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  1. So far I can find the seal kits in the UK but springs are a 9 week lead time. I have found a supplier in Germany with both in stock as well as the steering unit complete. Danfoss : 150-0030 : OSPB 315 STEERING UNIT - Holstein Hydraulik Shop These things are not cheap ! The parts for future reference are; Seal kit, 150N4040 Spring kit, 150-4207 I'll just get the parts !
  2. Hi Mike Have you any idea on how prices of RFSV versions are going. Just out of interest as I bough one a couple of years ago. Iain
  3. Thanks Mike, I have that. I have used it to strip my unit down and found the expected duff seals and a broken neutral spring. I've also contacted a couple of firms for parts but await their response, just as well I'm not in a hurry. Looking at it spread out I am trying to understand how it works....🤔
  4. Thanks Lance, that works ok. The site is not complete and the home page is not up and running but now I can access the site. I'm still not a Facebook zombie though 🙄
  5. Paul, are you saying that "www.thecoldwar museum.com" is your website ? I cant get it to work and Facebook is a no go for me and others. We do not all live in Facebook world Its too far for me so I'm looking forward to the website. Iain
  6. In the parts book its down as supplied by Adan Hydraulics using part of the Danfoss number, they would not reply to requests. I'm glad it turned out to be a Danfoss part as there is much more chance of getting it sorted, hopefully.
  7. Thanks, I'll give them a shout and see if the can supply seals or an overhaul kit, they may advise against it but I have the service manual and it seems straight forward. Famous last words. OSPB/OSPC Type ON/CN Steering Units Service Manual (danfoss.com)
  8. I tried contacting Adan Hydraulics but sadly got no response. Now have removed the unit to find it is a Danfoss steering unit, Type OSPB 315 ON. NR. 150-0030. Just need to find the correct shaft seal or overhaul kit and service instructions. Lots of stuff online but a lot of different variants... Now I've got that out for fixing (hopefully) I can look at the clutch and brake master cylinders and no doubt end up with a complete vehicle rebuild. 😕
  9. Hi Mike Looking at the pictures of the aftermath it looks like a fixed aftermarket hitch is fitted and you can see distortion where it has tried to twist. The NATO hitch on the Australian vehicles, certainly Perenties, does not have a locking facility by design. Take each day as it goes and give yourself some time. Best wishes Iain
  10. Thankfully you have survived and are on the road to recovery, though the psychological scars may take the longest to heal. I am sure the chains are a military requirement, the Landy and trailer are fitted for them. I think I am right in that the original Dixon Bate hitch on the Perentie is non lockable, rotation not jaws, as opposed the the UK version with a rotation lock. I replaced the same civilian (fixed) hitch that you had fitted with a DB hitch but only have a UK version with the rotation lock. I am not sure about the trailer ring if it can rotate fully but you had a fixed hi
  11. I found a bagged nos conduit from a 430 marked "ICORE International, Slough." Hope that help !
  12. That looks like a later Marshall bespoke version. The earlier ones, hard top and soft top, had four upright posts from the rear body to a 3/4 ply platform with anti-skid paint to stop you falling off. The cable connected to the offside rear above the lights and looked like it was taken from the old trolley-acks complete with switch and connector. They worked a treat, the front wings and bonnet also good as a work platform and used to tow the helicopters (Puma and Wessex) around with a front tow hook for pushing. For starting a Puma, usually first start of the day, would be park
  13. Has this changed since the consultation criteria were released ? I am sure it stated that if an lgv required an mot it would have include a 10 year life on the steering axle tyres. Hard to keep up with this stuff, still passes the time...
  14. Would be interesting to see its history, if it was army or airforce and what squadron ? "A viewing platform for the controller" ? Its a servicing platform for engineers to access the likes of tail rotors, not sure what the seller thinks the controller is. I was around when the first purpose built units came from Marshalls, not as usable as the helistart lightweights. Maybe they improved later. The work platform has h&s barriers that can be erected but are a pain and never used and the 24v power is isolated from the genny and is battery only when actuated. Or it was like
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