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  1. Closest to Bedford armour (just the riot shields) I got on the merlin archive. Data is for 66KD06, but the pic shows MJ 98KB60, which is shown as having been in NI on the record. https://merlinarchive.uk/vehicle/66KD06 https://merlinarchive.uk/vehicle/98KB60 There was a thread on arrse which I can’t find at the mo, but it featured a lot of rare pics. Clive Elliott might help because if I remember well, he had found the thread.
  2. The uk defence journal mentions Boxer and Ajax. Also - https://www.army-technology.com/news/the-british-army-could-have-an-ajax-squadron-this-summer/
  3. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dozens-of-tanks-to-be-scrapped-inredesign-for-army-of-the-future-70j09mdnh https://www.forces.net/news/defence-chiefs-consider-plans-scrap-tanks https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/still-no-date-for-warrior-capability-sustainment-contract/
  4. Would any of the following work, in conjunction with cloth covered insulating tape? I’ve had a look at xmod and they seem to be out of stock of the correct conduit. https://www.autosparks.co.uk/electrical-components/conduit I know that there is some insulating tape which closely matches the appearance of the original covering, being matt in appearance and can be used to disguise. Also found this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cable-Flexible-Conduit-Sleeving-Split-Unsplit-Loom-Harness-Various-Sizes-/263163209329 or this - https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/parts_index/conduit
  5. Wow, lovely vehicles. Seems that both are ex british military. The second one (949BVO) was first registered in 1959 and last on the road in 1984 according to the dvla. https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/VehicleFound?locale=en As a side note, i hope they take the spare wheel out of the first one and stick it back in the second!
  6. Try contacting the user RAFMT who is on the thread I showed you and can probably assist you with the RAF museum. Good luck!
  7. The RAF museum might be able to help. This thread here has a list of publications which they have.
  8. I love the “artillAry” on the military data plate. Wonder what happened there.
  9. Ok, that seems to have clarified that I guess. So it was actually an FH70 limber or tractor. Thanks Richard! In fact, just had another look, and the full title is “Tractor-Limber, Wheeled, GS,FH70, 10 tonne, 6x6, with crane, Foden”. Quite a mouthful!
  10. Regarding Warner plugs and sockets, I suggest trawling for either Bofors L/70 equipment spares because they had them as well. We always had the cables in the CES tool and spares boxes that came with each gun. Also, I remember that the italians used to have these sockets on their vehicles as well, at least up to the early 80s, so that might be another source.
  11. Just some info I found on the Commercial Motor archive - http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/1st-november-1974/40/fodens-at-the-front-by-gordon-murra Note that as far as I know, this vehicle was never designated as an FH70. The FH70 was the actual gun it was designed to tow and service. I have had more luck on the internet looking for Foden 6x6 gun limber or gun tractor.
  12. If by not correct you mean this reported donation to Pima Air museum, I hope so. Pima has had past dealings with Duxford - https://pimaair.org/museum-aircraft/mil-mi-24d/ I have always loved the land warfare hall, and will be personally devastated if he exhibits were to go.
  13. Although given the number of paint layers shown in the pictures I tend to agree that these are probably previous owners’ attempts at markings, the star pointing that way is definitely no proof that it isn’t original. Despite it being the wrong way round, it did happen in wartime, in theatre, that markings were applied in ways, sizes and locations which were not as the higher ups intended. An example of a star applied in wartime is shown here, 4th jeep on the right, courtesy of http://www.dday.center/preserving-history-1942-jeep-restoration-project.html
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