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  1. Hi i will send photos in the weekend to you
  2. Hi saw your post about parts. I might have these Magneto Dynamo Nos amal 275 carb Smiths speedo Regards chris
  3. Got a spare set of genuine headlamp brackets if intrested
  4. Hi i am in need of a matchless g3 complete girder fork is there anyone who might know of 1 or have 1 please many thx in advance. Regards chris
  5. Got this original ariel wng amal double lever for sale for 7/8 handlebar
  6. No problem ron . I shared that link of thier seat as they didnt have the bungie only for sale but thats the seller i bought mine from i had contacted him and bought only the bungies only as i had the original seat. They are very nice and looks strong aswell. Chris
  7. This is where i bought mine from they are very nice i shared thier link here of thier e bay. Chris
  8. Heres the link if any one needs the bungie jumpers hope this helps. Chris https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BSA-M20-Lycett-saddle/274630671532
  9. Hi lex yes but if im not mistaking early g3 s had elastic cords. And steves seat defenatly takes the elastic cords not the springs. Chris
  10. By the way happy new year to all of you. Chris
  11. Hi steve g3 bikes had the bungie jumpers instead of the springs .if you see your seat frame at the back the holes are not drilled circle i saw them for sale on e bay a few weeks ago ill try and find them foe you. If not ill have his address suppose as i bought some for my g3 from him. Chris
  12. Hi ed yes i nearly got the whole bike only few parts that are missing.
  13. Hi got a 1941 matchless g3l that im thinking of breaking for parts and sell it anyone needs any parts just let me know what you need. Chris
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