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  1. After putting in so much effort to get everything functional rather than just roadworthy and looking excellent cosmetically I fully understand you would like to use it to actually transport and deliver something. Realistically though maybe a step too far? Not least as this would only be done occasionally there is the residue in the system.
  2. Another possibility is that the pre 1889 tooling was never modified or replaced.
  3. Been there, done that, got T-shirt. On return all wheels off and told need new brake disc, pads, drums, shoes & wheel cylinders. Yes a very slight leak from one wheel cylinder but fluid had not contaminated the shoe. They were told to reassemble " as is ". Next week inspected by recommended reputable independent. Only work needed one wheel cylinder and for good measure a fluid change. Plenty of life on discs, pads, drums and shoes. Later a friend told me the same site gave them a MOT failure every year. Once instead MOT's done by a different local independent that I subseque
  4. Wow .... when you first posted about the issue after the changes to HMVF requiring https one thought I had was if there was a short cut to this.
  5. The key here is new rather than old in age regardless of if zero hours use.
  6. Sorry if I implied you were responsible, that was not my intention at all. Rather simply your signature is very appropriate to all the recent changes.
  7. But why now hide it ??? To quote the signature
  8. So the red crossed-through padlock is now the problem ? Why the change ? What now needs more security ? HMVF is not exactly a bank website, for me anyway even the ' Store ' tab is empty and in any case logically payment would be via Paypal etc. Further individual members are responsible for any personal detail they share publicly or via PM.
  9. 1 - Post code area of the car park being higher risk than home address and data / software not considering security 2 - data / software simply programmed to add a factor if vehicle regularly not kept at home address 3 - any excuse to bump up the premium
  10. This would be funny if it was not my tax payments being squandered 😠
  11. I hope your Guv'nor doesn't read HMVF ...... or has a very good sense of humour ..... but likewise how might he refer to your Militants behind your back .... ?
  12. May just be me but I cannot get the videos to run, would like to see them though Likewise, they will neither play directly or download.
  13. Whatever type the batteries are I too would recommend a charger with a controller to limit the voltage to prevent overcharging. Conversely a very small unit may not put in enough charge to balance losses. While batteries are best stored charged they do like to be used. Running headlights etc for a few hours will cycle them plus give some indication if still holding a reasonable capacity compared to the specification.
  14. Britain was then fundamentally self - sufficient for vehicle manufacture. One issue was the mechanicals were essentially still the same as 10+ years earlier. There was too little investment private or public in development and modernisation of production. Demand fell away in favour of imports that made the UK products look outdated. Further basic Japanese cars like the Datsun Cherry 100A had reliability and build consistency that was in a different league from anything British.
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