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  1. Might you be thinking of the Apron or Kilt Cover that worn to protect/hide the kilt? This is available at sofmilitary and whatpriceglory: https://www.sofmilitary.co.uk/khaki-drill-kd-highland-kilt-cover.html Dan
  2. This company have an impressive range of clients. They might be able to help. If 12A is a special order then they might be able to tailor make them for you. The History Bunker in Leeds. https://thehistorybunker.co.uk Dan
  3. Sorry, this is no help about identifying the amazing looking roller. To me it looks like something a modern day designer would come up with for a steam-punk themed film. The chap on the left looks like he is the driver of a rather more low-tech horse drawn vehicle. He looks to be holding a whip with the thong looping back, just above his elbow, to his hand. There is a lamp just to the right of the pivot for mounting the roller. Looking at the size and design of the case, would that help provide an idea of a date depending on what is thought to be the workings of the lamp? Candle, oil or acetylene? This might help with a range of years. The chap second from left and extreme right are wearing different styles of dark coats. The pale coloured jacket being worn by the chap second from the right looks similar to the one being worn under the coat of the chap on extreme right. It could be that the hats are part of their local authority uniform. Other ranks being issued with shovels and a pick, while their C.O. is carrying his issue umbrella. Dan
  4. Just a slight off-set on this topic. If someone is looking for a vehicle to start providing training for the H Licence, how about using on of these? https://uk-tracks.com/models/tinger-track-2/ The website says that they can be road registered. As the vehicle is 'steered by tracks', does it matter whether that is by levers or 'motorcycle handlebars'.
  5. I have just bought 200 metres of poly hemp rope from Rope Services, via eBay. I am using it for guy lines for a canvas sheet. It has a texture to it but is artificial. They have natural hemp, jute and manila rope as well in a very large range of sizes. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/282997048379?hash=item41e3f0443b:g:Vi8AAOSwydpbF39A
  6. I found the information on the Historical Flying Clothing website. Here are the relevant links: https://www.historicflyingclothing.com/en-GB/post-ww2-raf-flying-helmets/raf-type-g-flying-helmet/prod_16372#.YMCtyi1Q3s0 https://www.historicflyingclothing.com/en-GB/post-ww2-raf-flying-helmets/raf-mk-1a-m-flying-helmet/prod_17127#.YMCu2C1Q3s0 Dan
  7. I am sure someone will have a parts catalogue matching a description to the stock number but I think this might be an aircrew item. On a website selling flying clothing they have a "RAF Type G Flying Helmet". It has a similar 22c/xxxx code We wore them when flying in Chipmunks many years ago in the Air Cadets. The oxygen mask was used without a hose and the switch is for the intercom. They were worn under a bone dome. All the bone domes, I recall, were silver in colour and not always a snug fit. The mask hung from one side of the cloth helmet. We were advised not to hook the mask on as the smell was not very pleasant, but just to lift the mask into place and work the switch when we had to speak to the pilot. Our bone domes never had a visor fitted.
  8. Hello If you don't mind a reproduction tent. Sofmilitary have a lot of different tents. There is also www.canvastentshop.co.uk They have 'patrol tents' which look like a 160lb tent and similarly sized. As well as different fly sheets. They come in green and brown. The one downside to them is that they appear to have plastic webbing straps for keeping the doors open. Dan
  9. Bits4landys have a variety of seat box parts. https://www.bits4landys.co.uk/seatbox_s23.htm They also have specific sections for Series 2A and 3 Lightweights.
  10. Accurate Armour have 1/35th scale models of Daimler MkI and Mk11 Armoured Cars. https://accurate-armour.com/search?terms=daimler
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