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Restoration 4 - Matchless G3 Panel Tank


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I can't remember where I got the spindles...Netley?? But it was some years ago. Still got things to do Lex! I'm waiting for a couple of cables for the WD/C, so that's nearly done, and then thinking of pulling the engine out of the CO again. Ron

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On 11/29/2020 at 11:19 PM, flyingfleasteve said:

Second batch of components blasted and ready to prime....plodding on slowly....a few parts need some repairs and some need filling.....



Steve those engine plates look like they are from a g3l model not g3 as g3 are a bit more thicker than g3l

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Steve you can hardly notice when they're fitted. It's whether you can live with yourself when you're riding along on cheap old G3L plates.......But at least the weight saving will make for better performance 😀  Ron

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Yes, that's the right one! Civilian 1946 G3L's also had them fitted, but they are rarer than G3's, I got quite a few from Alan, but nothing left, maybe Jan borrowed one of my originals? I can't remember anymore. An alternative is to search for a 1948-1949 one, with the central mounting bolt, and modify that one, the main shape is the same. Not even the Indians make these as far as I know.

Good luck, Lex 

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I have finally found all of the gearbox components ready for inspection, cleaning and assembly. It appears that one of the gears sheared a tooth and subsequently shredded some of the other gears/drive cogs in the process. At least I now know why it came in a box of bits!

Just waiting on new gaskets and main bearings....


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