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  1. Interesting ! I see that the exemption for historic vehicles applies to those exempt an MOT not to the vehicle tax class. That would be pre 1960 not used commercially. Lets see how many later trucks are advertised as exempt...
  2. Is CHP California Highway Patrol ? A little bit of information about yourself and where you are would help, even a country is a start.. Otherwise it looks dodgy.
  3. There is a 1977 MAN on Milweb advertised as Tax and mot exempt, how can that be, its not special in any way with rear troop seats ? I suspect they intend to make an exemption declaration. Maybe confusion with rolling exemption for light vehicles...
  4. Goodyear XTRA GRIP are still made in Indonesia and are (or were) used on the Australian Perentie RFSV for one. https://www.goodyear.com.my/tyres/custom-xtra-grip-hi-miler Not available through Goodyear in the UK though, as far as I know. I was looking at Deestone as they were readily available on eBay just a few months ago but not now.
  5. That makes sense, it will be easy enough to wire it to an internal earth if I need to. Just need to find the correct shade of grey...
  6. Thanks Mick but I have leads and a BV. I had this wired into my Militant in the past but did not connect the small wire. The "on" light did not work but the BV seemed Ok. I only have the Chevy and Eager Beaver with 24v now but it will still get used, somehow.
  7. Looking for things to do I've dug out a BV control box to clean up. It could do with a rub down and paint but otherwise is in good condition. It has the main positive and negative cables for power but there is a small wire from the ON light that also exits the box. I suspect this would go to earth as the other side of the lamp comes off the positive output to the BV element. Does anyone have an installation wiring diagram that would confirm this ? It may go through some other external circuit to give remote indication ? Many thanks Iain
  8. You would need a category C licence (or a CE to include a trailer over 750kg). HGV 1,2 and 3 are long gone. Registered as private and not used for business , not even your own or any kind of reward (not even a bag of chips) you do not need an operators licence or a CPC (operators or drivers). https://www.gov.uk/driving-licence-categories
  9. It might help if you introduce yourself and indicate where you are. Also much more information with pictures of the Landy, otherwise this looks dodgy.
  10. Ptarmigan/Triffid power supply removed from a Ptarmigan CB300 workshop. Its a tad heavy !
  11. "i learnt not to throw stuff out from that, well not to until Iā€™d confirmed it as junk" No such thing as junk its all "stuff". Partners might not agree though...šŸ™„
  12. I have activated my new VPN and now my BT mail is also showing as locked.
  13. I take it this is what puts the "Padlock" security sign on the browser ? Out of interest, what are the security benefits of this for the individual user ? (in none computer geek language please !) šŸ™„ Oddly the only site I use that does not have this showing is BT mail, go figure..
  14. You could fill the housing with hyd oil. It may seem daft but it works, we use it for electronic components and sliprings with signal lines and HV around 3kv as well as optical sliprings. It works fine and will keep out moisture and help the bearings. It will need seals of course but its a thought..
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