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  1. I don't think its the same Guy, there are differences between the vehicles.
  2. Small business rate relief banding changed to 100% at £15k a few years back. Our unit has a rateable value of £9k and we had to pay rates each year, we dont now and unless the banding changes again will probably never have to again. We were always told its building not what goes on in there.
  3. After a few beers we'd all agree on anything.
  4. It does make sense now Richard. But, upon taking it apart you could see this was a very old fix so this was done a long time ago, I would imagine previous owners must have had trouble too.
  5. Its lovely seeing the original fittings and the way it was actually constructed. Glad to hear the notes are being kept and a good photographic record.
  6. Nice new toy!! I recall seeing one of these with a hook-loader type flat body carrying classic cars to a show near us a few years back.
  7. So, I contacted Speedy Spares last week to ask about getting a new Starter ring. I was asked if I could count the teeth as there are two types that would fit. The Commer Q4 has a ring with 146 teeth and the Starter pinion has 10 teeth. The Commer Q2 has a ring with 115 teeth and the Starter pinion has 9 teeth. Guess what, we counted the teeth yesterday and we have 146 teeth on the starter ring and 9 teeth on the starter pinion!?! So its a mix of the Q2 and Q4 and no wonder that she has a problem starting! I am lucky, they have a starter ring with 115 teeth in stock.
  8. Yes, the ring should be heated and then let cool into place. We were very surprised to see the weld when we removed it. The weld could have been a wartime fix maybe?
  9. So, I have been pondering for quite a while now about posting about my Commer. I haven't really got very far with its restoration due to work and lockdowns etc but things are moving slowly. I have posted before about the trouble we had getting her running, that took a long time and eventually we serviced or replaced pretty much all the electrical side and the fuel system. She now runs fine but we have trouble actually starting her sometimes, we find that the starter jams and we end up having to remove it to free her. Long story short, when the starter was out just before Christmas I
  10. Well that really does look the business.
  11. My advice is give Speedy Soares a call if you are after Rootes parts. They have found loads for my 42 Commer, they are in lockdown but are still trying to find me a starter ring for the 6-cylinder flat petrol engine.
  12. In total agreement, how I could do with the warm spacious shed at the moment. We have just had to drop the gearbox on our 42 Commer out in the frost, not nice.
  13. Such a nice looking MV the Humber box.
  14. The Rolls sounds like a very interesting project, any photos of it currently?
  15. What a great set of photos. I always like to see people in the shots as it adds to the story.
  16. You'll just have to tell the wife the next cover needs to be bigger and more permanent!!
  17. Lovely work. The gearbox looks really good being able to see how its all layed out.
  18. Some lovely photos from the year 'that never was'! Lets hope this coming year really does change and we can all get out and about again!
  19. Agreed, on this forum we as a group have huge wealth and interest in all things military. Be it vehicles or weapons, uniforms or conflicts.
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