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  1. It's an "M" Colin. So far it's the only one with an M prefix in my Register, and I have no idea at all why it has a different prefix… Stupid mistake maybe? "Oops, I took the wrong stamp..."? Can’t imagine what it could mean. We've always assumed that the "V" prefix stands for Villiers carburetor, but the Amal bikes don’t have an A prefix, so I’m not convinced…
  2. This is a well known photograph, and I have to admit that I hadn't noticed the Flea yet! 😊 I knew that I had a slightly better resolution version on my computer, but then I noticed that this one was cropped, and the Flea is hardly visible... 😟
  3. More than a month ago I missed an interesting photograph on Delcampe, due to a problem with my sniper. I contacted the seller, but obviously there was nothing he could do, the picture was sold. But last week I was contacted by the seller, the buyer had not paid yet, if I was still interested? Of course I was! This is how I have become the custodian of this picture after all! I've done a 600DPI scan (that's all my scanner can do), here are two details. The bike and the Minerva. If you compare the picture above with the picture below, it is easy to see how the side car was modifi
  4. rewdco

    WD/C correction

    Another magnificent job Ron! And great to see the correct Royal Enfield style census number. The war time photograph by the way was taken at the April 11th 1943 Medway Challenge Cup, "a team event run between various companies in an R.A.S.C. Division, including a number of riders from H.Q., in which the three best performers from each unit were taken as forming the team, each rider being marked individually throughout the event. Competitors had had little previous experience in motorcycling on cross-country courses and the prime object of the contest was not only to improve their standar
  5. The Belgian Government bought several contracts of Royal Enfield 3HP models. The outfit in the original photograph is a 6HP. I have put all the information that I have on the 5MMGB outfits in a thread on the Great War Forum: https://www.greatwarforum.org/topic/258012-5-motor-machine-gun-battery-research/
  6. Just had a look at the details of the Russian contracts. There were two large contracts: the first one was delivered in October 1914, the second contract dates from 1917. The 1914 models had a front mudguard which went between the fork legs, from 1915 onwards the forks went through the front mudguard (like in the picture above). So this can't have been an October 1914 Russian motorcycle. And the 1917 contract was for motorcycles with a colonial frame. This frame gives more ground clearance, but it also has a different petrol tank, which is quite easy to recognise. And they had different handle
  7. These are Belgian cobblestones, I recognise them! 😂 No, serious now, some Minervas went to Russia, that's true, and Enfield also sold a few contracts to Russia. So maybe this isn't Belgium (or the North of France) after all...? Need to check my Russian Enfield documentation...
  8. Ooh... Why didn't I see this myself...? 😊 Thanks for your help! Jan
  9. It looks as if the gearbox bottom lug has been fitted to the wrong stud / hole, or am I so mistaken?
  10. A Delcampe auction that I was very interested in ended on Armistice Day. Unfortunately my sniper didn't "shoot" (well, it was Armistice Day... ) Anyway, here's the auction scan. I think this is the first and the only photograph that I have ever seen of one of the Enfield outfits in France. Well, at least that's what I think it is, the outfit has been modified a bit... Any thoughts...? And what does this forum think about the anti aircraft lorry at the left hand side of the picture? Jan
  11. This is definitely the correct center stand for a WD/C frame. The WD/CO had a rear stand instead of a center stand, so "WD/C-only". Did you find the picture on the War Department website? The owner of that business deceased a couple of years ago, and the website has never been changed or deleted. Don't think you will be able to buy one of these stands anymore... 😐
  12. Think I found something! This article is about Lieut.Col. C.E. Bowden's RASC Officers' Training School in Bournemouth, I'm absolutely sure about that. Arthur Bourne and Bowden were friends, they both had an Ariel Square 4, Bowden had just invented the "Task System" which is also mentioned in the article... It all fits like a glove! Next step: can any of the faces in the article be recognised in the picture with Tony Wilson Jones (holding the Flying Flea with registration number EAB 332 in his arms)? Could the Corporal Instructor in the article be the man next to Tony Wilson Jones...? Or i
  13. Yes, I admit... Bournemouth is not really the East isn't it... I was too optimistic...🙄
  14. Just found this in the January 28th 1943 issue of MotorCycling: "A few weeks ago (December 10 te be exact) "Cyclops" wrote a story in "MotorCycling" concerning a very large Motorcycling Training School "Somewhere in the South East," where officer cadets are given an intensive course of instruction on motorcycle riding and maintenance before e going on to their O.C.T.U." Sounds very much like Lieut.Col. C.E. Bowden's "RASC Officers' Training School" in Bournemouth, or am I wrong...?
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