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  1. We have tentatively started work on the Commer, alongside getting our 1942 Q2 ready for this seasons shows. The engine is well seized so we have cleaned out the much from the bores and are now soaking the pistons. We've drained the oil and removed the sump to inspect inside and its all very good condition. We have also been very carefully cleaning off the chassis plate and the lubrication / Electrical charts that are mounted in the cab. Its interesting to note the Lubrication chart title below stating that she is a 'Load Carrier' so our guess as to body type may simply be a GS body. The next point of note that we have found and that is when we took the sheets off at the weekend in the sunshine is a very noticeable square type patch on the drivers front wing where the rust has taken on a very different form to the resto of the wing. Our first thoughts were maybe this was where an anti gas patch was painted and therefore the rust is reacting differently??
  2. Yes, Best of luck. Looks like a great project.
  3. She is a Q2 15cwt with the 6 cylinder petrol not the 4 cylinder.
  4. Some very nice photos there, thank you. And no, she will definately not be painted grey, I've researched quite a lot into colours. Of note, our 1942 Commer I have in SCC2 as she would have been originally. I tell you, the number of people who have messaged me to tell me that she should be olive drab and I have it wrong... And yes, we believe she was part of 2TAF shipped over to NW Europe in later 1944. She was sold off locally in France in early July 45.
  5. Yes, that is a line up of fresh Q15's. Actually quite a bit smaller than the Q2, narrower track and very short wheelbase. I think our thoughts at the moment are to body the Q2 the same as our 1942 Q2 30cwt with the GS body and canvas tilt.
  6. Its not a coachbuilt cab, it doesn't have a PTO for it to be a heater truck. It does however have a gun hoop in the cab and gun racks inside and also a lubrication chart plate that we can make out says 'Commer Q2 AM 15cwt Load Carrier'... We are thinking it would have the GS body fitted?
  7. Reading through this thread for the first time, we are restoring a 1944 Commer 15cwt RAF truck, I'd be interested in a copy of the list if that were possible? I have a contract number for the truck but she is just a chassis cab so I have no idea what the RAF use was. She was sold off in France in 1946 and we've only just re-patriated her.
  8. One other major find today though was the chassis plate in the cab that was completely unreadable due to rust and muck etc...well after an hour or two of extremely delicate cleaning we have managed to read all of the writing on it... Biggest surprise is that it gives the Contract Number (the plate on our 1942 Commer does not)... So we can at least date the lorry to it's Contract, the contract being issued May 1944.
  9. Well, this morning we have had a really good look round and explore of the Commer. She definitely isn't a pre Heater Truck. No pto driven belts. We were confused as she has a compressor fitted on the side of the gearbox, that's what initially made us wonder about the heater truck possibility. But she isn't. I have had a good look through all my later war Q4 3 tonner manuals and have found the compressor is actually a tyre pump compressor, it's only in my manuals from 1944 onwards, that's why we didn't recognise the set up.
  10. Just a couple more photos.. The plate you can see on the back of the cab are backing plates for gun racks fitted in the cab. She looks better on the outside. The lower 2 to 3 inches of the cab and lower 4 to 5 inches of the inner doors are pretty much shot. Both bonnet sides need sections re-fabricated as does the grill surround. Internally the windscreen frames are rusted through so will also need re-fabricating.
  11. Rootes75

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    I find my work pc has no issues at all, no adverts. If I use my phone even with an adblocker its pretty dire tbh. So I simply don't tend to bother with using the phone to look at the forum.
  12. So, cutting a very long story short. After 7 months of negotiating and red tape and transport issues we have managed to buy and import (From France via Holland) another Commer to our collection. We have already restored a 1942 Commer Q2 30cwt but once we were pointed in the direction of this one we pulled out all the stops to save her and bring her back to the UK. She's a 1944/5 Commer Q2 6 cylinder 15cwt AM Load Carrier (Q2). She is in a pretty poor state, the engine is seized, she requires welding to most panels and she will obviously need a body to be built and a full chassis up restoration. But, most importantly, she is saved and being such a rare truck its important that we restore her back to her original guise. There are a lot of different features on this truck compared to our earlier model so although both Q2's and only a couple years apart they are very different.
  13. It's funny with naming our vehicles...a couple of our cars have names but none of the lorries...but, strangely my Wife said this morning out of the blue 'I wonder if the kids should name the lorries?'...
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