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  1. Found these mt210 rear lights for matchless g3 wo
  2. Just arrived these 4 matchless g3 wo panel in tank petrol tanks all genuine
  3. Thx. The remain parts are Windscreen Seat bench Spare tyre bracket Rear body box
  4. Hi thx for your reply. I have a complete engine and it is in working condition i only need those small bits left to find to get it all complete thx again.
  5. I have the morris and austin tillys
  6. Hi i have more than the d15 and the morris tilly i have 20 ww2 vehicles
  7. Thx chris for the info yes i got the metal parts
  8. Also looking for engine and gearbox mountings
  9. Thx chris . Yes mine is a 1940 early . I will see what i can find . Im not in a hurry.
  10. Hi i have a ww2 1940 morris tilly and i need some parts for it like. Gauges Air cleaner Carburator Dynamo Water pump complete Distibutor cap Door handles Drivers door glass Drivers door winder Grill badge Grill mascot Fuel pump Rear tail lights Petrol tank neck or complete 4 hub caps If anyone got a decent bonnett or a good set of mudgaurds im intrested aswell thx in advance. Chris
  11. Hi i have a ww2 dodge d15 and im after a bench seat as mine is missing also i need the spare tyre bracket , side toolbox and a rear body and a windscreen. Is there any one who have any of these for sale please??. Many thx in advance. Chris
  12. Hi i have a genuine ww2 1943 flea and im looking for these parts if theres someone who can help me with original parts. Not intrested in repro parts as they are totally different from the original parts thx again in advance. Front mudgaurd stays Headlamp blank plate Headlamp upper brackets Wd petrol cap Wd tank badge Fuel pipe Gear lever rod Rear wheel sprocket 35t Rear hub Rear mudgaurd stay These are the parts im after to complete my bike. I will soon put some photos of my wd flea here once i start the restoration thx in advance.
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