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Restoration 4 - Matchless G3 Panel Tank


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Further to our debate about the horns, I have now acquired (at great expense) a genuine WD WW2 Lucas HF 1235 for my early G3. Therefore the working Clearhooters HF 180 is up for sale £175 plus post. These were fitted to later G3/G3L, RE WD/C, WD Velos etc. PM me if interested. Ron

Factory G3WO UHR - smaller (4).jpg



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So today I managed a day on the G3, now that the paint has hardened I started to reconstruct the frame with some of the new fixtures purchased from AMC classics. With the frame now standing I turned my attention to rebuilding the rear wheel. 
Putting the wheel together raised a few quandaries.......

I noticed that the rear wheel axle is longer on one side of the bearing than the other? I assume that the shorted side is located on the drive side?

Would anyone happen to have any photos and or specs. of the rear wheel spacers shown below? It appears I have the following;


Spacer, external, right side 36-8-H16

Washer, for solid Spindle STD-229 

But I am missing the rest, unfortunately.

A bit of a head scratch at the moment.....






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Ah, OK, thought the spindles were sorted, I still have NOS short ones I think, but not the long one.

Will try to find the dummy axle stuff today.

The thing Steve encircles on Jan's picture (on left) is not a spacer, it's part of the spindle.


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From memory the forks have no bushes for the spindles? Don't they run directly metal to metal?  If the forks wear, I guess they can be bored out and re-bushed, or maybe some slightly oversized spindles could be made as a compromise?  Ron 

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No, no bushings, and there's not much room for them either! 

Here a quick sketch of the dummy spindle, the thread is always buggered, but there should 2 two flats on it, to clear the frame fork end, sorry about the one mm. size, but cannot find my digital calipers, I guess it's just a hair bigger than the spindle that goes through it. I will also have a real drawing made of this. also of the forks spindles, but sorry Chris, I'll have to re-measure it all with proper calipers.





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Updated picture
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Lex. That’s fantastic! Thank you!

I am really starting to get an idea now of how the rear wheel goes together......👍

I think I am now in a position to piece all of this together, Lex if you could just confirm the dims of spacers marked 1 & 2 that would be great!

I assume that the nut on the end of the long spindle is no longer sourceable?


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Steve, others, and then I had many made, but I guess you're just too late, Jan has the drawings from me I guess? or if you have someone local? an investment in a small lathe and some imperial hex bar does wonders here! just bought this very small lathe for next to nothing! 


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