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  1. There is an unusual trailer sat on an old RAF Base in Oxfordshire, looks like it could be ex military, does anyone recognise it? It has been used latterly to transport tracked machines about. Looks like it's destined for scrap unfortunately.
  2. I have for sale a waterpump marked LM Ltd, part number 130602. Will upload pics when I get a chance. Cast iron body with inlet/outlet, seems to turn OK. I assume this is from a pre-war era Leyland truck. Been in the shed for years and having a clear out. PM if interested. Thanks. Ed.
  3. Hutchinson or runflat international, they will deal with non military customers we get sets done all the time. The run flat inserts are used in ordinary tyres don't need to be thick walled.
  4. Did you have to soak the felt seals in oil before fitting?
  5. I spent a month there in their machine shop as part of my degree course and we got to spend an afternoon looking around everything from small arms to tanks, didn't have a camera in those days sadly!
  6. Wonder if rims have been cut down to run without tyres.
  7. Got this lamp looks in good order, could be persuaded to part with it had it a long time and not found use for it yet. Send pm if interested. Cheers. Ed
  8. We picked up a control board, fuel tank and mounting saddle from a lister generating set this week, bloke had another one but in poorer condition.
  9. They are all marked with makers name but no paperwork. There is a parallel and tapered of each size. Dad reminded me we have another set but larger sizes, they're in the workshop somewhere will have a look and see if they are dated or from the same maker.
  10. During a recent request to rehome some workshop equipment I came across a set of reamers which I'm sure will be ex WD and a long (40") straight edge in a wooden box that judging by the markings is connected with the RAF. They would all have been bought from our local army surplus dealer at one time I'm sure. Any information on the straight edge as to its original purpose would be great.
  11. Can anyone shed some light on this chassis, Commer of Luton on hubs.
  12. Richard, thanks for the input, yes I would suspect it's a bronze bush in there. I'm hoping someone might have more specific details or a part number. Montracon have said they need an axle part number or serial number to be able to help further.
  13. h thanks for the suggestion, was hoping someone might have some service or parts information on these trailers. I'm assuming the outer part is just a seal and behind will be some kind of oilite bush or bearing for the axle to swivel on. Judging by the wear it may even have gone through the bush material into the parent material of the stub/swivel and damaged that. It looks similar to a walking beam arrangement on a pioneer/explorer rear bogie.
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