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  1. I found the information on the Historical Flying Clothing website. Here are the relevant links: https://www.historicflyingclothing.com/en-GB/post-ww2-raf-flying-helmets/raf-type-g-flying-helmet/prod_16372#.YMCtyi1Q3s0 https://www.historicflyingclothing.com/en-GB/post-ww2-raf-flying-helmets/raf-mk-1a-m-flying-helmet/prod_17127#.YMCu2C1Q3s0 Dan
  2. I am sure someone will have a parts catalogue matching a description to the stock number but I think this might be an aircrew item. On a website selling flying clothing they have a "RAF Type G Flying Helmet". It has a similar 22c/xxxx code We wore them when flying in Chipmunks many years ago in the Air Cadets. The oxygen mask was used without a hose and the switch is for the intercom. They were worn under a bone dome. All the bone domes, I recall, were silver in colour and not always a snug fit. The mask hung from one side of the cloth helmet. We were advised not to hook the mas
  3. Hello If you don't mind a reproduction tent. Sofmilitary have a lot of different tents. There is also www.canvastentshop.co.uk They have 'patrol tents' which look like a 160lb tent and similarly sized. As well as different fly sheets. They come in green and brown. The one downside to them is that they appear to have plastic webbing straps for keeping the doors open. Dan
  4. Bits4landys have a variety of seat box parts. https://www.bits4landys.co.uk/seatbox_s23.htm They also have specific sections for Series 2A and 3 Lightweights.
  5. Accurate Armour have 1/35th scale models of Daimler MkI and Mk11 Armoured Cars. https://accurate-armour.com/search?terms=daimler
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