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Restoration 4 - Matchless G3 Panel Tank


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So progress is quietly ticking along now, thank to lots of help from you gents I have the rear wheel set up ready to fit, and the outstanding parts for the front wheel setup on route. I have managed to source some NOS fork spindles which are in the post from France so a rolling chassis is in my sights.👍

A number off ‘tidy’ ups and ‘fixes’ needed for some of the fork components......before painting.

One of the two steering damper plates have completely rusted into two sections, are replacements available anywhere or will this need to be reproduced?






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Hi Steve, I will have 2 spare damper plates, when my parcel emerges from the postal system. I ordered 2 NOS from Lex to save me replating my ones, so the ones on my G3 will be spare. I can’t say when though as MyHermes buggered up the delivery so the parts are on their way back to Lex, I hope.




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Things are slowly plodding on, a number of steps forward now, new fork spindles and other components received and several fork components ready for prep/paint/fitting.....

The forks were completely solid when I purchased the project, missing grease nipples meant the spindles where exposure to the elements.

may I ask, does anyone know the grease nipple thread size, please? And also the fork spindle nut size? 

Many thanks!



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Steve the spindles are 1/2" with a 26tpi thread. It's not too clear in the parts list. You need 4 of the slim packing nuts about 3/16" (4.76mm) width...... and 7 x 1/2" x 26 reduced hex nuts (I've used full nuts) to fit a 3/8 W spanner.  Ron  


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I'll have to measure the nut, do you mean the outside nuts? my forks were (at one time) NOS, and have never taken them apart, here a picture, and the drawing of the washers, but they were only knurled before 1938 or so, and before that they used fiber washers, go figure that out, but it's said they kept the grease in better, and wore out to the right thickness when adjusted too tight real quick.




STD167 knurled washers.pdf

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That's great Lex, exactly the size nuts I have fitted. (Steve the 23/32" AF equates to the 3/8 Whit spanner size) I could explain but probably confuse you all the more!  I just need to get some of those thin washers if anyone has them or making them. Otherwise my mate will have to stoke up the old Myford. Ron 

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