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  1. Similarly, when I stripped my RE WD/L which had been hand painted black. Inside all the covers (primary, brakes, headlamp etc) was the original Khaki Green. I surprised myself how well I managed to match it, but with no written recipe to follow in the future, as it was done by adding this, that and the other. On the other hand, much the same as today, the paint must have come from different suppliers with differences in the shades.......At one point when trying to match the paint on one of my bikes, I had five tins of Olive Drab from different suppliers and not two of them were the same
  2. No doubt "Warpaint" sell Service Brown. But it's a standard off the shelve colour BS 499 along with Dark Cammo Brown BS 436. https://www.http://pub37.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=3155626639&frmid=16&msgid=1443496&cmd=showe-paint.co.uk/BS381-colour-chart.asp Robert. Richard might be the guy to talk to regarding your REME interest. Ron
  3. Unfortunately there is no BS or RAL number for KG3. I mix my own by sight. But someone came up with this chart for mixing British colours from RAL numbers. I've never tried any of them myself though. Ron
  4. I sent Sean info on REME markings. Hopefully he passed it on. The colour should be Khaki Green, for some reason Sean chose a German colour. Ron
  5. The two specialist guys I've used for cast iron fin repairs always braze the new piece on. However these two guys involve a lot of traveling, so I've had a couple repaired by an excellent local fabrication guy (Phil) who simply TIG welded mild steel to the cast iron and defied me to snap them off without using serious force. What is it with such heavy handed people who can't remove a head or barrel without breaking fins off. I managed to drop this NOS M20 head about 10 years ago, which broke about 5 fins. Phil repaired it with TIG. I've just replaced it with another recently acqui
  6. Welcome Robert. I know quite a bit about your 5SW through Sean. Only 7 or 8 of these on the Triumph register so far. Ron
  7. Ron

    Triumph 3HW

    Give John Brewster a shout. He makes spindles/bushes/head race bearings etc for Triumph and 3HW Webb forks. Ron
  8. I've just been reminding myself. The G3 has an exhaust spout. G3L doesn't. Ron
  9. Personally I don't know enough about the other AJS and Matchless models (post war and all that) The G3L barrel is smaller, maybe the head is too......The G3 and G3L have different part number for their heads. Ron PS. I don't think my heads have that exhaust spout?
  10. In the parts list, the twistgrip part number is preceded with DF (Dull Chrome Plate) Ron
  11. The Big4 is actually genuine ex RAF. One of only two that I know of from 429 supplied. Ron
  12. Can't argue with that! Ron😀
  13. Ron

    Dunlop Saddle

    I've fitted the new rubber saddle to my KC10 and moved the one that was on it over to my WC10. After much research and studying pictures and parts lists I have fitted the KC10 saddle in a much lower position than the WC10.....With its nose tucked into the tank recess. The difference between them in height is about 2". I'm really chuffed with the outcome. Ron
  14. Ron

    Mil Web

    There is a better looking M20 on ebay for about the same money. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BSA-WM20-500cc-64-CORP-MILITARY-BIKE-WITH-ONLY-250-MILES-FROM-NEW/265107588684?hash=item3db9a4c64c:g:4cgAAOSwi-dgZKqQ Ron
  15. What about a nicer looking M20 for the same money? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BSA-WM20-500cc-64-CORP-MILITARY-BIKE-WITH-ONLY-250-MILES-FROM-NEW/265107588684?hash=item3db9a4c64c:g:4cgAAOSwi-dgZKqQ Ron
  16. Ron

    Dunlop Saddle

    Today I've been working on a Dunlop saddle that I acquired last week for one of my WD C10's. For starters, the original frame was too big in both directions, so I did some cutting, forming, welding. My nice Dunlop badge that I've been looking after for a few years went on with copper rivets, then the ally rivets for the rubber cover. I used an old 1/4" clutch push rod, ground a point on it and heated it red hot to burn the holes through. Drilling doesn't work!! I then formed and drilled the mounting plates that attach to the springs ........Fettling and Fitting tomorrow hopefully. Ron
  17. Did you really turn that down with files? Looks good anyway. Ron
  18. Ron

    Mil Web

    I already saw the post Ferg. My initial reaction which I was reluctant to post was, "Top money for a very shabby bike with quite a few wrong parts". I see it as a restoration project which could easily cost another couple of Grand........And a hunt for all the correct period/WD parts.......Unless you like it as it is? My thoughts are that once a 'For Sale' bike reaches a certain value, everyone else thinks theirs must be worth that amount....Regardless of condition.....Can't blame anyone for trying of course. Ron
  19. Ron

    Triumph 3SW

    It's usually the case that the diaphragm is missing, I think they just corrode away? It's best sorted now because it's impossible to get to without stripping the primary case off. Brian Tillin has a knack to repair these and should be able to give you details or parts. Ron
  20. You should start with acquiring a parts book and a maintenance manual. However there will not be a one shop stop for Triumph singles spares. Individual parts and overhaul facilities will have to be sourced through the internet or asking through these forums. These Triumph parts are harder to come by than most other makes in my experience. As far as bearings are concerned, they will all have numbers stamped on them, which can then usually be matched by a good bearing company.......Not quite as easy when it comes to other engine parts I'm afraid and wheel bearings for these are almost obsol
  21. I had completely forgotten about your barrel Tom and just laid my eyes on it to make sure it hadn't been used as part of a swinging mooring in Poole harbour☺️ The twist grip you need to be absolutely correct is the Bowden type. It took my a long while to find both mine for my G3 and G3L. All I have surplus is a standard 1" Amal with well weather canvas grip. Probably well sort after by those who like the patinaed war weary look. Ron
  22. Yes they arrived about 10 days ago much to my relief. They are now with their new owner to be fitted to a very rare bike that I'd never heard of. A pre war Tiger 85. I think the bike might be a one off? Ron
  23. Perhaps Barry had the head? No elbow Lex? That's taking a while? Ron
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