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  1. The connector is a BNC https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BNC_connector From here developed in 1945 and patented in 1951. Both the drum & cable could of course be older with the connector changed at a later date.
  2. While not military so strictly OT the I am presuming the bus at the bottom of page 5 is the front DAAG and two trailers. If so a heavy load for a 1920's engine etc.
  3. Rather than going straight to the PC I have always recorded to a DVD recorder then copied the DVD into the PC to edit, title etc. The best DVD resolution is 1 hour per DVD. How much longer before the losses are noticeable depends on the source. If VHS / 8mm I found 2 hours on a DVD looked the same as 1 hour. Even from miniDV where the end requirement was DVD I took the same path. My DVD recorder was a Pioneer with a DV input rather than having to use SVHS. For Hi8 with a Digital8 camcorder that will play Hi8 the same route could be taken I've no idea about Windows 10 compatible software, if I had to do this again I'd fire up my XP machine. I did try an admittedly relatively cheap Dazzle USB device and the result from even mediocre VHS looked far worse the original.
  4. I'm not at all surprised that the LWH was often at the top of the customer satisfaction questionnaire. I'm trying to recall the last time I was there but at the latest 2015. However if not then soon after rumours about closure were circulating. I've pondered the AAM a few times. Displaying so many items in that amount of space is not easy. Presumably the idea was to have major items up in the air rather than on the ground too and once in place they were to be considered permanent. While certainly iconic it does not fit in with the surroundings of the era or the exhibits. For access to me while large cranes required removing sections of the roof would be more logical than the whole front.
  5. Likewise. It is not a minor exhibit but could be a stand-alone full blown museum. While of course down to the management ( using the term loosely ) to decide the focus of a museum IMO they also have to consider what brings visitors through the gate. Entry is not cheap ( from the website single adult £20, family £51 ). For those without a specialist interest diversity will influence deciding where to visit and in time re-visit. I wonder how many remember the Land Warfare Hall as much as the remainder of the site? As to so many the major exhibits being moved to the USA rather than another UK site I strongly disagree with this.
  6. I stumbled on this Youtube video https://youtu.be/PoaR41FqoAU?t=444 4:12 7:24
  7. I stumbled across this video in Youtube https://youtu.be/PoaR41FqoAU 4:12 6:15 7:24 As a child I remember various vehicles sheeted up on the prom when in Blackpool for the illuminations late 1960's / 1970's.
  8. Is the drain cock you have correct / original or at some time has the wrong part with a taper thread been fitted ?
  9. After putting in so much effort to get everything functional rather than just roadworthy and looking excellent cosmetically I fully understand you would like to use it to actually transport and deliver something. Realistically though maybe a step too far? Not least as this would only be done occasionally there is the residue in the system.
  10. Another possibility is that the pre 1889 tooling was never modified or replaced.
  11. Been there, done that, got T-shirt. On return all wheels off and told need new brake disc, pads, drums, shoes & wheel cylinders. Yes a very slight leak from one wheel cylinder but fluid had not contaminated the shoe. They were told to reassemble " as is ". Next week inspected by recommended reputable independent. Only work needed one wheel cylinder and for good measure a fluid change. Plenty of life on discs, pads, drums and shoes. Later a friend told me the same site gave them a MOT failure every year. Once instead MOT's done by a different local independent that I subsequently used never another MOT failure. The site still operates with various name changes over the years. However a different chain to "not-so-fast-install".
  12. Wow .... when you first posted about the issue after the changes to HMVF requiring https one thought I had was if there was a short cut to this.
  13. The key here is new rather than old in age regardless of if zero hours use.
  14. Sorry if I implied you were responsible, that was not my intention at all. Rather simply your signature is very appropriate to all the recent changes.
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