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  1. Thank you for your comments. I intend to conserve as much of the Foden as possible wherever I can. Likewise I am trying to document what I find as and when I find things so there is a record for the future (and to remind myself when I forget what I did yesterday!)
  2. A few days off this week has meant I could do some more Foden work. Firstly I got the flywheel off the crankshaft, this now leaves the roller bearings eccentrics to get off then the crank can go for grinding, the journals aren’t in great condition so will definatly benefit from being ground. Having got the cab off and home a couple of weeks ago today I have been stripping the cab with help from a carpenter friend. The cab has certainly had major work in the past, as both the roof and rear boards are clearly not the origionals. There are more than one set of nail holes in the roof
  3. Thank you for your comments. In 1937 the Foden was fitted with a set of Pickering Governors for driving a stone crusher in the quarry, so as these are on the Foden now I feel that it would be chronologically incorrect if I were to return it to its WW1 guise. After it’s life with Devon CC It was sold (in 1950) to Mr Shambrook of Devon (for £18) and then in 1962 to Paul Corin if Cornwall. During this period of ownership it was painted maroon and that is how it was when sent to America in 1966, and likewise when it returned in 1991. When it was painted maroon, thankfully
  4. this was on another forum, a chap is building a half size traction engine in the US. He made a mould and made his own rubber tyres. May be of interest / use? The relevant part is near the end of the first page. hopefully this link will work: https://tractiontalkforum.com/showthread.php?t=45771 david
  5. Thanks Dave, yeah the jig has worked out well - so far! I’m doing to have to take the side pieces off the cab so need to keep the verticals in the right places so it lines up when I come to put it on again. With the casters I could lift it onto a trailer at the farm, then when I got home rolled it into the garage, I should have used casters with brakes on them to be neater as I’ve now jacked the jig up and put onto planks of wood in the garage as it rolls around too easily! a couple of photos of the steel bracing and one of the rotted cross members which will need replacing.
  6. So, rather than being at a certain West Country steam rally with the Burrell this weekend has been spent doing some more Foden destruction! The cab is very origional, but also very rotten, with several parts plated and strengthened by the previous owner, my intention is to retain as much of the origional timber as possible and splice in new wherever possible. So yesterday saw the cab being removed and bolted onto a framework as a jig to keep all the uprights in place (the centre support isn’t shown in the photos, this was added later as I needed the cab off to fit them) the cab is no
  7. Thanks Hedd, I was very lucky to pick up three of those lamps, 2 are like this one and brand new, never lit, it was a good discovery! I have a P&H self generating headlamp for the Foden (the lamp is currently under restoration). What made me wonder is the build sheet states it was supplied to WD with “Dependence fronts and tails, P&H headlight” so I assumed only the self generating to be a P&H lamp?
  8. Thank you for that. That’s me driving, the Foden was still owned by its previous owner Colin Wheeler at this time. Thank you for sharing. David
  9. Good evening. Sorry to start another new thread on lamps, but I wonder if some of you knowledgable people can help. Within my collection of lamps I have three of these lamps. As you can see by the photos they are twin fork mounted, stand 13” high to the top of the handle, and have a brass plate on with the description “DEPENDENCE J&R Oldfield Type No 443” From the look of them I think it’s fair to say this one has never been lit, neither has another of the set, whilst the third has. (All three are front lamps) Something that has made me think about this group is that th
  10. Yes Dave, the block has two pipes which go down into the steam space with nuts on the bottom. Rather than having a big hole like on an Aveling etc. Off the top of my head I think it has 16 5/8” bolts just to locate the cylinder.
  11. Well, it’s fair to say that this season isn’t quite going to plan is it! Last time I posted back in May I was saying about my planned trip to France... if all had gone to plan after that I was to attend a show on Guernsey, before taking the Foden back to Devon to mark the centenary of it being purchased by Devon County Council - but alas it wasn’t to be! The covid lockdown and cancellation of events has moved my planned winter maintenance forward by a few months, this year my Foden comes up for its 10 year hydraulic boiler test. The firebox and front tubeplate were replaced 20 years
  12. Where are you based Ben? I get aluminium castings done by “Harling Foundry” in Hastings, they are very sympathetic with work on older stuff and delicate with patterns. They do quite a lot of vintage and veteran car stuff for me. Lloyd (the boss man) is very pleasant and knowledgeable. 01424 443160 If that’s any help.
  13. From what I have been told the lorry and it’s contents have been found, Apparently in a layby and no damage to the cargo. Police are there and hopefully they may catch the scum who did this. But, I’ve taken it as a wake up call for the security of my stuff!
  14. Sorry to have to share this, a friend has had his Scania curtain side lorry stolen last night. In the back was his Clayton Steam Lorry. Please can people keep an eye out, and also be aware of this theft, it’s certainly making me think about the security of our vehicles.
  15. Does anyone know how this project is progressing? I remember it when Chris Jones had it at Chatham, I often wondered what became of it. Likewise Karl Hopper had what I recall was a Thornycroft (but I am probably wrong, I was very young at the time) which came from the Philp Auction - although I stand to be corrected on that!
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