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  1. Hi All, as of yesterday, one Little Ship fewer. https://www.getsurrey.co.uk/news/surrey-news/hampton-fire-lady-gay-owners-20520205 Best Regards, Adrian
  2. Hi Jürgen, I copied the spare parts list into .pdf, and sent it to you this morning by private messaging here. Best Regards, Adrian
  3. Hi All, It might already be known, but using the information on Jürgen's and my Keycards, plus other information, it is evident that, at least for this contract, SS Cars numbered their chassis in order, so adding 6200340 to the chassis number gives the X number (or taking it away from the X number gives the chassis number). Best Regards, Adrian
  4. Hi Jürgen. Contract S 8055 was for trailers numbered X6210183 to X6225182. These were built in Coventry (Lockhurst Lane, I think), from 1944 onwards. The company making them was originally called Swallow Sidecars. They changed their name to SS Cars prewar, and this is the make on the dataplate. For obvious reasons, they changed their name again after the war to Jaguar, who are still making cars today. My SSCars trailer is from the same contract, and is X6217217. Best Regards, Adrian
  5. Hi @Baerdus Jürgen. Bavaria I know a little, it's the other side of the Alps from me (-:. If the number 01YK60 is original to the trailer, it is probably WW2, though pictures would confirm it. After the war, with vehicles all over the world, some lost, destroyed, stolen and with fictitious numbers, and the British Forces reducing in size so selling or giving a lot of vehicles away, the registration system was a mess. So, around 1948, when things started to stabilise, the army started to issue a new registration system to find out what vehicles they still had. 01YK60 is a
  6. Hi @Baerdus And welcome. (-: Where are you located? I have a British Airborne trailer (Trailer 1/2 ton, Cargo, Lightweight, 2-WH No1, number 02YK38 (SS Cars Chassis 16877, wartime number X6217217). I can't help with the pictures you have requested, but you may find these useful: If you do not have one, then you will find the Illustrated Spare Parts List for these trailers useful. It is WO Code 13464. If you cannot find it, tell me, and I will scan a copy and send it to you next week. If you would like more details on the trailer, such as who made it, it's chassi
  7. Hi All, They seem to have been popular. See the discussion here too. Best Regards, Adrian
  8. Hi Phil. This is a common problem in bicycle collecting circles, 'girls' bikes are not as desireable as 'boys' bikes, and even really good examples get broken for parts. What it boils down to is this: If you want to keep it, then restore it. Don't worry about what happens next. If you don't want to restore it, then sell it on Ebay or somesuch site. Make your thoughts (and pictures) on parabike compatability obvious. Sell it as a complete item, and that way the new owner can decide whether to restore or break it. I have restored stripped bikes, and it's a frustrating th
  9. Hi, 20 years ago a friend (Peter Griffiths) bought cosmoline coated GMC CCKW piston rings from the Port en Bessin wreck museum, recovered from the sea bed after 50 years, and good enough to be used in his engine rebuild. (-: Best Regards, Adrian
  10. Hi, @Milcyclist 3826, I've sent a PM for more details. Thanks, Best Regards, Adrian
  11. Hi. @MILCYCLIST 3826 I did a similar thing for US G519 WW2 Columbia and Huffman bikes. It takes a lot of searching to get a decent sample size of frame numbers. I've located about 70 of each maker. Anyway, to help you on youe quest: T105245, and T70190 is a MkV*, by BSA I think. CABE Edit: Reading through, I think you've been there already (-: Good Luck, Best Regards, Adrian
  12. Hi, @Morris C8 that's nice. (-: 502e régiment de chars de combat were named that in 1920, though the same unit fought in WW1, and existed through to WW2. https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/502e_régiment_de_chars_de_combat Best Regards, Adrian
  13. Hi All, @welbike thanks, this was a very informative picture, and proves that I was looking in the wrong direction, and @mtskull was correct.. I agree that the image below is about as close as you can get within the confines of Googlr Earth. Thanks for resolving it. The change is so great, that you get the impression the local town planners regretted that the Luftwaffe didn't do the job for them. (-: Best Regards, Adrian
  14. Hi All, Excellent, thanks to all for your help. So the photo was taken about here on the junction of Church Road and Cheltenham Road, with The King's Head pub on the right: https://www.google.com/maps/@51.9476099,-2.0623714,3a,32.8y,177.99h,90.23t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sPwnqHioH4DsRWKnHqrXSOg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 I thought it very possible the the memorial had been moved, and the road renumbered, but all the other changes in that time too are incredible. That's one I would have been very unlikely to find. Yes, the 1940 date on the same image on the link is not possibl
  15. Hi All, Please could you give me a hand? Can you tell me where the WW2 photo below was taken? I've tried to locate it, mainly through looking at likely candidates on Google Earth, but I admit defeat. Detail from Getty Image: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detai...seater-cycle-news-photo/3432934?adppopup=true The photo was taken on 19th May 1944, the five servicemen are from the US Army Service Corps. They have cut up a 1942 or 43 US Army Military Bicycle (G519) to make the tandem. It is mainly a Columbia model (below) with a couple of parts from the Huffman
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