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  1. I have a couple of Parts Lists and Handbooks for wartime Q4's and you're right Richard, they all list the chassis numbers of the vehicles in that particular contract, I also have a Q2 15cwt book that is the same. As of yet, I have found no Q2 30cwt books at all, I am always on the lookout. So where did you find this list?
  2. So there are 437 Q2 Fixed sided lorrys for the Ministry of supply dated between 1939-43 and mine was built in 1942. And as you say Richard, a lot more were built for the air ministry but the 5000 or so were supplied as chassis cabs.
  3. Hi Richard, I know the year of manufacture and the chassis number but I have no records of the contract number.
  4. Very pleased, picked up the refitted starter ring on Friday. The garage were so helpful and I had a really good chat with the Mechanic who did the work. I was also surprised at the bill, £54 all in! Then on Sunday we refitted the flywheel with the intention of refitting the clutch and gearbox next weekend. Its nice to be moving forward. We have been rubbing down the rear wings recently and I did wonder about the layers of paint on the front wings. I rubbed down a small patch and you can see the layers of paint its had over the years. Best of all though and you can see it in the phot
  5. Well I say that looks the business. Such a transformation from what you started with.
  6. I have seen the 20cwt GS trailer before and also the 20cwt water bowser, when Googled they both come up on the forum!! I think the reason my Commer has a shortened body is to enable access to the tow bar which is on the rear cross member. I will try to get some pics when I next go down the yard.
  7. Thanks Wally, thats quite a bit if weight they can tow. Does anyone have any photograhic information on the various types of trailers used by the British?
  8. Well that looks like a superb piece of work, such good detail.
  9. Yes, I noticed the 4 wheelers on the production line!
  10. Thought this is a nice video. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WgXCZT1Qtdw
  11. So, after phoning round over 10 garages locally and in the town where I work, finally one of them has said they can fit the new starter ring to the flywheel on the Commer. I have dropped the flywheel and new ring gear off to the garage and had a good chat with the elderly garage owner. It was nice to see some vintage cars being worked on in their workshop, not many garages are sympathetic or have some of the old skills needed when working on older vehicles.
  12. When it was demobbed it was used by a garage as far as we know, thats the red layer of paint. Then by a builder, thats the blue layer of paint. After that it was re-painted up in green as a military truck. So, either the garage rubbed it down and painted or just slapped the red on top of the existing? We will simply never know I think.
  13. Starting the long process of stripping things down and removing old paint etc. Upon rubbing down the rear wings we found its various layers of paint from over the years. But interestingly, look a the very pale green / beige that's the original paint layer. Its hard but not impossible to make out in the photo. 1942 I would have expected SCC2 Brown or similar, not a light colour. Would it maybe imply first use was overseas?
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