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  1. I’m not sure, I’m not clued up on RAF markings (even though I’m in the RAF), but it could be a unit marking for the RAF Police. I love the hand painted roundel under the number.
  2. All I can say is it was made between April 42 and 45. They made a lot so it could have gone anywhere however I would say this one stayed in the U.K. and likely didn’t go off road much.
  3. No progress for a while. I’ve got some more parts held for me by a fellow forum member and I’m buying a load whilst I’m in the US. I’ve now got most of the interior fixtures and fittings, a NOS winch radiator, some cab flooring parts, new hinges, gear stick/PTO knobs and master brake cylinder. Hopefully should have some doors and a few bits of armour coming and I’ve a lead on a Tulsa 18 winch.
  4. At one time it would have been a common stitch repair, problem now is finding someone who can do it and do it well. The newer option is laser welding, apparently it very good as it doesn’t heat the block unevenly causing further cracks. I’ve not had any experience of this type of repair.
  5. Wasn’t WW2 pool petrol something like 60 Octane? A guy on YouTube did an article on the Willys Go devil engine and how to tune it on modern petrol as the factory timing doesn’t work well with current fuels. Weve got E10 coming in soon which apparently lowers the octane rating. I found a good YouTube video by a Brit, describing an easy way to remove the Ethanol which I thought was very good and worth a watch.
  6. Looking at how it’s melted, I would have expected the others to be displaying melt damage in the same way but not as severe. Are you confident it’s the exhaust that’s caused it?
  7. I saw that episode on tv and in typical tv fashion, it’s not what it appears to be. The Halftrack shown is an M3 personnel carrier that someone has made to look like a post war M16A1 by welding in a non standard floor on top of the M3 floor. You can see the home made floor flexing and the M45 moving around. It won’t be long before it breaks free! It would be more valuable as an m3 with the Maxson and DIY floor removed. It’s also got lots of parts missing including the Maxson shield, they were either ripped off or it was all fake for tv. Good to see the M2s firing though. Nothings better than watching a 50 cal firing except for maybe 4 of them.
  8. Doh, I’ll take this week idiot award!!
  9. Fitted the Maxson Tombstone drum rack and the radio table today. Perfect fit as expected but I’ll leave them fitted for the time being. Ive also attached a photo of the canoneer step for the Maxson Quad that I picked up last week, and some of the parts collected yesterday.
  10. I think I should clarify something…. I made a bit of a mistake… I had 2 pages of HMVF open on my phone and the above reply was in response to this thread I never meant to insinuate the detail of this thread was a scam. So apologies for leading this thread astray. I won’t delete my “post in error” so that anyone who has already read it, Will understand my mistake.
  11. Try burton bike bits.
  12. Picked up some more parts from a dealer yesterday. NOS track idler posts and shackles, in the Chilwell marked original boxes from 1943. Also a Tombstone mag table, 4 rebuilt bogie clusters and all the crab ware plates.
  13. Makes me think there’s more to than meets the eye. Theses scammers aren’t stupid and I doubt they would accidentally put up the wrong photos. Perhaps they do this and have another of their accounts buy the item, leave pos feedback, cancel the item (so no fees are paid) in order to accumulate a good feedback score. Then list a copy of a genuine sale of a vehicle from say a few months earlier and wham, scam a new buyer. Not saying that’s exactly what they are doing but I don’t think they’re that stupid. I think There’s more to it than meets the eye.
  14. Last week was another slow week. Had a week off work and had big plans. Got as far as Tuesday and then got a steel splinter in my left eye from grinding. I didn’t realise until Wednesday and had it removed on Thursday and Friday, so lost Wednesday onwards as I couldn’t see much. I think I need a new set of goggles as I remember a spark coming under the seal of my goggles but didn’t think much of it. I did manage to purchase and collect a canoneer platform for the Maxon mount which is something I thought I’d never find. So the last major part to find is a Tulsa 18G winch if anyone has a lead on one, I’d appreciate the heads up!
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