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  1. Thank you both. Is it any use to someone, its no use to me.
  2. I have discovered this gun part wrapped up and in grease. There is a label with it but I cannot make out what it reads. There is number '5002428', Possibly a Bofors part, but I am unsure....
  3. I missed the very short word 'to'..........
  4. This is a 1959 'water wagen' made by DAF. Located near M6 Junction 24. Any use at £750
  5. I am looking for a complete set of 432/Abbot track pads (180), can anyone help please ?
  6. I went to view yesterday, all items pretty grim. I worked if you spent £1000 then there would be an additional £380. I will not bother at all,
  7. 1st of the foot infantry regiment of the Line. The senior infantry regiment of the British Army, for instance the 20th of foot are/were The Lancashire Fusiliers.
  8. What is your ' home country' if its Greenland you may have difficulty......
  9. Found this thing on the net. Tracks seem modern and gun too big for the turret. Any ideas ?
  10. It was over a year ago that I drove it on the road but I remember that it was generally unpleasant. I suppose if I had to drive it every day for work I would get used to it. However is it not supposed to be fun..............?
  11. Posted just to liven up the post with a photo. My (now sold) Commer N1. 1935, it looks good but was a horrible lorry to drive....
  12. Write them a letter/email and ask them.....
  13. Looking in Chieftain by Rob Griffin 2001 I find my notes; 01 EB 50 VERSUVIOUS driver Steve Read, it was OC's tank C,Sqn 1RTR. Also that it was smelted. Another for the list.
  14. This thing is blinking awful. I saw it at the Yorkshire Show a couple of years ago. I mentioned that it was the wrong shape and shouldn't be seen in public but the characters with it did not want to talk to me. The shame of it.......
  15. No one else owned it before me, except the Tax Payer.....
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