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Looking for a T-34/85

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So, someone I know approached me, knowing I had a military armored vehicle and wanting to know where to find a T-34/85. Apparently her husband really wants to buy one. I did some searches around, but the usual places don't have them. Anyone know a good place to find them these days? Preferably in Western Europe, but Eastern is fine as well :)

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I would suggest it would not be good to pursue this line of chat, as it is likely to result in verbal fisticuffs. I have lost count of the number of times I have stifled a scream over grammatical errors etc but at the end of the day this is not a site promoting the English language. As long as people can understand and be understood, please just live and let live.


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I was told by a former Czech tank commander, who was involved with the historical side too that the wartime built T34s had a rounded nose. Nearly all the ones you see have the sharp nose yet they all seem to be built in 1944..... Is this like the number of jeeps that definitely landed on Omaha beach? 

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Every Russian factory seems to have had slight varions in its vehicles plus changes like Road Wheel design during post-war rebuilds.   There is a T34 Facebook Page where they can name the particular factory and period of manufacture from small details in photograghs.   Most survivors appear not even to be of Russian manufacture.



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On 11/11/2018 at 7:51 AM, FW200 said:

Thanks for all the replies! I think the Ukrainian T-34/76 is a bit out of reach (though very cool to see!)..

I've mailed them with the options I've found so far, including the eBay link :)

out of reach physically or monetarily?  1.4 million Hrivny is  about 44K Euro's.

T34/76 are are pretty rare outside of Russia/Bellarus, wonder how hard it would be to get that one out?you'd probly need at least another $10K in your pocket just to bribe your way thru checkpoints :)

found this today and maybe it's helpful. It implies that getting miltaria out of Russia is more difficult, you have to prove " no cultural significance", they say Ukraine is better but Chech republic is best?

lots of links to explore id embedded in the article


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added link to russia story
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