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  1. Chris Thanks for the information, its always great getting these kinds of anecdotes on any subject Richard
  2. Thanks the tank smells of petrol, I am looking to wash out sludge, seen that to get off rust on inside to use gravel, just wondering if the valves may have sludge as well
  3. Many thanks, there was only one in the catalogue, got it for a good price but glad to save it, its one of those jobs, a bit at a time. Going to look at the YouTube video to get the base loose, also looking at best way to clean the tank, any suggestions are always appreciated
  4. Next phase, took a good look before going further, the pump needs new washers etc. decided the cover and base are the only things I will get clean and repainted, the remainder looks in good condition.Loosened the nut on the bas and looks like a load of sludge inside, stopped and put back in place to have a think about how to clean out the tank.Took the metal instruction plate off was fixed with copper rivets.Going to have another look at the instruction book tonight with a view to getting off base plate and list which valve is which
  5. I wonder why the difference, it looks like checking that you don't do clock wise, but opposite does the manual say if the thread is a different size
  6. Can you give a reference for the book please it sounds a good one to have
  7. Thanks for this will do some more digging, at the moment I am trying to decide how much I will need a sand blaster, I am beginning to think, apart from the Land Rover, I may just use the sand blaster company near work, don't tell them but the spare office is going to be the paint spray room
  8. That's interesting more research for me
  9. They have most manuals for the Clansman Radio kit
  10. That looks what I am looking for, can you scan it, also a message pad from inside so I can get the fonts right Thanks in advance Richard
  11. Was sent a scan of a 1980's message pad same period as the FFR Land Rover, made these up, they don't look to bad for the casual observer. Shame I don't have a picture of what would be the front cover to finish it. Any help please? Thans
  12. I have stripped down the cover ready for for fixing the handle and sand blasting, I have decided only to do the base frame and cover, the tank and the pump have minor rust on them so think will leave as is. A couple of the chains have broken, been to the hardware store they have some chain slightly smaller but trying to source more accurate chain. Reading on line I understand that its the internal measurements needed, its 18mm long 10mm wide and about 3 mm diameter. Does any one have a source please
  13. Not a clue, sorry used to see them in catering but not with those marks, it looks almost like a tab for hanging it up by the cross, if you go on face book there is a group there 29th field kitchen who look like reenactors they may have an idea
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