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  1. An already very heavy machine, I wonder how much extra weight the armour plating added!
  2. The Riker thread has just been talking about machines used during the Boer war!
  3. Absolutely superb. I really do like the look of this truck. Would like to see it in the flesh at Evesham.
  4. In 1902 it was cavalry and foot. Machine guns were in use by then, British and Austrailians using the Maxim and the Boers using the Colt 95. Iirc it was nicknamed the potato digger but I could be wrong.
  5. Absolutely brilliant! Very much a well done to you guys. The detail is superb.
  6. That really does look a good source of spares. Even the smallest items are invaluable to a restoration project. How did the tractor dealer come about it?
  7. It does look very good, I agree being locked down near your vehicle is ideal!
  8. So in short, if you know of an interesting project on the continent get a move on and get it snapped up!
  9. It looks really good, such a good use of your time whilst on Furlough!
  10. Well Al that does sound like some progress in tacking it down. Did the chap give you any leads to the owners who have had her since he did?
  11. Now that does look good, well done on a very good job.
  12. Its a lovely truck, I presume it must simply be the price holding buyers off?
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