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  1. In the early 1990's three of us, not REME trained, had the L60 out in 50 minutes.
  2. 65 mph on M6, c1971..........
  3. These items are no longer available to you poor miserable creatures............
  4. I have these two infra red headlight covers. The label states; FILTER UNIT HEADLIGHT INFRA RED. NSN Z7/6650-99-960-4194, They would be fitted to 432's and Abbot. Any use to anyone, not expensive...
  5. That was an interesting read from RUSI. There was more to this problem than what the news headlines mention. I might add 'as always'....
  6. I must put on record the Robin Craig has gave me great assistance over this requirement. Thanks again Robin Cheers Bob
  7. It seems to me that it/they are the rear track guards that have been removed.
  8. It seems to me that he has supplied NO documentary evidence whatsoever back up his case. Why would that be ? Obviously our conclusions are negative.
  9. Still no correct answer from Tom.....
  10. Why are you not allowed to throw the empty cases out of the hatches ?
  11. Has this large excavation now been filled in ?
  12. As regards Point 4; Does that mean that no excavations should be made and the Buffalo remain where it is ?
  13. Robin Possibly be able to do something with them, can you send pic and tell me more ? Thanks Bob
  14. I am in urgent need of one of these tail lights. It has LU and underneath that is FV 14932. I no not what it was fitted to....
  15. I might be OK with this as my shipping agent says he has exported some Vectors, lets hope he can still do....
  16. The question, which I thought I had asked. 'Can a EURO 3 engined vehicle be imported into the USA?' Wally; They have strange and complicated rules to do with emissions.
  17. I have done a bit of exporting in the last 30 years but with quite old stuff. I have a 2007 VW EURO 3 engined Pinzguar which is destined for the USA. I have asked VW themselves but for some reason they do not know or perhaps they just cannot be bothered to assist.... Does anyone have a definative answer, I have tried the various US websites but there is no mention of Euro 3.
  18. Bob Grundy


    I don't think it was 'rather grim'.....
  19. Could very well be as I have had two Sultans.
  20. As I have had few CVR(T)'s in the yard over the last thirty odd years I think you are probably correct.
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