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  1. Glad to hear you are still going, this last year has taken a huge toll on all of us. Also, sometimes a break from a project can really inject a bit of go back into what may have been a project that was stalling. I have felt like that myself before and I am sure others on here will agree. Its a hard old slog doing a restoration sometimes. Well done.
  2. The Q2 was produced as normal control and forward control versions during the war. The Q2s and the Q4s both followed the same cab design, most notably having the postwar treatment of the headlights being fitted in the front wings rather than on arms from the rad surround. We have a 42 Commer Q2 and the cab is the same as the Q4.
  3. I recall photos of this Commer posted on another side. I think its a wartime Q2.
  4. The can may be knackered but on the jeep it will look superb.
  5. Just read it on the news, seems there are an awful lot of people interested in buying parts og his collection. It says they are considering a reduced 50k euro fine on him, he would make so much more than that selling things off. I wonder how much the Panther is worth??
  6. Great looking project. Spot in to go for it, I would have done the same. Often a very nice or important vehicle comes up when your not actually looking and you cant say no.
  7. Yes, its a Phase 1 Hillman Minx. That front end styling is from 39-47.
  8. Good luck, you will get plenty of help and advice on here.
  9. That is interesting, all the contemporary pictures I have of Commer trucks they have patterned canvas, all black and white photos so not sure or colours. The brown canvas on that Dodge does look very close to the shade of canvas I am currently having made up for our 30cwt Commer.
  10. Interesting. A book that I have recently finished reading called 'a Soldiers Story' by Mike Wood says in it from diary entries that 522 Company of the 50th Division were using Thorneycroft J Types over in France in 1940??
  11. Agreed, its strange to me that a paint that was used so much is now so difficult to replicate.
  12. Its always a jigsaw moving vehicles round. I know what you feel like when you have to pack tools up and sheet up everytime you work on the vehicle, we are doing just the same now. Now..I wonder what you have been making space for.....
  13. I want something to tow behind our 30cwt Commer...think the Bofors is a little too big. Superb piece of kit though.
  14. You've earn't more than tea and biscuits! It looks superb, the work is such good quality. No matter how long it takes, it is preserved and will be a real show stopper.
  15. A quick google came up with this: MAYBE LATER CLOSE The Hal Far Fighter Flight was a British fighter unit formed during the Siege of Malta in 1940. For several weeks, the island of Malta was protected by a small force of Gloster Sea Gladiator biplane fighters, based at RAF Hal Far, which was also known as the Fleet Air Arm station HMS Falcon. The flight is the source of the myth that only three aircraft, named Faith, Hope and Charity formed the fighter cover for the island.[1][2] In fact, six aircraft were operational, though not always at the same time; others were used for spare parts.[3] The names Faith, Hope and Charity were applied to the aircraft many months later, by a Maltese newspaper.[4]
  16. Iirc, Faith, Hope and Charity weren't just 3 Gladiators, they were 'bitsa's'. Basically whichever 3 planes that got airworthy were given the names. I recall reading this once that it could be 6 or 7 aircraft. I will find out where I read it and re-read the story.
  17. That website is an interesting read.
  18. I did wonder as there was a Pioneer parked next to my Brothers truck that was in a part restored state and at a similar stage to yours. Keep up the good work, hopefully we will have our Commer finished for next years show too.
  19. Looking really good. Did you take it along to Hazelbury Mill?
  20. Was wondering as you'd gone a bit quiet...
  21. Sounds an interesting truck.
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