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  1. I note the length of the chassis on yours Tom, my Commer has its original towbar fitted to the rear cross member and thats where the chassis stops. I have rubbed it down now and its definately not been cut down. I am very much coming round to thinking the lorry is a Pre-heater truck. Looking at contempory pictures of the GS body trucks, the chassis should extend at least a foot or two past the rear cross member. I will post a photo that shows the chassis.
  2. What a shame, we have had the pleasure of seeing a few of the little ships over the years, they are all so important and in their own way unique.
  3. Yes, took pics at various stages. I just have to download them now. We did have a big stroke of luck also at the start of the week. By chance I managed to track down a previous owners son and in turn he found out some documents they had relating to the lorry. We have found that roughly between 1955-65 the Commer was used as a Tow truck in a Rootes Garage called Woolleys in Windermere. Another piece of her history uncovered and another lead to follow. We put out a post on a lical Lakes page and have had a few responses of people recalling and even driving her! They have said that whe
  4. Just a short update, work is progressing well now. Lots of rubbing down of cab panels and unfortunately finding plenty of rot. Think we will be pretty busy fabricating and welding in the near future. Aside that we have this very day removed the wooden GS body (with the help of a large forklift from a unit on the same yard), its actually in worse condition than we thought. Both body outers are rotten enough to put your fingers through, 3 cross members are the same and then the deck is only ply which is simply crumbling under any weight so we cant stand up in it or safely store things in th
  5. Agreed, the brass on green does look very good. All these aspects are ao important in making the vehicle look right.
  6. Its come a very long way and is looking very good. You will have a very smart truck at the end of this.
  7. Some lovely work here, looks really good with the transfers/stickers on the parts.
  8. Completely missed this post but have just seen it in the BBC, what a find after all these years!
  9. Yes, what a shame. Two crashes in the last few years. We don't live far from Yeovilton and have a lot of air traffic over our area.
  10. Whatever its spec, it surely needs to be saved.
  11. That engine looks suberb! Well done, the standards are very high.
  12. I have contacted Geoff Fletcher, who has been very helpful. From his records my Commer is not with the RAF in 1949. It could simply mean she was with the RAF but sold off before 49. She was an Army truck, as they used the 30cwt GS trucks or he has suggested maybe she was RN? That could account for the blue paint over the SCC2 brown maybe?
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