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  1. My maternal Grandfather was also in the 56th in Italy, he was with the London and Scottish.
  2. It is looking good. Good job you have the forklift as that axle looks a heavy lump!
  3. Good to see you got some glass cut, I am trying to do the same locally as someone has replaced our door glass with perspex!! We have a 1937 Ford Ten car and the window channel is different to yours, maybe the Fordson range of the time, 7V or E88W etc would be the same?
  4. I must say it looks very good. Its been great to follow. I am working on front wings at the moment and after cleaning up the welding getting contours right with filler layers is tedious to say the least!!
  5. Sounds interesting, something I like is searching for history of a vehicle. Its good that you have been able to narrow it down.
  6. Rootes75

    Royal Enfield

    Looking very good!
  7. Hi Ray, good you've made it on here. Its a nice group.
  8. Yes, many have gone overseas over the last few years. We don't see many about at shows these days but I do know of a few knocking about in timber yards locally.
  9. The screen on our Commer is different in that it has an undercut on the front face in which the rubber surround sits, its also shaped rounded with no straight sections. I also have an issue with the two securing screws each side, seen at the top of the picture. The screen surround is in two halves and I need to get these undone to replace the cracked screen glass and make the repair on the lower section. The screws will simply not budge.
  10. If you do find someone let me know, we are trying to find someone to repair our frame and we are in the south west.
  11. Nothing wrong with having a dream or wish list, its always nice to aim for something but you never know what you might turn up in your search. Something else might be more reasonable or available that might take your fancy.
  12. I dont recognise the type if hitch? Is that original do you think?
  13. Well done, definately some pictures please...
  14. So, a bit of digging and I have found the issue with the new welder... Lowest setting is 50amps, not ideal at all for welding bodywork. The old Mig has a lowest setting of 25amps so no wonder I didnt get these problems before. Now then, I see a way round this if I can find a way of repairing the old welder.... Sorry Burwood, this has hijacked your post so I will take this into a new one.
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