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  1. I have some EB manuals in paper form but Croc who used to be on here scanned them and put them on Facebook. 🥴 My bad, I forgot that Steve (Croc) did copy the scanned EB manuals to me. Thanks Steve ! I'll send them to you tomorrow along with other stuff.
  2. Fantastic work and open to all ! Needs a section on Eager Beavers though 😁
  3. Mark, I know of folk that live in Facebook but that's not for me or many others. I also know folk who do use this and other forums purely as a source to feed the Facebook habit, many do not contribute to the forums. I think it is well known that Facebook is having a negative effect on specialist forums in general. Each to their own.
  4. Interesting subject, hopefully all images will be on here as not everyone uses Facebook and it would be a shame to undermine this forum.
  5. It looks like a tube or tubes have been removed, does anyone have any idea what type they are ?
  6. Bump. All still available.
  7. So nice to find things that seem impossible and then sadly rip open the package. I wonder if it is possible to find the correct wire and rewind these ? This thread has so far had 747 views, shows how interested folk are ! Keep it coming, we are out here and many are quietly learning with you as well.
  8. It's been a while since all this was sorted and I thought I should update with the who did what... The starter was exchanged by ICS Online of Preston, https://startermotorsalternators.com/ The clutch plates were relined by Jim Jack Services of Cumbernauld, https://www.jimjackservices.co.uk/ The EB flywheel was sorted by Precision Engineering Services of Inverness, https://www.precisionengineservices.co.uk/ All were a pleasure to deal with and went out their way to help !
  9. Mk3iain


    Love it, if only my Landy was sold !
  10. I was thinking that. I may be wrong but the 432 drivers weather hood wiper motor uses the same power supply and would be able to use them both together.🤔 Not sure why you would though...
  11. Worth a try with warm water and a soft brush and/or rag. Hopefully.
  12. For those Guys-n-Gals looking to check an LGV status, it does not show up on the Gov status check but does on the MOT History checker, an LGV anomaly it seems. https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/
  13. I have just done the same and looked up some including Millies, to find them taxed and no MOT. You know who you are, there is no excuse !
  14. Is it really meant as a can holder ? I was always led to believe it was for a radio, it would be nuts to deliberately carry fuel internally never mind in that position. I've never known the MOD to have such crazy ideas 🤭
  15. I would say that the Jerry-can holder between the front seats is an interesting feature. 😂
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