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  1. UPDATE I have been informed by The Yorkshire Wartime Experience that to date 28 entries have been confirmed for the Diamond T 75th anniversary celebrations. The entries represent all models with the exception of the 975 pontoon truck. If anyone knows of one of these rare animals in the UK please pass on the event details and contact information. Details for the event can be found on http://www.ywe-event.info. The original target was to top 15 vehicles. We are delighted to see we could well double this figure. For those still interested in attending there is still time to submi
  2. Announcement: Diamond T 75th Anniversary Meeting. It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the Diamond T 75th anniversary gathering will take place at the Yorkshire Wartime Experience on 8th to 10th July 2016. The venue has been chosen as it has more than sufficient capacity for the number of vehicles we are hoping to attract, which is well in excess of 20. Also there is sufficient space for support vehicles. The venue is within a short distance to Hull which will allow our friends from the continent easy access via Rotterdam. At YWE we will be able to park togethe
  3. Hi John, Sorry I have only just picked up on your thread. Firstly welcome to HMVF, you will find this a friendly forum full of folk who are willing to offer advice. Sorry to hear your Crankshaft has given up. Unfortunately it is not an uncommon event on a Hercules as they were never the best engines for reliability. I'm not sure if you have had chance to pull the motor out yet to take a look (although you can just drop the sump off with the engine in-situ to have an exploratory). Two reasons why the DFXE crank can fail is the miss-drilling of the oil galleries in the factory and, if yo
  4. Some great pictures there Sam, thanks for posting . So pleased that Jason could come too and that we could get three Diamonds in a row. Thank you too for the opportunity to take the 969 for a run! Agreed it was a cracking weekend and looking forward to next year, only 51 weeks and a few days to go! Cheers, Ade.
  5. Folks, Had a visit to Wartime In The Vale over the weekend and discussed possibilities should of holding DT75 there. Many thanks to Paul for his time. Overall feelings are very positive. There appears to be room for between 15 and 20 vehicles and there is also an opportunity for those bring vehicles from afar to arrive earlier in the week and stay until Monday or Tuesday. Access to and from the ring can be simplified to allow movement through what is a tightly packed but well organised arena. I consider this venue to be a prime candidate but there are two outstanding issues.
  6. John, There are a number of considerations here, yes we need to avoid clashes with other events but also the location should be fair to all. We also need to consider the space available. At the moment we have interest for around 16 vehicles plus a number of trailers. We may be limited as to where we can fit them all in. A number of options are available. I will put up a short list soon. Thanks, Ade.
  7. Just as an aside do those wishing to attend the DT75 event have a preference on when it is held? June, July, August or September? Thanks, Adrian
  8. Evening folks, Thanks for all the positive responses. So far we have interest from around 15 vehicles, majority being M20 plus a few 969's. The number of vehicles may well dictate where we can go especially if the Rogers trailers are included. In generating a short list of possibilities I have tried to consider central events and taken into account suggestions from others. Now that we have an idea how many we could expect we can realistically look at where we can go. It looks like Wartime in the Vale could accommodate out gathering. South Cerney could also take the numbers but for
  9. Hi Claes, You would be very welcome with 5 T's! No limitations towing an unladen Rogers. Do you have a contact number I can contact you on? Many thanks, Adrian.
  10. Hi, Could all those interesting in attending DT75 please pm me a contact number. Thanks, A
  11. Hi Papav66, Great, thanks for your post :-) How many spaces do you think could be made available? Cheers, Adrian
  12. Hi ruggyjohn, Precisely why the emphasis was on the midlands so all have a fair shot at getting there. the GDSF meet in 2011 was great but those up north had a bit of a long treck. We appear to have a good following so far and the numbers expected may dictate where we can go, although at the moment I think we are ok :-). Cheers, Adrian
  13. Thanks Smithy/David, All good ideas and certainly in the region of interest. I will shortly be phoning round to see whether there will be sufficient space at these events and if they would be happy for our group to tag on. I will keep you all updated, Cheers, A
  14. So enjoyed reading this thread. thank you for posting. The one job I did not undertake on mine was re-painting the engine but it is on the cards this year. I will be using your restoration as the standard to achieve. best regards, A
  15. Thanks John, Giving everyone a years head start to prepare! It won't be too far north but I am looking at giving as many people a reasonable distance to travel. The 2011 gathering was superb but I know those up north had a long treck to contend with. my thoughts at the moment are North Cotswolds up to Birmingham. I suppose the ideal event would be Welland but not sure on how much extra capacity they could take on. We shall see :-) Speak soon, Adrian.
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