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  1. I found a bagged nos conduit from a 430 marked "ICORE International, Slough." Hope that help !
  2. That looks like a later Marshall bespoke version. The earlier ones, hard top and soft top, had four upright posts from the rear body to a 3/4 ply platform with anti-skid paint to stop you falling off. The cable connected to the offside rear above the lights and looked like it was taken from the old trolley-acks complete with switch and connector. They worked a treat, the front wings and bonnet also good as a work platform and used to tow the helicopters (Puma and Wessex) around with a front tow hook for pushing. For starting a Puma, usually first start of the day, would be park
  3. Has this changed since the consultation criteria were released ? I am sure it stated that if an lgv required an mot it would have include a 10 year life on the steering axle tyres. Hard to keep up with this stuff, still passes the time...
  4. Would be interesting to see its history, if it was army or airforce and what squadron ? "A viewing platform for the controller" ? Its a servicing platform for engineers to access the likes of tail rotors, not sure what the seller thinks the controller is. I was around when the first purpose built units came from Marshalls, not as usable as the helistart lightweights. Maybe they improved later. The work platform has h&s barriers that can be erected but are a pain and never used and the 24v power is isolated from the genny and is battery only when actuated. Or it was like
  5. I think the problem is LED bulbs in lamps not designed or approved for them, lamps made as or for LEDs and approved should be ok. My take on it anyway...
  6. Hi Danger Is that a real name ? How about an introduction and location ? It always helps and we would be interested in your other vehicles. Iain
  7. I may be completely wrong here but is the IWM not a national government sponsored asset. If so are we not all "stakeholders" and should not major decisions like this be answerable to the public through parliament and our MP's. If this is the case a valuable asset is being disposed of with the subsequent loss of jobs never mind the heritage without recourse. Just because someone or a small group of trusted governors decide they want to focus on aviation a do away with a major feature does not make it right. Perhaps someone from IWM would be able to answer these questions and
  8. Definitely odd Chris, this sort of thing makes me uncomfortable and should not happen.
  9. It shouldn't be a can of worms as long as we don't make it one. Surely. The 40 years rolling and pre 60 exemptions remove the need for an annual mot test but not the requirement to be legally roadworthy. Rear underrun and side bars, steer tyres, fog lights are clearly defined and age related and definitely not required on older vehicles. Reflectors should not be an issue. Famous last words....
  10. We had one in Belize as a standby genny, it got a lot of use and always worked fine. It sat between our hangar and the army vehicle "workshop" with Swampy usually parked close. I was told they were used by Bofors guns, would that be correct ? Would love one now. ..
  11. In the consultation response they are not banning remoulds on steer axles. They recommend using industry guidelines not to fit to steer axles but its only a recommendation. They feel that due to current testing standards a remould should be good for 10 years from remanufacture same as a first use tyre. At least that how I read it...
  12. For sale NOS Francis vehicle floodlights, 3 available. Iain
  13. That will put many vehicles off the road I suspect, and unsaleable (from now). The implementation period is 3 months from introduction as they are keen to move on this. I expect that will mean it will not be acceptable for historic vehicles to wait until next MOT but will be required within the implementation period. As this is fairly high profile roadside checks can be expected and traffic police and DVSA inspectors will be very aware. Its a hard hit !
  14. Here is the response to the consultation etc. For remoulds it refers to the UNECE standards and that it would be more practical to accept the quality of remoulds and use the remanufacture date. Also for historic vehicles exemption is based on the MOT requirement and not the rolling 40 year old tax break. An interesting read.. https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/banning-tyres-aged-10-years-and-older/outcome/government-response-to-the-consultation-to-ban-tyres-aged-10-years-or-older
  15. It was due to incidents.. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-54830060
  16. There are a few specialists that will reset the springs for a reasonable price, they will be as new. I had the chevy rear springs done, much cheaper than buying from mil surplus or LMC truck. They are not as obtainable or reasonably priced as Landy bits though.. I used Owen springs in 2014,they were £240 including carriage from Aberdeenshire.
  17. Here is a link to the Australian government sales website, worth a look through. It even has links to most of the manuals used by the vehicles an equipment sold. https://www.australianfrontlinemachinery.com.au/ Vehicle and equipment manuals. https://afmsafety.com.au/ That's how it should be done ! Iain
  18. Looks like a Perentie SRV (SF) as used by the SASR. Pretty rare... Missing the weapon ring ? https://remlr.com/perentie-SRV.html
  19. Interesting ! I see that the exemption for historic vehicles applies to those exempt an MOT not to the vehicle tax class. That would be pre 1960 not used commercially. Lets see how many later trucks are advertised as exempt...
  20. Is CHP California Highway Patrol ? A little bit of information about yourself and where you are would help, even a country is a start.. Otherwise it looks dodgy.
  21. There is a 1977 MAN on Milweb advertised as Tax and mot exempt, how can that be, its not special in any way with rear troop seats ? I suspect they intend to make an exemption declaration. Maybe confusion with rolling exemption for light vehicles...
  22. Goodyear XTRA GRIP are still made in Indonesia and are (or were) used on the Australian Perentie RFSV for one. https://www.goodyear.com.my/tyres/custom-xtra-grip-hi-miler Not available through Goodyear in the UK though, as far as I know. I was looking at Deestone as they were readily available on eBay just a few months ago but not now.
  23. That makes sense, it will be easy enough to wire it to an internal earth if I need to. Just need to find the correct shade of grey...
  24. Thanks Mick but I have leads and a BV. I had this wired into my Militant in the past but did not connect the small wire. The "on" light did not work but the BV seemed Ok. I only have the Chevy and Eager Beaver with 24v now but it will still get used, somehow.
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