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Thanks for the commemts guys. My Dad says it always did whatever was asked of it with ease and has fond memories of it. I'll put some more pics up tomorrow.


Les - we recently bought a copy of your book and what a fantastic read with great photos too - we were curious who took the photo of ours though, any idea?

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Diamond geezer Tony Graves has bought Bishops T so its in good hands when researching the book i took a number of photos of the truck and only used a couple in the the book so will dig them out and add them to the thread i also copied some of Bishops photos of her in her working days unfortunatley these were sealed behind a plastic cover on a board and are not the best quality but will put the best up



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Thought I might as well add a few pictures of the T that sparked my interest. I have posted them on other sites so apologies if they are old news.


This 981 was owned by R&W Motors, of Winch Wen, Swansea, between 1972 and 1988. To the best of my knowledge was purchased from a garage in Dorset (who I assume fitted the wrecking gear). It was rebuilt in 1953 and de-mobbed several years later.


My father worked for the company for most of this period, having moved from another local company (Jenkins of Skewen) who also ran a 981.







The first picture was taken around 1984, while the second, showing a Scammell Crusader which had been recovered the previous night, was taken in October 1986 shortly after a re-paint for that year’s Lord mayors parade in Swansea which we always attended in the 80’s as recovery stand-by (but usually attracted our own portion of interest).







I admit it was never the best example. Very much a working vehicle the engine was on its last legs when the garage closed. I got the opinion this is why the next owners gave up on it, as the replacement Hercules they tried were not much better. Continuous attention was required to stop the rot in the cab and this was not kept up in the end, and unfortunately it was broken up several years ago after laying derelict for the best part of 20 years (I saw it 10 years ago it was looking rough then with the cab about to fall in).


If anyone can shed light on its life in Dorset before the 70’s I would be pleased to hear from you. I have the chassis number somewhere and I remember it being featured in the front of a Wheels and Tracks sometime around 1987. If anyone recognises it please let us know.


Cheers now,



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Whilst attending the annual classic truck show at Gaydon last year i found in the main model room a guy who builds or rather engineers classic trucks for radio control and on his table was this excellent model of a Diamond T in Pickfords livery. I am sure i can safely say it is the best model i have ever seen of this truck and i have seen a few more so because of its large size where no mistakes can be hidden, after my initial views i was then treated to a authentic sounding Hercules engine and even air brakes blowing the valves believe this is the best

models 008.jpg

models 001.jpg

models 002.jpg

models 011.jpg

models 012.jpg

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