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  1. Went to Paint Man near Doncaster this week and they have matched the paint. Also have sourced rivets, not 100% correct but hopefully no one will know
  2. Thanks for that search pattern, my IT skills are fairly basic
  3. I have emailed the admin but when i do a search for a thread even one i have created there seems a block for anything before September. The same is when I click content I started. Is it me or do we have a glitch? Thanks Richard
  4. Just got some of these, most need a bit of fiddling to get working, any clue on how to get open and check the electrics?
  5. Thanks for the information, I had not noticed the errors to be honest, when saw it thought it funny but wasn't sure
  6. I noticed this label on EBAY LAND ROVER WOLF MAX TOWING SPEED DASH STICKER Small MILITARY PENMAN Trailer | eBay I don't remember seeing similar labels in the cab of a Land Rover can any one comment? The ones seen on the road always seem faster than that
  7. An neighbour when i was a kid mentioned he was in tanks on D Day, and the best way to park was drive into an empty house, no door needed
  8. Went to collect the cooker today and as agreed some pictures of it, I think it was left outside since the catalogue was published, given help to get it to the car and not yet had a good look at it. The carrying handles need to be freed obviously the rust cleaned up, the pump handle seems slightly out of line with the pump. Looking for my copy of the manual to see how far to strip it down to get sand blasted. I note the HYDRA label doesn't look as though it was ever fitted. I think the original colour was deep bronze green but stand to be corrected. Want to get my other
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