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  1. I think the title "vehicle commander" should be "assistant or co-driver" for as driver you are solely responsible for the vehicle and driving. The DVLA site mentions "vehicles that need a second person to help with observation, such as military vehicles". Not all military vehicles need that assistance, in fact most don't. As I said previously, my experience was DVLA determining that a 432 did not need a second person and was appropriate. This may have changed and it is always good to ask, DVLA will talk to you. Can any person be deemed an observer (or whatever you wish to call the second person), or is a qualification required such as an H licence... I would say that if you take reasonable precaution, mirrors properly fitted and adjusted, maybe with a rear view camera or whatever and drive with care and consideration. There would be no offence. Speak to a traffic cop if you can and just ask their opinion. I suppose worst case scenario, if there is an accident, no matter who is to blame, how would things go ? Ask the relevant authorities the questions you need answered, we can only tell of our own experience and offer opinion and as you know "everyone has one."
  2. I went through this with DVLA a few years back when I took my test and trained and hosted folk for theirs. I contacted the DVLA tech department and the result was that they approved a road registered 432 as a test vehicle with a driver only. The tech department included an ex Army instructor/examiner in fact the examiner that came out to my site was also an ex Army instructor/examiner. With the correct mirrors etc I see no problem. Its down to how they judge the vehicle and times change..... When you think of it the licence does not have a condition for "commander" or "co-driver" and neither does the vehicle registration. DVLA are approachable and will let you know the current feeling. Good luck !
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    Facebook users only apparently.
  4. While sorting the steering I have removed the oil and fuel tanks, drained the gearboxes and am doing a few other wee jobs, so far... The level indicator for the fuel tank has always leaked a bit when the level is high and is stained making the level hard to see. Ideally I would like to replace it but cannot find another, yet, or could it be repaired and cleaned ? It is 505mm long with the holes 475mm apart on centres. Cheers Iain
  5. Has this been reported to police and eBay ? According to the seller he has had it since 2016, I think. Perhaps recovered after the theft ... Maybe post it on the L/W site if not already on there.
  6. Thanks ! I am not surprised with the spec and rarity and I am very happy with mine...
  7. Makes you think about the quality of oil and filters to use, not worth buying cheap if you can help (afford) it. As an aside, I found a label from BI Engineering under the engine cover, an interesting company.
  8. Thank you ! There are original NOS Fairey ones on eBay in Germany but I definitely think it better to use more a modern (and newer) equivalent !
  9. A picture of the element. It is naturally brown in colour but the slime that also came out was a near match. It will come off easier next time, hopefully.
  10. I've pulled the filter, after removing the assembly and tank and... Anyway, the element is full of brown slime and horrible, so was overdue replacing. It is a "Fairey filtration, replacement element 920P225". Does anyone know of equivalents ? Many thanks Iain
  11. Here is the seal kit and spring set as received from Germany. I have rebuilt the unit as per the manual except for fitting the shaft seal as I don't have the correct tool but it fitted ok. Now I have a problem, with the engine running and hyd pressure to other functions such as mast rams the steering has no hydraulic assistance. I can turn the wheels with great effort as in the emergency mode, just, but it seems like it has no hyd pressure. There is a buzzing from the pressure side, maybe the steering prv ? Anyway, first things first, the filter is showing half green/red when running so its drain the system again and change it. Does anyone know the filter number ? The book shows "filter element, fluid pressure. drawing number. 920-A-Z25"
  12. So far I can find the seal kits in the UK but springs are a 9 week lead time. I have found a supplier in Germany with both in stock as well as the steering unit complete. Danfoss : 150-0030 : OSPB 315 STEERING UNIT - Holstein Hydraulik Shop These things are not cheap ! The parts for future reference are; Seal kit, 150N4040 Spring kit, 150-4207 I'll just get the parts !
  13. Hi Mike Have you any idea on how prices of RFSV versions are going. Just out of interest as I bough one a couple of years ago. Iain
  14. Thanks Mike, I have that. I have used it to strip my unit down and found the expected duff seals and a broken neutral spring. I've also contacted a couple of firms for parts but await their response, just as well I'm not in a hurry. Looking at it spread out I am trying to understand how it works....🤔
  15. Thanks Lance, that works ok. The site is not complete and the home page is not up and running but now I can access the site. I'm still not a Facebook zombie though 🙄
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