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  1. This would appear to be a likely candidate? https://www.greenmachinesurplus.com/cvrt-technical-handbooktechnical-description-719-p.asp Andy
  2. Actually Terry, I think you did if you're a UK taxpayer! Andy
  3. I concur - if it's circuit diagrams you're after (the original query isn't clear) they're usually in either the Technical Description or Field/Unit Repair EMERs. Andy
  4. Thanks Greg, I'd appreciate knowing the VRNs of the Abbots, and pictures would be good, too! Andy
  5. Don't worry, I thought that an Abbot was a tank until shortly before I bought one. You'll get shot on here, though! 🙂 As I said in the 430 Forum, I suspect that your only real solution is to repair the existing amplifier. I've never seen a circuit diagram but all the components are listed in the ISPL so at least you know what's there. Andy
  6. Neither is it an Abbott ... 🙂 More seriously Greg, you'd be better off posting those photos as JPEGs rather than HEICs that can't be read by most web browsers. Andy
  7. I believe congratulations are in order? Well done Simon! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/in-pictures-56016031 Andy
  8. They seem very few and far between. Rumour has it that Raytheon discovered that MOD were selling them off and promptly asked for them back.
  9. Thanks Clive, and yes, my Stolly is quite big enough for me!
  10. FM and AM as it's intended as a ground to air unit - it's also known as TacGA.
  11. Thanks Clive, I had a quick look but couldn't see anything obvious.
  12. Has anyone else seen this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Foden-Military-Army-Water-Cannon-Lorry-Truck-Classic-Vintage-Rare-Barn-Find/203271782199 Andy
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