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  1. Thanks gents! The job is no way perfect but a vast improvement, it was in a bit of a mess before hand, I am glad I have tackled the job, I just need to have the barrel bored out now then it can be fitted!
  2. I have given it a good go, in the end after buying an expensive brazing touch I ended up welding the repairs, heating both the barrel and new section of metal both before and after. A few imperfections but pretty solid 🤞........time will tell but never again!
  3. I am going down the brazing route. But it takes a knack to get the heat into the metal and brazing rod. Once the braze is grinder back if it’s not adhered 100% it leaves a weak area and the job starts again. I have to say this barrel is abnormally damaged, but I will keep plodding away.....
  4. The barrel is now back from the blasters and there are several cooling fins to be repaired. I have started the process but it’s much harder than I anticipated....... I shall keep plodding on....here’s hoping.
  5. It’s certainly a strange head. I cannot seem to find any information about it, most other Matchless heads do no appear to have the exhaust spigot. Small steps this week, the barrel has gone to the blasters, I have decided to have a go myself at repairing the broken fins.....😬 Now that the crank breather pipe has arrived and fitted I can start building up the drive side of the engine.
  6. So a quick question that’s causing me to scratch my head more than normal.....I have a G3 head which fits perfectly to the G3 barrel which I have ready. I purchased a second head, which to the untrained eye looks identical, however when this second head is mounted to the barrel although the bolt pattern lines up, the shape and fins do not line up correctly....I have added some pictures......the head on the left fits correctly the one on the right doesn’t but it still has the exhaust spigot as the G3........I guess my question is we’re there different versions and is it even from a Matchless, m
  7. Brilliant, Cheers chaps, thought I’d best ask 😉
  8. So I have managed to get a good day on the built yesterday with a few nice jobs now completed. There’s always a set back with each build and this resto is no acceptation, I missed out a spacer on the drive side of the gearbox meaning I had excess side to side play. The gearbox has been stripped again to rectify the issue but I am happy to report it’s now back together! (Correctly) I am missing the crank shaft breather pipe so before going to far with adding bits to the drive side I need to source one. the throttle twist grip is now nicely set up and ready to go. I managed to save
  9. Hi Rich. Good spot! I did look for several weeks for the ‘lead acid’ type but unfortunately failed to find one so I have used the slightly later type. Currently the orginal internal are fitted. I believe from memory it’s dated 44. 👍
  10. Well down Tom, a good spot......I have some damper plates now thank you 👍
  11. Great job Ron, both saddles look really good! I am yet to restart my KC10 resto, I have the original dunlop saddle but it’s seen better days......
  12. No I had some sand paper too 😉 Joking aside I have a bench grinder to hand which helped achieve the general shape. It would of been much easier with a metal lathe but currently that’s something I do not have. I made the later type nut first but thought “let’s just have a go” One more job done.
  13. Looks great Ron. 👍
  14. All the wrong tools but armed with enthusiasm........🙂
  15. As I round up the last of the parts for the built it feels like Christmas has come early again........many weeks of searching I have finally found the correct Bowden throttle barrel, hey presto it fits the clamp like a glove, other parts include a NOS throttle cable and NOS dynamo drive chain. I must say I am over the moon. (Sad I know). One of the nicest things I have found restoring this bike is the community of people around always willing to help and assist. It’s a breath of fresh air in these crazy times.....
  16. Saw those Lex, sold very quickly......Tom when you start the project give me a shout. I have accumulated a number of spares that may help 👍
  17. Talking of post, I hope your Parcel from the US arrived ok Ron? I think the postman must of been a Matchless man, not Triumph 😂
  18. Looks great Ron. The talflow, is a nice addition, I must admit I have never seen one before. When did BSA and the other marquees start fitting Vokes and Talflow filters? The kid in me wants to ask, what’s the projected top speed of this animal 🤭
  19. Hi Lex, sorry forgot to reply, yes I have the correct head curiosity of you 😉
  20. Thanks Ron this puts my mind at rest! The spindle is a little tight so emery would help reduce the scores and free up the spin (win win) All bushes are brand new, Dave did a full overhaul. Il have a chat with Dave ref. the barrel, I think I might of stressed him out enough, however, with the bottom end. I have just sourced some 1/4 x 6mm clutch rollers, thank you so much for pointing this out both, the bike came with 1/4 x 1/4 and I nearly ended up putting them in 🙈
  21. Thank you gents, really helpful! I think I will restore the orginal G3 barrel, I have tried to make sure all of the parts I can possibly use are G3 not G3L so I will keep going. A few broken fins adds to the patina 🙂 I have started cleaning up the timing gear/cams in readiness for assembly and it appears the exhaust cam has some light scoring to the shaft which locates into the engine side bush.....I assume if I proceed to use this it will slowly damage the bush?
  22. Whilst I take a break from wiring I am looking though the remaining engine and clutch parts I have to advance my built. Can I ask, firstly does anyone know the size of each of the 24 chain wheel/clutch sprocket roller bearings? I cannot seam to find this? Secondary, a little bit of group participation required, I believe I have a correct cylinder barrel for the bike? It’s not in the greatest condition and it will need re-boring, I do have a freshly machined G3L barrel in great shape but strictly not the right part for the bike, what should I do? 🤷
  23. Ron, it looks as if the third image, with the “loaf of bread” gear lever show the early type magneto platform fixing nut? I am not sure on the change over date?
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