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  1. I have a Pinzgauer Vector dating from 2007. the colour of it does not seem to equate to NATO green. Anyone got the correct RAL number for it please ?
  2. There is a company or one man band in Devon who supplied me with a starter ring for a Armstrong Siddeley. For the life of me I cannot remember his name but he was very helpful.
  3. Would anyone have a BRDM for sale in the UK please ?
  4. Any plant glazing firm can cut flat glass for you, it is nothing special......
  5. Deb No I will put it in a 'Please do not bend' envelope which are used for photographs. All I need is your postal address Cheers Bob
  6. Deb You are the first to reply (first come first served) so it is yours Bob
  7. I have found this MCC CS8 brass plate. I did have a CS8 but it is now in Japan, no use to me.......
  8. Kevin I have just been viewing Tank Chats about the Churchill AVRE and the Funnies. On it I saw an AVRE and bridge DESIREE 44ZR91, RODNEY T32425/C towing a Conger and HELMSFORTH an Ark.
  9. I really thought that it had a title or heading to the advert stating GPMG but perhaps not. So Craig, I refer you to the previous sentence that states GPMG. Christmas! I had better not start on that subject.....
  10. All you need to complete your Ferret, that's if you are lucky (or unfortunate) to own one. £200.
  11. We viewed the Carrier in November 1995 but when we got there it was almost dark, hence the poor pics. It was in front of the gun sheds on top of a prominent hill at Porton Down.
  12. I know this Carrier and have photos of it at Porton Down. I was dealing with Neville Anderson of the Tank Museum with regard to obtaining it but those of you of a certain age will have known Neville so........
  13. Its a little bit scruffy but cheap, £200. Located at WN4 near M6 Junction 24.
  14. Photo shows a .30 cal Ferret mount, a GPMG Ferret mount and a Browning pintle mount. An ideal Christmas present for your lady wife or girl friend at £600 for the lot.
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