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  1. Aah... that's where your avatar comes from! 😃 Nice one!
  2. Definitely a different church tower Lex, pretty sure this is not the same spot... Sorry...
  3. (Duplicated) frame number 4818 was despatched from the Redditch factory on 18/09/1943 to the War Office in Crystal Palace (which was obviously a depot). Jan
  4. 166 is by far the earliest "true engine number" in the Register. They certainly didn't use the "first in first out" principle at the Royal Enfield factory, otherwise it would have been fitted to an earlier frame. Maybe the very first batch of engines didn't have the typical V prefix? Unfortunately I don't have enough of these early numbers in the Register in order to see a pattern... Jan
  5. Yes, you surely collected the Morris in style! Love it!
  6. Tourist Trophy? 😊
  7. De coloribus et de gustibus non est disputandum! 😁
  8. rewdco

    Triumph 3TW

    I've just re-read your post which explains the origin of the engine, ah, yes! Got it now! No BEF connection, that was only wishful thinking on my behalf... 😐 😁
  9. rewdco

    Triumph 3TW

    I've seen that picture before Ron! Wonder when it was published... Does anybody know? Anyway, I've dug a bit deeper in my archives. Found this RAOC Receipt Card for contract C/8331: It looks as if census numbers C4461718 - C4461741 had been allotted. But these numbers have been crossed out... because the Triumph factory was destroyed during the Coventry Blitz before anything had been delivered...? It must have taken some time to set up a new factory in Meriden. And there must have been a plan to build these bikes from the remaining parts. A new batch of 50 census numbers was created: C4854130 - C4854179. According to the front of this card, Chilwell received 12 bikes, at the back they mention 10 deliveries, on 1/12/42 (on "day 322", which was a weird day counting system that Chilwell was using). Ten or twelve bikes instead of fifty... Maybe that's all they could rescue from the bombed factory? And by late 1942 all WD motorcycles had "universal" pannier frames, metal frame pillion seats, 6" headlight with blackout mask, convoy tail lamp... This would explain the setup of the bike in the first picture of this thread, and also the picture from Ron's previous post... but that bike seems to have a pair of modified pannier frames and no pillion seat. I bet the bike in the first picture has also got these modified pannier frames, but we can't see them through the pannier bags... More research is needed here... Also about the fact that this engine was discovered in France. It definitely can't have been one of the two test bikes that had been sent to the BEF, that's for sure. But it's a fascinating project nevertheless!
  10. rewdco

    Triumph 3TW

    I know that O&M is considered as "the Bible", but here they have it wrong Ron. No doubt this assumption was based on the picture above, which was definitely not taken back in 1940. Sometimes the Gods have it wrong... 😁
  11. rewdco

    Triumph 3TW

    I'm afraid that I can't follow you Ron... According to O&M probably only 10 of the 50 bikes from contract C/8331 were produced before the Coventry Blitz that destroyed the factory. These "production" bikes were definitely too late to have been sent to France with the BEF... The two bikes that were sent to France with the BEF came from contract C/8020. O&M give frame number F1965 and engine number E1742 for the first bike, numbers of the second bike are unknown. It would be interesting to know the engine number of this French find!
  12. rewdco

    Triumph 3TW

    Well, the second prototype was sent back and forth several times to the factory, the last time was in August 1942. Looks like the pannier frame picture dates from then. Definitely no pannier frames, pillion seat and blackout mask in 1940!
  13. rewdco

    Triumph 3TW

    But that's a 1942 picture Ron! Pannier frames, metal frame pillion seat, blackout mask... The bike surely didn't look like that in 1940.
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