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Identification of Lucas distributor, DMZ6A 40405E

Niels v

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This from the Powerspark Ignition website:

The DM6 and DMBZ6A is a 6 cylinder distributor and can be found in classic Austin, Austin Healey, Humber, Jaguar, and Rover cars amongst others.

Iconic 6 cylinder classic cars known to use the Lucas DM6 and DMBZ6A Distributor include the Aston Martin DB4, DB5, DB6, Austin Healey 100-6, 3000 MK1 and 2, Jaguar XK150, E Type and XKE as well as the Humber Super Snipe.

This kit is suited to the following vehicles:

Avis TC108G Saloon Graber Body, TD21 Saloon, Coupe
Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire, Sapphire 236, 346 Saloon & Limousine
Austin A90, A95 Westminster, Countryman (1955-59), A99, A105, A135 Princess, 3, 10 Litchfield (1935), Princess 3.0 (1960),
Austin Healey 100-6
Aston Martin DB4 6 Cylinder, DB5 6 Cylinder, DB6 6 Cylinder
Daimler Conquest (1955-58), Empress (1955), 560 Majestic (1959), 60 One O Four (1956-7) Regency 3.5 Litre, Litre (1955), Regina Limousine (1955)
Faithorpe Zeta (and more)
Ford Zephyr and Zodiac (1958-59), Zodiac MK1, MK2
Humber Super Snipe, Super Snipe Series I , Series II 3 Litre, Imperial HC , LC
Jaguar E Type (1961-63, MK VIII, MK IX (1957) MK X (1962), XK150 (1958-60) MK2 3.4 & 3.8 litre (1959-60)
Laguna Rapide (1961)
MorrisIsis Saloon, Traveller (1956-67)
Rover 75, 90 (1954-59), 3 Litre (1959)
Standard Vanguard Luxury Six Saloon & Estate (1962-63)
Vanden Plas Princess 3.0 (1961)
Wolseley Six Ninety Four (1954) Six Ninety Nine (1961)


so yes, Austin for sure amongst others




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