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  1. Richard I had heard that they were used for starting jet engines. I have no idea how that was accomplished. There seemed to be a few around as I saw about half a dozen at a farm near Chester a few years ago.
  2. This is the best B61 out of the four that I have. It was reconditioned in 1974, you see it as it done then ready for service.
  3. Thank you for that, I will e-mail now....
  4. I agree with everything you have stated.
  5. Cannot find how to edit ! It was three vehicles, the other was a Hillman Gnat, now in the USA
  6. A friend is restoring T16 Carrier and wishes to know>>>> What is the correct new type alloy radiator he should obtain ?
  7. I and some friends made two vehicles: German A7V and a Carden Loyd MG Carrier. Nothing wrong with that at all. Just don't pass them off as real ones.....
  8. Richard Yes they have the twin SU's fitted, one engine is painted yellow. cheers Bob
  9. The Rolls Royce B61 is more powerful than the B60 used in Ferrets and Pigs. B60 4.2lt & 120bhp and the B61 is 4.8lt & 140bhp. Would any one be interested in the B61, I will be getting some take-outs shortly.
  10. On Sunday I went to visit a woman I have known since the 1960's. In her paddock she has this GMC that was a runner before it was sheeted up. I recall tat she said that it was used on the film Saving Private Ryan. It is located near St Helens, Lancashire. She may sell it. PM me if of interest.
  11. Thank you both. Is it any use to someone, its no use to me.
  12. I have discovered this gun part wrapped up and in grease. There is a label with it but I cannot make out what it reads. There is number '5002428', Possibly a Bofors part, but I am unsure....
  13. I missed the very short word 'to'..........
  14. This is a 1959 'water wagen' made by DAF. Located near M6 Junction 24. Any use at £750
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