrifugal clutch on the gearbox.
  7. All Fox parts are rare parts, and all Fox jobs are pigs… but it is repairable and there are flywheels out there.
  8. Seems a shame to break it for spares. Try Helston for a flywheel.
  9. Try here: https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/cvrtd-219-c.asp
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