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  1. Got home and started to look at it, would ask for advice, need a metal worker hopefully in Yorkshire to fix handles as they are rusted solid, also need to try and separate the handle plate from the body. The good news is there are a set of parts still in a plastic bag. The instructions are in the lid and parts which in the manual show parts are one piece. There are parts in the kit needing cleaned, just working bit by bit.
  2. No i haven't they weren't on the sale as far as I could see, don't think i have seen any on the market, think some one on here is looking for the plan to make them
  3. Went to collect the cooker today and as agreed some pictures of it, I think it was left outside since the catalogue was published, given help to get it to the car and not yet had a good look at it. The carrying handles need to be freed obviously the rust cleaned up, the pump handle seems slightly out of line with the pump. Looking for my copy of the manual to see how far to strip it down to get sand blasted. I note the HYDRA label doesn't look as though it was ever fitted. I think the original colour was deep bronze green but stand to be corrected. Want to get my other
  4. A Challenge, getting the No 2, No2 Modified and No12 stoves working Got a No3 which trying to decide what to do with
  5. That's what I thought, i have a few stoves and slowly getting them serviced and working looking at the picture I will do a photo survey first, see what's needed Fettle Box are good for washers etc.
  6. No don't have the funds for that kind of item especially when the extras added on top, they took a £50 deposit before you were allowed to bid so the costs were spread out for me, wasn't going much higher, think if advertised better a lot more interest.
  7. No worries will get it this week when I head over there
  9. https://www.condoraviation.co.uk
  10. The auction house when i was paying and mentioned it did say going somewhere local
  11. I may post it on another thread once I get it back, I have a shot blaster lined up, getting to that stage i may need a small shot blasting rig myself for small i.e. briefcase size jobs
  12. Have to be honest, I bid on one item, wasn't described correctly and got it for a lot less than I thought it would go for, picking it up this week
  13. I have just bought the lamp, some clamps and wires, the wires are the wrong fitting for the lamp and I was wondering if some one could advise the right wires to connect it to the power. Its in anticipated to be part of my daughters road show display for her work. Also looking for 2 clamps hopefully cheaper than those on EBAY
  14. Wonder if they also went for the parts and film, they went for a good price, was watching to see what the market was like, glad to see the Railway carriage went for a good price, means saved, some prices were interesting and wonder who was wanting them
  15. Never realised that it was on will look at catch up
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