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Adverts !


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Is it just me or is the forum view inundated with adverts suddenly or is it my own settings ?

My open page has adverts throughout the circumference of any page it is so annoying and off-putting.

I do not enjoy the experience at all and may not be visiting much if at all if this is a new normal.  

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Same here.

It seems as if 2/3 of the page disappears in pointless unfocussed adverts.

I would normally not mention something like that, since I understand that a website has to be paid for somehow, (and very much appreciate it's existance), but to go from zero ads, to being one of the most intrusive for ads on all the sites I use, overnight, has been a bit of a nasty shock.

I won't quit the site (yet), but it makes it very difficult to use.

Thank you for the site, and listening to the comments of the members.

Best Rzgards,



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