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  1. Spoke to the organizers earlier this year. They said the first date for entry to the site is the 19th, and if you mark out a spot you have to stay or they will remove the posts and ropes. Whether this happens or not is another thing but hopefully it will stop the marking out of big areas that don't get used until the last few days.
  2. Spoke to them at Stoneleigh about entry dates. The earliest people can get in for marking out is the 19th, but if you do go and mark out a spot you have to stay. They said it's to stop people marking out areas and then turning up for the last few days. The chap we spoke to said if any areas are roped off and left they will take the ropes down.
  3. Here's a pic of the type of bracket I have. http://www.jeepdraw.com/images/jeepdraw/drawings/mid-sect/f-ext-b.jpg
  4. They are the holes for the fire extinguisher bracket. The extinguisher clamp part is mounted to 3 top hat pieces that mount to the body, They are a bit of a pain. I've had to cable tie the lower strap on mine to stop me unclipping it with my boot.
  5. Anyone see Jacks new pink cusion? More pics here. I haven't posted more as they're probably the same as everyone elses.
  6. An unforgettable weekend. So many things that haven't been seen before, or maybe again? Thanks to all that put the time and effort onto this. The Sunday roast followed by the duelling ringpieces was particularly memorable.:-D I'm not sure who won! Still got to go through my pics and vids.
  7. :shocked: Steep hills round there! Just sorting a few things, plan to leave at 10ish. Hopefully arrive about 2. Hope it's warmer there than here.
  8. Sat and Sun are looking dry at the moment.
  9. I use metcheck. Seems fairly accurate. It's now showing dry Wed, rain Thu/fri with a break in the afternoon. rain Sat dry Sun. I hope it's wrong and we get sun.
  10. Weather update. No Rain. Here's hoping.
  11. I've been watching the reports, looks to be dry untill Sunday afternoon at the show. Looks like rain where I am on Friday though. :cry: Maybe I'll dry out by the time I arrive.
  12. Slumming it in a tent, I thought you were a man with luxuries now.
  13. He doesn't need a money tree apparantly. He has a special pillow.
  14. I'll have to get one of those pillows. Where did he get it? :-D
  15. That looks very tidy. Where do you keep finding them.
  16. I'm hoping to go. Still sorting details.
  17. Old video with a voiceover added. :shocking:
  18. I'm not sure I believe you. :police:
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