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  1. Dear Les.

    Just wondered if you could help a friend out regarding the Taskers Queen Mary trailer, basically he would like to know what the mechanism is for that is at the front of the trailer before the swan neck, it looks like a pump of some sort but no one seems to know what its for, its the one which is actually in the framework of the trailer.


    Dick Smith (dizzy-t)

  2. I have heard that as well, they bought one direct from America, it never went into the Military service, they had 30 Diamond T's altogether, & Pickfords had 12
  3. I was told of this DT some time ago, and I think there were only two Diamond T's in New Zealand, the person to contact with the plate info is Adrian mason who has an immaculate 980. I did have a copy of the Register not sure if I still have it or not. Good luck with what ever you decide to do. Dizzy-t
  4. Dear Sirs. I am about to build the sister kit to the one you were sent, I am making the Wireless / Radio truck, as you have found out there about 19 parts to the engine, which will I think (unless you know better than me) is a shame as an item in such detail is hidden under the grill and engine cover inside the cab, I am wondering how to display the engine in detail, any ideas I was thinking of having the grill off but this would just show the radiator, do any of you guys have any suggestions please, I need the info very soon as I am displaying this model at Gaydon model Truck show in June 201
  5. Does any one have a good photo of a Scammell Pioneer doing a suspended tow of an Army lorry, a side on view would be great to help with my next poject. Dizzy-t
  6. Sorry to be a pain, but can any one please let me know how I can get in contact with Fred Lawton the owner of this Mighty Antar please. It is a matter of some urgency. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Is there any chance some one can get me some good photos of the Miller Antar please, I am desperate for nearside, a full on door writing photo (for transfers), the rear of the ballast box,(if any writing then this should be full on for transfers) by the spare wheel, (a full on of the writing on the scuttle and bonnet, (for transfers) An engine photo as well as in the cab please, I have to get it just right for the Gaydon Model Truck Competition, I know that is in June but I need to order my transfers as soon as possible as my friend gets very busy making them for other people, so this is an ur
  8. I have emailed Bob Tuck and he has given me permission to use the photos in Trucks book of his, but unfortunatley its not the best of photos, I need photos of all around the vehicle and in colour. But thanks anyway. Regards Dick Smith
  9. To all you Antar owners. I am making a 1/35th scale model of the Mighty Antar Mk3, which was owned by a Lancashire Heavy haulage firm, does anyone have any photos of this beast please, colour if possible which they would allow me to print off & use on modeling shows. I also require a detailed photo or drawing of the front back plate which has the tie rod attached, the instructions are not that clear so cant make out exactly where it fixes on. Thanks in advance Dick Smith
  10. Looks like Tony Graves's Diamond T, was for sale for $50,000 (£25,000) looks like it has gone to a good home.
  11. Thanks, will put them out at all my shows until July, have agood show.
  12. Nelz. Hi can I print this off and advertise your show at the model shows I am part taking in please.? Dick.
  13. Somewhere on Youtube there is a film of two Pickford's Diamond T's going at some speed over (I think) Vauxhall Bridge in London, with a trailer, I have looked for this film on there but can not find it any more, if any one has seen it can they tell me what the film is called, Thanks you in advance. Dizzy-t
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