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  1. Indeed, apologies for the vague reference. I don’t know why I didn’t just say outright that lot 306 looks like a Bedford MWC tank. I Must have been having a cryptic moment after watching a Midsomer Murders episode. I doubt any of he pump gear is still in place though.
  2. Hmm. Lot 306 might be of interest to Bedford MWC owners.
  3. This one popped up today:https://www.frost.co.uk/ethomix-corrosion-inhibitor-additive-ethanol-protection/
  4. Try this for size. My late father in law had shown me an article in the Aston Martin Owners club magazine which mentioned this additive. This was a few years ago, so there might be other brands now. https://www.millersoils-shop.co.uk/eps-ethanol-protection
  5. http://www.jatonkam35s.com/DeuceTechnicalManuals/LO9-2320-209-12-1.pdf
  6. BAOR 23 location- https://www.baor-locations.org/BFPO.aspx.html
  7. Have they run out? https://marcusglenn.com/parts/daimler-ferret-fv-700-series/daimler-ferret-choke-cable
  8. Once again, thanks! Will let him know, and then he can decide what to do with them. I have a feeling he’ll just hang them up on his garage wall as a display, but at least we’ll know what they came off.
  9. Thanks Ron, thought you’d identify them. Muchly appreciated as always! Is the Westwood cap military or a civilian modification?
  10. Hi all. This afternoon I went to help a friend of mine clear out a garage, and amongst all the Jaguar parts he stockpiled over the last 40 years, we also found a motorcycle petrol tank and fork, which he’d completely forgotten he ever had, and subsequently, has no idea what they’re off. Would appreciate the collective wisdom on this forum to help identifying them. Just to confuse matters, the parts might not even be off the same motorcycle! Thanks in advance all.
  11. In fact, having access to facebook, the crowland lvt group have a copy of an old newspaper article up, which says that nearly 30 Buffalos were used. 16 were used on the first try, and after 3 were washed away, more were brought in to shore up the gap. Something which occurred to me, but were all the 30 or so used Buffalos? Could it be that 16 Buffalos were used first and then another amphibious type used, possibly “Neptunes” (see shortcut below) bringing the said total to 30 or thereabouts? The picture in the shortcut below seems to point to other types used, apart from Buffalos. https://www.cambridge-news.co.uk/news/history/fight-survival-year-great-flood-12720587 I just went into eddy8men’s thread on the subjeft, and yes, Neptunes were also used. So, it could be that 16 Buffalo type were used, and then augmented with Neptune LVTs.
  12. Care to qualify that statement?
  13. 16 “or so” makes more sense. It’s just that all reports seem to be taking the figure of 16 as the gospel truth. Sorry, the pedant in me is taking over again!
  14. Is that the same place? Because it seems the quoted number of 16 is a little off. I count 24 that I can see!
  15. Morning! Re the picture in your initial post, it is indeed a follow me vehicle, as the original photo caption states. I have also posted that picture in the other thread you had started, asking about RAF Follow Me vehicles in WW2!
  16. 2 years since the last contribution to this thread however thought this might be relevant, in that at least, towards the end of the war, on at least one fighter command airfield (from the original caption of the possibly posed photograph), which british and american bomber pilots used in emergencies, Follow Me vehicles were used.https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205454241 From the original wartime caption- Leading Aircraftwoman Day is one of several W.A.A.F. drivers at a Fighter Command airfield on the South Coast, who with jeeps, guide aircraft to a parking place. Picture (issued 1945) shows - Leading Aircraftwoman Phyllis Day driving a jeep to guide a bomber which had made an emergency landing on a Fighter Command airfield. SEE A.M.BULLETIN NO.18356 : 15th April 1945.
  17. Closest to Bedford armour (just the riot shields) I got on the merlin archive. Data is for 66KD06, but the pic shows MJ 98KB60, which is shown as having been in NI on the record. https://merlinarchive.uk/vehicle/66KD06 https://merlinarchive.uk/vehicle/98KB60 There was a thread on arrse which I can’t find at the mo, but it featured a lot of rare pics. Clive Elliott might help because if I remember well, he had found the thread.
  18. The uk defence journal mentions Boxer and Ajax. Also - https://www.army-technology.com/news/the-british-army-could-have-an-ajax-squadron-this-summer/
  19. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dozens-of-tanks-to-be-scrapped-inredesign-for-army-of-the-future-70j09mdnh https://www.forces.net/news/defence-chiefs-consider-plans-scrap-tanks https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/still-no-date-for-warrior-capability-sustainment-contract/
  20. Would any of the following work, in conjunction with cloth covered insulating tape? I’ve had a look at xmod and they seem to be out of stock of the correct conduit. https://www.autosparks.co.uk/electrical-components/conduit I know that there is some insulating tape which closely matches the appearance of the original covering, being matt in appearance and can be used to disguise. Also found this - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cable-Flexible-Conduit-Sleeving-Split-Unsplit-Loom-Harness-Various-Sizes-/263163209329 or this - https://www.vintagecarparts.co.uk/parts_index/conduit
  21. Wow, lovely vehicles. Seems that both are ex british military. The second one (949BVO) was first registered in 1959 and last on the road in 1984 according to the dvla. https://vehicleenquiry.service.gov.uk/VehicleFound?locale=en As a side note, i hope they take the spare wheel out of the first one and stick it back in the second!
  22. Try contacting the user RAFMT who is on the thread I showed you and can probably assist you with the RAF museum. Good luck!
  23. The RAF museum might be able to help. This thread here has a list of publications which they have.
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