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  1. I love the “artillAry” on the military data plate. Wonder what happened there.
  2. Ok, that seems to have clarified that I guess. So it was actually an FH70 limber or tractor. Thanks Richard! In fact, just had another look, and the full title is “Tractor-Limber, Wheeled, GS,FH70, 10 tonne, 6x6, with crane, Foden”. Quite a mouthful!
  3. Regarding Warner plugs and sockets, I suggest trawling for either Bofors L/70 equipment spares because they had them as well. We always had the cables in the CES tool and spares boxes that came with each gun. Also, I remember that the italians used to have these sockets on their vehicles as well, at least up to the early 80s, so that might be another source.
  4. Just some info I found on the Commercial Motor archive - http://archive.commercialmotor.com/article/1st-november-1974/40/fodens-at-the-front-by-gordon-murra Note that as far as I know, this vehicle was never designated as an FH70. The FH70 was the actual gun it was designed to tow and service. I have had more luck on the internet looking for Foden 6x6 gun limber or gun tractor.
  5. If by not correct you mean this reported donation to Pima Air museum, I hope so. Pima has had past dealings with Duxford - https://pimaair.org/museum-aircraft/mil-mi-24d/ I have always loved the land warfare hall, and will be personally devastated if he exhibits were to go.
  6. Although given the number of paint layers shown in the pictures I tend to agree that these are probably previous owners’ attempts at markings, the star pointing that way is definitely no proof that it isn’t original. Despite it being the wrong way round, it did happen in wartime, in theatre, that markings were applied in ways, sizes and locations which were not as the higher ups intended. An example of a star applied in wartime is shown here, 4th jeep on the right, courtesy of http://www.dday.center/preserving-history-1942-jeep-restoration-project.html
  7. Did you ever get an answer to your query?
  8. https://www.rlcarchive.org/VehicleSrch just type in 44Bm40 They have the history card for your vehicle.
  9. If I understand correctly, the relevant section has the parts breakdown, but no illustration of the battery box and components. Page L29 refers - http://daimlerferret.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/ISpP-List-Part-L-Electrical.pdf This is a link which has the parts catalogue in its entirety- http://daimlerferret.co.uk/manuals-and-emers
  10. This isn’t a cab over axle. The bonnet is sitting behind the body. Also, looks like what might be a rear light pod is sitting just behind the bonnet, with Penman written on it.
  11. Is it me, or is that frame number actually TL 46508? Engine number is interesting, reading as 3HW 56508. Am I right in thinking that would be the original engine for the frame if I’m reading that frame number correctly? Also, did anyone else notice the spurious 7 stamped above the 0 on the engine number? Wonder what happened there? Someone in a hurry to get to the NAAFI wagon for their tea and bun?
  12. These people have one, probably at more than you’re willing to spend though! https://www.eics-products.co.uk/shop/panels/6110998184829-box-distribution-emergency-crew-control/ but quite a bit cheaper than here-https://www.thexmod.com/item_detail.asp?id=741&t=Emergency_Crew_Controll_Box_MK_2__FV702523
  13. No problems, glad you’re sorted. If he does find them, I’ll get one or two for myself, and presumably, he’ll put the rest up on ebay as he has in the past.
  14. Ok, had a response and the guy’s going to look on Monday. If he finds them, he’ll let me know, and I’ll pm you his details. He was asking for twenty quid each at the time, but that was in 2018. Fingers crossed!
  15. You’re welcome! I’m still looking to see if I can turn up anything else. I have emailed someone who had 8 in stock when they took down their listing, so will see. Fingers crossed! A few years ago (lordy how time has flown), I bid on and won a full extinguisher, in mint condition, all for 99p. I asked the seller if he happened to have a bracket, and he said yes, but unfortunately had already posted the extinguisher to me, apologised (yes, HE apologised!), posted the bracket (NEW!) and absolutely refused any extra remuneration .........my one bit of luck in a long time! I used paypal a
  16. This one’s a bit cheaper.....my, how prices have gone up! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/333757324058
  17. Not sure if this helps- https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?t=292908
  18. Engine number XXE3284 Chassis/contract number 294/23/S1946
  19. It is an SD2 butterfly bomb. We were finding loads of stuff like that in the area. It seems that although the area was used as training ranges post war, and post 1969, during the war it was a battle area.
  20. You could try this. Had it for years. The pipe goes hard but as soon as it touches fuel again, it goes soft - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Silverline-451324-Jiggle-Siphon/dp/B002QRWGLQ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=Fuel+jiggler&qid=1595603929&sr=8-3
  21. Thanks for correcting me on that. If they haven’t been removed I think there were more than 20 dotted around the area.
  22. Thanks, there was loads more stuff in the area. I had photographs of an italian army fort further south and across the main highway, artillery positions, a blown up Ford F30 truck which was 20 yards away from the anti tank mine pictured above, but unfortunately the computer it was all saved on was appropriated against my will by some locals when things blew up over there. I remember that my survey guys had camped near the blown up truck on top of a small mound which had a rubble wall around it. Remembering the old army trick of booby trapping an abandoned Laying Up Position, I went to the loca
  23. The thread might be fantastic, but it seems that most of the pictures have disappeared. Or is that just my ipad doing that?
  24. I was on these ranges in 2009. South of Ajdabiya and north of Ojala. I think they were LVT4s and apart from them, there were also some ex Malta Garrison Bofors L/70s all of which were used for target practice. I will trawl through my files and post pics of the most accessible items, and also ordnance which I came across in the area. I never went anywhere near the amphibious vehicles which were up on the hills in the area although they seemed to be much more intact than the ones I photographed. It was just too dangerous given the amount of ordnance lying around. The ordnance I photographed was
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