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  1. Disposing of the UOR Sigs that they replaced with Glocks ... Andy
  2. Absolutely correct - in the Army the commander is in charge, for civilian drivers the driver is in charge. That fact was made plain to me when I took my H test. To the OP - are you asking about when taking your test or just driving about? They are two different situations. Andy
  3. Indeed - bits shearing off is hardly encouraging!
  4. Chertsey is a film studio (although known as Longcross), the test track is on the other side of the M3. Hurn used to lease a portion of the site for commercial driver training a while back, but it was discontinued due to health and safety concerns. It's always been a vehicle test and evaluation site, in fact it was where I first saw Ajax running around! It closed recently and I wondered if the testing might have moved to Longcross but apparently it's gone to Milbrook. Andy
  5. Some more in-depth analysis here. It sounds a right shambles, do they really not even use jigs for equipment mounting holes? https://rusi.org/explore-our-research/publications/commentary/british-armys-greek-tragedy Andy
  6. Obvious question perhaps, but do they have a larger/higher resolution scan of the original? Andy
  7. Certainly not quick as a Flash! I note that they are now testing at Milbrook rather than Hurn or Longcross. Andy
  8. Apparently it's got an automatic gearbox! :-)
  9. That link is wrong - try this: https://marcusglenn.com/boiling-vessel-relay-unit-
  10. If you're planning to use this at shows, why not just do the obvious and run it off a pair of batteries? Andy
  11. andym

    Tent repair

    Shouldn't you sew rather than glue? Andy
  12. At the moment, but I wonder how long that will continue? Andy
  13. No ground connection as such, but the cable braid probably serves that function anyway? Andy
  14. I'm also bemused as to why they make the differentiation between those who do or don't hold an LGV licence. As a holder of both, I don't see that the LGV provides anything helpful for the H test. Andy
  15. I had to Google the NSN to find out what it was, I don't think I've ever seen one of those before. Without any further information I'd be inclined to replace any electrolytic capacitors on the circuit board as they are the most likely cause of age-related failure. Andy
  16. That makes sense - I carefully worked out how to get the Clansman harness working over the existing six core cable to the driver's box. Looking at an incomplete Abbot that had been officially converted to Clansman it seems they had done the same thing, keeping the existing cables and six-way junction box in the turret. Andy
  17. Drop them an email, that usually seems to work although it may take a while for them to respond. Andy
  18. Their training and test were all off-road (they'd built a nice circuit with road junctions and roundabout) so perhaps they were hit by the change in test requirements? They also used CVR(T)s, I took my test in a Scorpion. Andy
  19. A shame about SVT, they were where I did my H test. Andy
  20. Sounds like a quick call to the range supervisor was in order to prevent a potentially lethal accident? Andy
  21. That is indeed the 12-pin end. I don't have the other details to hand unfortunately as I'm away at the moment and my notebook is at home. Andy
  22. I still think it would be better just to replace the connector with one that fits. What vehicle is it on? Andy
  23. Is this a duplicate post to the other thread of the same name? Andy
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