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  1. Bob Grundy


    I don't think it was 'rather grim'.....
  2. Could very well be as I have had two Sultans.
  3. As I have had few CVR(T)'s in the yard over the last thirty odd years I think you are probably correct.
  4. I went to Widnes/Runcorn to value it at the turn of the century, another pic of its history for you.
  5. There are two zipper closing areas. I think one is attached to the vehicles rear door and the other is where you entre from the outside world.
  6. Having another clean up and came across this tenty thing. As I have had a a few armoured vehicles in the yard I believe this to be a CP/tent/ shelter that would be at the rear of a APC. There are no markings or anything that can identify it, it is quite large, there is bag and tent pegs. I see no rips or tears. Any use at £50 ?
  7. It's not a 'tank'...............
  8. The catches could have been purchased by the Germans from the USA on the world market. Every item on vehicle does not necessarily have to come from that country which manufactured it.
  9. Due to an error of mine in sending the wrong photo! I need the dry sump off a B60, can anyone help please ?
  10. Andy Yes a submission should be made, built 1917 that should help. Bob
  11. I have a Pinzgauer Vector dating from 2007. the colour of it does not seem to equate to NATO green. Anyone got the correct RAL number for it please ?
  12. There is a company or one man band in Devon who supplied me with a starter ring for a Armstrong Siddeley. For the life of me I cannot remember his name but he was very helpful.
  13. Would anyone have a BRDM for sale in the UK please ?
  14. Any plant glazing firm can cut flat glass for you, it is nothing special......
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