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  1. I was there when they were setting up and legged it at first drops of rain, seemed a good day but cold as well. Did wonder if you were there Waiting for my second jab
  2. Yesterday was at the nostalgia day, a lot of reenactors and the vehicles below
  3. Yes I bought mine around the same price but they auction house didn't know what it was, also they didn't show the kit with it, I hope to get it working soon, tank cleaning under way at the moment, I have a thread on here for my attempt on restoration
  4. Thanks gents, its the usual some one here has the answer
  5. I have noticed on the single carriageway sections from Scotch corner to Penrith they have been carrying out site investigations, including the football pitch at Warcop, maybe they are looking at making the length dual carriageway
  6. This item caught my eye Genuine British Army - number 1 burner cooker. 1944. petrol cooker Hydra stove | eBay Have to say do like the Hydra plate on it. The interesting thing for me is the sides are stencilled and there is a NSN number which i find strange. Any thoughts?
  7. Where are you roughly if looking at collection
  8. Clive Many thanks, just wish the marks were clearer to read,
  9. That looks like what I bought its the marking on the cover I am wondering about, also have to source correct cables
  10. I have just acquired the box with a light and cable which doesn't connect, there are pen markings on it and I was wondering if anyone had a clue, yes not good but had to take a label off to try and clean the box up.
  11. Surveyor


    It's on repeat at the moment
  12. Just seen this thread and not sure if relavent, if the vehicle is historic and doesn't need Mot and tax, what would the situation be if I carried on getting an MoT would you still need tax?
  13. My neighbour who was in the Army, not sure exactly which regiment but was responsible for the motor pool told me yesterday he always preferred to use the civie version of the manual as the Mod ones were hopeless we were talking about land rover to be honest
  14. This may seem a stupid question but using the Kurust I assume all valves and connections should be taken off?
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