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  1. The only good thing with the new categories is that having taken HGV3 I originally couldn't drive a rigid with more than two axles and now it's turned into a category C I can. Andy
  2. There were four actually - HGV4 was for an artic tractor unit although I never understood why it really existed. I took my test as HGV3, which seems to have translated into C, C1, CE and C1E with odd little codes at the end which specify I didn't take an HGV1. Andy
  3. What do you mean by "throttle linkage"? Which part of it? Andy
  4. I suspect you will find that the felt filter element is directly interchangeable with the ones used for the K60 in FV430s, which look suspiciously similar to your item 20. Andy
  5. What did Nick say, out of interest? Andy
  6. Another source may be thexmod - most of these parts are common to K60s as well as the B series. I don't think I've ever dismantled one of these filters that's actually had all the correct parts present! Andy
  7. If you search on here for "L118" there's a couple of threads that suggest some possible owners. Andy
  8. I've already ordered a "used but very good" one from Amazon! Andy
  9. I note that the CIG incorporates a crypto circuit board (BID/930/4) which means unfortunately you're unlikely to come across a CIG as they've probably all been destroyed. 😞 Andy
  10. I don't think I've ever seen either of those come up for sale, but it's worth keeping an eye on eBay because odd things do pop up from time to time. Unfortunately most sellers don't know what Ptarmigan equipment is, so it's often mis-labelled as Clansman. Andy
  11. Thanks for the tip about the book David! Andy
  12. Are we allowed to say "Gook" these days? πŸ™‚ Andy
  13. The Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 says: Offence of using an incorrectly registered vehicle (1)A person is guilty of an offence if, on a public road or in a public place, he uses a vehicle to which subsection (2) applies and in respect of whichβ€” (a)the name and address of the keeper are not recorded in the register, or (b)any of the particulars recorded in the register are incorrect. Andy
  14. Yes, noticeably shorter than you might expect - around eighteen inches from memory. Andy
  15. I think that Alvis Stalwart owners might be interested too! Andy Figure G22.pdf
  16. I did wonder that, but if people don't complete their "location" field ... πŸ™‚ Andy
  17. Jobell Engineering in Cornwall have re-rubbered several FV430 wheels for me. The prototype pair has now done over a hundred miles on the road without incident. They will need a decent or new one to make a mould. Andy
  18. I agree and it's precisely why I think the DSA regulation I stated above is wrong. I can see their point about poor visibility, so perhaps in that case they should allow a "commander" during the test as you would when driving normally. Either that or take the test off-road, as I did with SVT in Norfolk. Andy
  19. It will have to be registered, taxed and insured if you use it on the road. Andy
  20. There's some confusion about the use of military vehicles for H tests, as the gov.uk website says: Category H - tracked vehicles Category H vehicles must have adequate all-round visibility to let the driver carry out manoeuvres and deal with junctions safely. Any vehicle needing a second person to help with observation, such as a military vehicle, cannot be used for a category H test. This strikes me as rather daft, surely it makes sense to take the test in the type of vehicle you intend to drive? Andy
  21. Are you sure of the polarity of the connections? Normal MOD policy seems to be positive on Pin A, negative on Pin B. I've never seen it the other way round but stand to be corrected. Andy
  22. It's essentially a summary of what went on in the various defence research establishments that eventually became DERA (and then DSTL/QinetiQ) up until 1990. It's pan-environment, there's a chapter on Armoured Fighting Vehicles and another on Ground based Air Defence, others on radar, command systems and thermal imaging, for example. Andy
  23. "Cold War, Hot Science", a very interesting set of essays on MOD post-war research.
  24. It looks as though it's from a Mk.1 FV432. The lower three gauges would be gearbox temperature and front and rear generator ammeters. Andy
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