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  1. It's item 284246864651 - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284246864651 But utterly irrelevant to this thread.
  2. You just cross the chain, obviously 🙂 (My grandfather used to say that he once tried that, when they simply could not get a motor on some equipment to reverse. I have never been sure whether he was serious, and it is now several decades too late to ask)
  3. I recently watched a YouTube video of a chap making a new front door for his Victorian house and painting it in the Victorian manner. An interesting take-away was that you can fill with linseed oil putty then paint straight over. Both the paint and the putty are a mixture of linseed oil and whiting, so it shouldn't really be a surprise. Here is the video
  4. They are typically low enough ratio to be reversible. We have an old worm-drive chain hoist. That is irreversible, but only because it has a friction brake on the end of the worm shaft. With good bearings and adequate lubrication worm drives are fully reversible up to fairly high ratios.
  5. They feel exactly like any other differential.
  6. I have a tool and cutter grinder which is, in theory, capable of grinding spheres. On my particular one (early Alexander) there is no easy way to disable the 90 degree stop. The lathe speed is synchronised to the current working diameter, but the VFD control is slightly laggy so might get left behind on small diameters / short passes. The speed changes are more obvious at the start and end of each pass, but it should be running at constant surface speed. The VFD is controlled by Modbus through a USB interface. I would like to bring that into the realtime layer, but tha
  7. Step should work, but a traditional drawing is probably about as easy.
  8. Seen on that YouTube: Possibly some interesting materials and techniques there.
  9. A Yorkshire lathe for a Yorkshire truck. Though, at the time, most of them were.
  10. I can make balls really easily. Just send me a drawing.
  11. With a little more engineering it could be connected to the inside of the radiator and to a swivel inside the cap, so that it would be invisible, and also effective when driving.
  12. Is thicker-wall tube too obvious a suggestion? I would reckon on boring the tube internal to suit the forgings. A drill or reamer will just follow the existing bore. 31/32" and a bit more turning of the forgings? Ebay 133542817126 might do the trick.
  13. Maybe interesting? https://youtu.be/qpy5O0b7cL8?t=396
  14. Ben gets sent to India rather more often than he would like.... (But it's a big place)
  15. The second finest railway station in the land. (After St Pancras)
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