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  1. When you say tank, is that a ballast tank?
  2. I guess the long tube is possibly bilge water as it appears to be attached to a power take off pump.
  3. I’m going for propeller but I really have no idea.
  4. Lol, a cheap and easy fix at least. I think we’ve all been there. Last year I left house for a short trip to the shop and as I got to the junction of my estate, about 500yds, I saw a wheel nut lock key sat in the road. When I came back I stopped to pick it up as it looked like the one on my Range Rover. Sure enough it was a Range Rover nut key identical to mine. I’d left it sat on one of the nuts when I did some work on it a week earlier! That was a Doh moment and a bit of luck.
  5. If I remember the gas paint was often brush applied because it needed to be replaced regularly. The traces I’ve found inside lamps is yellow with the stuff exposed to air oxidising to a brown colour. Not sure what colour it turns when exposed to gas but I bet Ron knows and maybe even tried it.
  6. I love those King of the Road badges. I remember them on the old gas lamps and Reed horns in my dads parts box.
  7. Aghhh, worth waiting for! one of my favourite films.
  8. Good job, not an easy task on such thin metal and not the best place either!
  9. There’s obviously a problem here because I thought it was mandatory to have a pool of oil/fuel on your garage floor and I don’t see a drop.
  10. I’m thinking I will be purchasing a crate engine from BAIV. The engine that came installed needs a lot of work. At best it needs a rebore due to the cylinders being corroded, 2 very badly. The generator needs new bearings, the carb is rusted solid and the distributor is also solid with only the shell being salvageable. For the cost of having it rebuilt (or the parts for) I would likely save money by buying one of BAIVs surplus rebuilt stock.
  11. Just added my GPW. The problem I can see is that there’s no guide to read before posting or someone to filter out the rubbish. The older list was plagued with inaccuracies such as Engine serial number GPW 6015 which is the part number, there were a few dozen of those. Also, mine is GPW6008 which could be written as 6008, GPW 6008 or GPW6008 or any other imaginable variations. It won’t be long before it’s impossible to gain any information from it.
  12. I’ve not seen the GPA frame before and I can see the Ford Lineage.
  13. It would be funny if it was a Ford GPW! I read somewhere that Chrysler (jeep) own the trademark of the Ford designed pressed grill. Funny how these odd little details emerge.
  14. And the same by the looks of it as the many small arms boxes of the WW2 period such as the Bren and No.4 (T) crates.
  15. At the end of the day you will likely have time to replace the button head screws if you decide you don’t like them a few months down the line. What you could do is get the button head screws with a Torx or Allan key fitting, get some of those nuts they use or railings and anti theft items and use them. Once the hex head had sheared off it will look like a rivet tail to the casual observer. https://www.accu.co.uk/en/shear-nuts/390030-HNSH-M10-A2?uk_google_shopping=1&c=3&gclid=CjwKCAiAi_D_BRApEiwASslbJwuoKmHQgz8XnS5YLuqdKeDlm_KSEaHq9oGiX4HTno2eJaSzTvYS3RoCpxkQAvD
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