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  1. Another productive day on the G3. The rear tail light has now been resprayed, twin pin converted and fitted. I have managed to mix a second batch of paint which I am very happy with so the tank has been painted, splash guard on and tank fitted! The saddle nose seems awfully tight on the tank but it’s all fitted now! Now starting to turn my attention to the instruments and final bits of wiring!
  2. Its surprising what you can find in an old petrol tank…..🙈 Walnut shells and a nest 😬 The tank in now much cleaner internally now. Nearly time for paint!
  3. Looks great Ron, the elbow grease has been worth it!
  4. Thanks Lex. Mine is brass, it came fitted with the tank from the States. the repro one doesn’t look bad at all
  5. Frustratingly apart from the paint situation I only have 3/4 of a DC40 inspection lamp with just the knob missing. I assume knobs only very rarely come up for sale if any, so it’s either bite the bullet and by another original, but they seem to be a small fortune, or temporarily fit a repro one 😬
  6. My paint has become lumpy and almost looks like it has split. I have tried stirring it thinning it but to know avail. I have filtered the spray gun but it’s still through small lumps/imperfections onto the parts being sprayed. I am using a Zinfos paint (Manor Systems?) which it better know as industrial container paint etc…..it give a great finish but this last little bit does not want to play. It’s such a shame is I have just three bits left to paint 🙈
  7. Thank you gents! I have gone to put a top coat of paint over it but unfortunately my paint has gone off. 😬 This was my own special blend so it’s going to be some trial an error making up an acceptable batch just to paint the last few things 🙈
  8. So with a little bit of persistence I have now managed to satisfactory remedy the over size light switch hole within the instrument panel. I used the bezel from an old Miller pork pie style tail lamp and adjusted it to suit my requirements. Not perfect but more than acceptable.
  9. Nice little project Ron, good work! What’s the plans with it when the engine is completed?
  10. Thanks Gent! That’s a bugger, the tail lamp was nearly finished 🙈
  11. Il keep you posted Ron 😉 I am just about to give the fuel tank the vinegar treatment before applying the finishing top coat. Whilst I wait for it I thought I would turn my attention to the rear light. Undoubtedly one of the hardest things to find was the original MT210 rear lamp. Although not in the best of shape it’s all original. Some of the internal bulb contacts are missing so I am going to sympathetically convert it to accept a twin filament bulb. So currently it’s been prepared and clean up with fresh paint applied…….
  12. The fuel tank is slowly coming right, lots of little dents and imperfections remedied but still a small amount of ‘character’ left. It’s definitely had several knocks and scrapes in its existence. The eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed the light switch hole within the instrument panel has been cut bigger at some point but fingers crossed I have a solution to that.
  13. Chaps whilst I remember what is the correct petrol tap for this bike, Im of the impression it’s a singular CMC with balancer pipe but I cannot for the life of me find a picture of one?
  14. Thanks Gents. I must say I am pleased with how the bike is turning out, Lex I think several of the parts on this bike came from you 😉 Dare I say it really just the tank and electrics left 🤗 The tank is taking up far more time than I anticipated but I want to get it right……
  15. Finally got the exhaust system on, I must say I am really pleased after all of the fettling…..it fits really nicely 🤗
  16. I know Ron……🤔 I don’t need to worry, I won’t be starting it…..it’s only to sit and look at 😂
  17. Ok so the exhaust clamp has received some TLC and now fits like a glove, a quick lick of paint and it’s ready to fit. The rocker cover is now finally on so I just need to time the engine and it’s ready! Now back to the petrol tank………
  18. Thanks Ron! I shall have a chat with him 👍
  19. Lex. That doesn’t sound good. Nothings been easy with this build, a few more hurdles won’t hurt, I have it fitting in no time 😉
  20. Hi All, sorry for the delay in the update…….so a few backwards steps needed. Unfortunately I did not take enough links out of the primary chain so when I put it all together the gearbox shaft was rubbing on the inner chain case. 🙈 I have stripped it down to rectify my error but now the rear wheel drive chain is two short and I have lost the links I removed! Whilst I try and source some new links for the chain the correct exhaust clamp has finally arrived so I can get the exhaust system on. Currently most of my time has now been spent on prepping the petrol tank which is slowly coming together…….
  21. Another successful day with the primary side of the engine now completed including the rear break lever components now on. lots of fettling, as nothing would fit quite right but still a leap further forward. Next step, push rods in and rocker cover bolted down…..
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