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  1. It is pricey like so many things on ebay these days!
  2. Saw this and thought of you. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-WOT-6-Truck-Dashboard/114418143997?hash=item1aa3da52fd:g:SD8AAOSwwolehJeB
  3. So do you think the number of Q2's built between 39 and August 43 of 6559 is correct?
  4. I like the work round the windscreen recess. Looks very neat.
  5. Looking very good. Another Commer on its way.
  6. Absolutely superb. Just goes to show what can be achieved with some thought, planning and teamwork.
  7. Looks great, a really good collection of wartime uniforms.
  8. Sounds like a good buy. Anyone else bid and win anything?
  9. It says the Beverley has been bought by a local with access to an airfield?
  10. I wanted a specific manual, not the 10 or so others in the lot. I didnt fancy paying the fees and then postage on a joblot when I only wanted 1 of them. I am after a Commer Q2 30cwt manual and one was listed incorrectly in a postwar manual lot.
  11. We were mainly interested in manuals, there were so many lots of books etc. Hundreds and hundreds of manuals, I wonder if most lots were bought up by dealers?
  12. Just looking through a Commer Instruction Book I have for the 3 tonner it actually lists all 1000 chassis and engine numbers under Contract Number 294/V/3604(Con'8). So I presume if I can find a similar Instruction Manual for a 30cwt it may list in the same style.
  13. We have watched a few lots and yes things have gone up quite a bit.
  14. I wonder if they havent had much interest selling it privately?
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