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  1. Archaeology breakthrough as mysterious 200-year-old shipwreck could be Royal Navy warship (msn.com)
  2. For information 2.5mm flat head copper rivet
  3. Sorry to resurrect but did anyone get measurements for the stands?
  4. Sorry it was a throw away type of question, yes the holes are measurable will do my usually trick of getting drill bits to see, provisionally I think about 2.5mm to 3mm. The guide is a great help as well Thanks Richard
  5. Thanks, will have a look, the manufacturers label is covered in paint so not sure which size metric or imperial i need yet. The point you have made does bring another question to light at what point would the sizes be changed to metric?
  6. Got them off now, the rivits are made of copper
  7. Just been sent this FBHVC Press Release 02.09.2021 - Clarification on E10 fuel usage and labelling for historic vehicles.pdf
  8. Gordon Thanks heading out to sort it
  9. Thanks, just going to head out and get them off, then to sand blaster
  10. Totally agree, as I have said on the forum always learning
  11. The back of the rivet. Used a wire brush to try and show it a bit better
  12. Heading out to shed today will get picture of the rear
  13. Thanks, I have plenty of screwdrivers that might work and as always will go carefully. Thinking out loud as I do, Think will try and knock the back where no plate. Will then know size of rivet needed and after treatment how to secure them
  14. I was chatting to an engineer the other day and we were discussing the lock down, he had been speaking to a friend of his who was fed up of the lock down, the engineer asked him what he had learnt in the last 6 months, his friend said nothing. The engineer said he felt his friend had not thought properly. I said I had learnt to refurbish stoves, learnt to change the oil on a land rover and soldering, yes simple things so thought it might be a good topic to start.
  15. Gordon Many thanks, was thinking of the usual a drill but will try your suggestion when I can find a blunt chisel, have a fabricators not far from work they may have one. Will do some research on push rivit's, every day a school day and I do like this form of learning
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