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  1. I know, I sold it to you! but the only pictures I had available. Lex
  2. Chris, that will absolutely not work with the Matchless numberplate holder. Cheers, Lex
  3. Lower part chainguard attachment is a long bolt that goes through the 2 sides, and there's a tubular spacer inbetween, and bolts to the lip welded on the frame. Lex
  4. MT 210 is not impossible, you've got to be lucky or rich! or both. there's no substitute really, (all the indian/Chinese copies are totally different) have been working on repro's and there is a couple underway, but progress slow, not my top priority, and am waiting for anothet guy to do his bit. Anyway, some pictures so you know what to look for. Lex
  5. Ok, but like I said before, halve the lengths, and try hat. Cheers, Lex
  6. Here's the VAOS info with the bungy lenghts. Lex
  7. Ah, great, the saddle bungies, but still some DIY to do, make sure you don't use the lengths as noted in the VAOS parts list!! this is way too sloppy! And what whas the price for them? I need to do my second set of Big 4 saddles, that were just delivered yesterday! if not too much, I will just order them. Levers as Ron said, Lex
  8. Ok, it bounced back I see now, will try again from a different emailaddress.
  9. There's 2 sorts of gas detection paint, 1939 to about 1941 it was canary yellow, after that it was the MK2 version, that is the mustard colour like Ron as, I do have several tins of the later type, but never found the early type yet, only on original parts. Lex
  10. The chaincase isn't fitted yet! 😁 Burman gearboxes rarely leak. Lex
  11. Can you send me some pictures? mine is also a true original, with attachments on it, check out Stuart Bray's website for other pricing idea's !! VOKES TANK TOP AIR CLEANER SET - 100% GENUINE PARTS - COMPLETE SET. | Stuart Bray Motorcycles (stuart-bray-motorcycles.co.uk) But be carefull, there are also vehicle Vokes filters, that vary a little bit from the bike ones. Cheers, Lex
  12. Yes, and now Ron is trying to see throught the filler cap, with a small torch if he has them fitted!!! LoL! Lex
  13. They are basicly foolproof! never have any problems with them. Lex
  14. It's inside Ron, where the kickstarter quadrant is hitting against, whole mechanism will work better when it's on. Lex
  15. I don't see the metal/rubber kickstart bumper, and your clutch adjustment screw is fitted the wrong way around, but that's an easy fix. Nice work otherwise! Cheers, Lex
  16. I think all the Lucas ones are spoken for now, mostly for my own use, but will keep it in mind. The one modified Miller one will be for sale, but not content with it, needs some fine tuning, send me your email, and I'll send some pictures. Lex
  17. Yes, if it were easy, I'd already have made hundreds! been very bizzy, with 20% Lucas replica's, they came out really nice, but too much work, 80% is original though. Lex
  18. Yes, he is way too bizzy right now, but I can have some lenses and rims made, that's not a problem, but the rest, the plastic lense, I don't have. Lucas bases are OK, but where to find them? Lex
  19. Here a picture of my original lamp, and an attempt of someone in the UK to make a replica, it was very expensive, and I was not impressed at all! am working on modifying these though. Lex
  20. Hey, that's my tank and panel, in one of those pictures! I don't think I have the right ammeter in there, but is "period correct" Just bought another original switch, but it's in the US, and I have to use it for my G3 there, as the one I have is a bit iffy. But they do come up once in a while on Ebay. Cheers, Lex
  21. Hi all, Have for sale this Vokes filter, complete with a (high quality repro) elbow and hose, and adapter for the 276 carb. These were used on BSA M20's, Nortons, Triumphs and Matchless (but on Matchless a different hose system was used. It is located at a friend in the UK, who is also on here a lot. So no import duties and nasty taxes, the price for the complete set is 700 pounds. Let me know if interested, Lex Schmidt
  22. I thought Lucas had patented that!!! Arne, whom I tried to get on here, but he doesn't seem to grasp the idea that this is better than an email list, so I will publish his drawings, (for which I am a big contributor, I just keep sending him stupid little sketches, with sizes) But he cannot easily put inch sizes in his drawings, as his program doesn't allow for it, so you just have to calculate it back, if you want the inches. He just sent me 10 more files, with detail drawings, also of the battery carrier, so let me know if anyone needs anything. Lex
  23. Well, I got another drawing from Arne, with the G3L version, he says the front and the rear were not changed at the same time, but don't know what he bases this on? Ron, did you check the part numbers for the rear part? Lex 36-G3-E185 Battery tray G3L.pdf
  24. Ok, well here's some more worrying info, look at this drawing, and read the text. Lex 36-G3-E185 Battery tray.pdf
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