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  1. Thanks for that. Perhaps someone will want it.
  2. Two 3-pin plugs, an MK junction box (unused) and a cable assembly with a NATO stock number: 6625-99-104-7155. If anyone knows what they are used for and/or would like them, they are going to the lowest bidder (ie: free). Steve.
  3. Thanks Jayvee, I couldn’t see any arrows or fv numbers, but thought it worth a punt, in case anyone wanted them. If there are no takers after a few days they will go for recycling.
  4. I’m not sure if these items have any military applications, but I’m fairly sure they came from the Maintenance Advisory Groups workshop in Woolwich, when it closed down. If anyone has a use for them, they are up for grabs, free. Steve.
  5. During my army service I met many with Polish names, whose fathers had served during the war. Pronouncing the names could produce hilarity sometimes. At a sports day in Detmold the tannoy announcer was confronted with Wryzszcz, or something similar and couldn’t even attemp it. My favourite was Antoszewski, who I knew as A to Z ski. Great soldiers and very proud of their heritage.
  6. No interest, so now recycled.
  7. Not to knock the old boy’s achievements, but he would have been a bit young to be at Dunkirk, at least in 1940.
  8. No interest in this, so withdrawn.
  9. Very illuminating. I was aware of much of it but I think I need to read more on the subject. Thank you.
  10. Having a clearout, I came across this. If anyone would like it, it is free. Steve.
  11. I don’t recognise the driver, so I guess this was taken later, as it was virtually straight from the vehicle depot when I photographed it.
  12. I can’t answer your question, but thought this photo may be of interest. I was with LAD REME, 18/26 Sqn RCT from 1972 to 1974, serving for a year in Lisburn and a year in Ballykelly, where the photo was taken. We had 2 or 3 coaches there and a few more in Lisburn, all painted in different colours, but all army coaches, not civilian. Apologies for poor quality of picture. Steve.
  13. Thanks for the update Kevin. Good to know there is no mystery about it. Steve.
  14. Another named tank shown in the Mobilisation Number thread recently posted. A Sherman named Ben Macdhui, although there is a question as to which regiment it is with and you will need to ask the experts about what mark the tank is.
  15. The type fitted as a modification to UK military vehicles in the 70s. Full working order and excellent condition. £10 plus postage.
  16. Two hubcaps (not a pair) for what look like early Fodens, now advertised on Facebook Marketplace if anyone needs them.
  17. Without wanting to cause controversy, helicopter repairs by REME were carried out by technicians, rather than mechanics. Air techs were either airframes and engines (A&E) or electronics, instruments and radio (EI&R). I was a vehicle mechanic and just wish to point out the difference.
  18. Normally you would use a pair of circlip pliers, but a flat-bladed screwdriver in the gap between the pin and clip when twisted should pull one leg clear, then repeat for the other. Alternatively, a flat piece of steel gently hammered against the ends of the clip should push it clear.
  19. Another example of a red hitch on the Saracen for sale.
  20. Back to the use of red paint on tow hitches, I have just been looking at the Electric conversions thread in the MV Chatter section and there is a photo of a (very non-standard) Scammell with a red front hitch. As ex-REME, it was something that I saw often on a variety of vehicles.
  21. Thanks for the info. I’d certainly be losing sleep if I had a Vickers machine gun, or indeed, a jeep but now I know how it’s done I will be able to sleep easy. When I win the lottery, those will be the first two thing I buy.
  22. LAD Regiment would be Light Air Defence I suggest.
  23. Great to see another rare survivor, but how do they manage to hide for so long?
  24. That’s what people did before fitted carpets.
  25. And the crew don’t work well without their brew.
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