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  1. Some pics of the tank from yesterday.
  2. A couple of pre-digital pics when I first got it.
  3. I have an early 1937 Matchless G3 that appears to have been used for some sort of military service. Frame number 1501, Engine number 37/G3-2021. Re-registered 3rd January 1946. Is it possible to find the history of this machine?
  4. Cornucopia Enterprises supply new G3 fork spindles...... http://www.cornucopia-enterprises.de/amcg80.html#Fork
  5. 1918 Dodge Model 30 for sale....... https://www.gavinmcguire.co.uk/car-sales/details.asp?Category=Veteran-and-Edwardian-Cars&Make=Dodge-Brothers&Model=Model-30&StockID=13684
  6. Admiralty threads are used in a few places on 1922/39 Austin 7hp cars. I suspect they were common on most Longbridge products into the '60's. Tracy tools are well regarded by the Austin 7 community.
  7. Tracy Tools in Torquay can supply "Admiralty" taps and dies up to 2" dia. HSS or carbon steel. https://www.tracytools.com/taps-and-dies/whitform-taps-dies?page=5
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