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The ex-Watts 981 is in the Yard of Severn Beach Garage / Avon Recovery. The give-away is the modified windscreens and the modified exhaust outlet (LHF bonnet - the small square cover is to clear the pipe). Not a usual mod. I believe it is Rolls powered.


It is painted up in olive drab and sits next to their 981 in desert sand. I saw it about 6 months ago. All there but has not moved in a while.

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This one is called "who is helping who?" Any ideas what is going on?





It look like the wrecker has left the road and gone down in a culvert, whilst suspended towing what might be an Otter armoured car. The other armoured cars also look like GM (Canada) Otters, one seem to have a towrope on the two vehicles, whilst the other has a rope across to the top of the towed casualty, to stop it from rolling over.

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re-assesed id of casualty
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Dear Private Dave.

Re the alterations to the bonnet. I have kept the original air cleaners on GLU and only used one side of the hercules bonnet. when I built GLU I bought a brand new C6 engine which made starting 100% better. I have owned GLU now for over 25 years and my purchase of 'Bishops T' will be number eight of T's that I have owned. If you wish to call for any info or a chat please do so on 0033 231 10 11 98.

All the best.

Tony Graves.

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v8 bubba the diamond t you mention has been for sale for eleven years. iwent to see it all those years ago and was told it did 45mph it was complete with crane and engine a cummins 220 was in it. i guess the transmission is shot to pieces. i was also told it was not to be used within a 100 mile radius of base . i have some nice pics of it. hope of some use. all the best . tony graves

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