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  1. That reminds me of a job i was involved in the spry paint landed on car but looking at it the colour was not the same as being sprayed, as you say its the mix Thanks Ruxy and all, always learning on here, count it as CPD for work
  2. Yes hadn't spotted that, the other strange part is that's the only bit I can find
  3. The vehicle doesn't appear to have any that i can find, but saying that maybe the pintle was transferred from a vehicle which was. The puzzle is the paint does look gloss, I thought Gulf would be a matt paint
  4. Started stripping the paint, and found what looks like brown gloss under the black, think it is red oxide is the base. Anyone any clue why the brown, the vehicle is direct from MoD so its not that a private owner has done it
  5. Thanks, i can see flecks of red and yellow, as the pintle is jammed going to take this opportunity to strip the paint off and get it free,
  6. This may be a stupid question to my learned friends but I am looking at my FFR Land Rover and the body is matt, the NATO tow hitch is black gloss, I also have seen the part in red. I am assuming black matt would be the correct colour for about 1983, can anyone confirm if I am correct Thanks in advance
  7. Just a quick thought, any one a clue what the British Standard Number would be for the paint, at the moment I cant see what could be counted as unfaded paint. If not need to try and get a part off to take to local paint shop who has a scanner ugh Thanks in advance
  8. Went around to a friend of mine to collect a No 5 stove which was possibly going to be binned. Turned up fully expecting it to be a gas powered one, but it wasn't its petrol.
  9. Museum exhibit honours Scotland's Polish parachute brigade - BBC News
  10. I have just noticed that badges are now appearing on the imoji for the person but there is no where on the site that a visitor can see what they mean.
  11. I have to say i did like the rank system as it showed you what was going on but it was disabled when the upgrade was done. The badges being awarded appear to be random when they appear and as Richard says annoying
  12. Yes us old farts are young farts now is it a regeneration programme they are testing on us but not saying
  13. Having just posted I have been congratulated on my 10th and 500th post both at the same time., that was a long time ago. Under badges I know have 6, but the time line does not reflect this. All those confused please raise their hand
  14. Same here, been on since 2016, didnt say as thought it was just me
  15. Same here, been on since 2016, didnt say as thought it was just me
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