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Humber HU in RAF/RAAF service

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I know there was a batch of RAF Humber Heavy Utilities ,

contract S.7176 for 322, I am guessing a date of c1945,

was this the only batch?

I have a Humber HU(what's left of one) contract V.3829 c1941.M4380125.

from what little paint that remains, 

i get factory Black, Factory Green (1941)

RAF/RAAF Blue (RAF use until 1942, restart 1947?) and on the transmission straight onto the factory black.

Drab Green,

Desert Sand (mmm?)

Brown (light Earth)

Dark Green.


Ivory  Ambulance conversion late 1950"?

mix of colours,

I may find more as I work on the body another parts.

the wheels, only have the factory green on the inside.

I found that the RAF used Impressed MoS numbers for some of the Vehicles, which came from other contracts.

RLC does not have any info.


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Heres a bit more,


what's left of the original floor and cab area


cab floor not a great pic, factory green? under Blue,


some of the many colours, black, ivory, Fluorescent orange,


original factory green, and dark earth, under drivers seat

still in question if its a 1942 import, or post war

has not had any of the WD mods, updates

ie radiator support bracket,

break light switch  (still Lucas ps type)

front spring clips not fitted

rear spring mounting chassis mod.

removing the pinion bearing retaining collar, yes the grub screw had been removed.

what was left of it. after a previous attempt, in its distant past.

and well butchered/flogged up.


4 hours later it was apart.

and not too badly damaged will clean up.




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IF you are sure it served with the RAF HENDON may help the RLC cannot help on vehicles sold between 1945 to 1950 as there records mainly show wartime vehicle vehicles with the post 1950 new style. The Chilwell list shows that series of allocated numbers to the HUMBER CAR UTILITY 4X4 . Any of the HUMBER HEAVY UTILITY sold between the 1945 - 1950 were all shown by census number but not by branch of service  identification there are quite a lot shown in catalogues of this period and post 1950 the newer style all covering these periods also the civilian numbers  if not in military use THE amendment list does not show that these were transferred to other branches only the series add to the 1944 Chilwell list post 1944

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Cheers Wally,

I did do the RLC thing, broadly speaking it came back we will let you know........

So I take that as a not known.

I tried Cosford But thats closed until April,

and FMW has given up.

Have not done Hendon as Cosford said they had the files,

The RAF used Impressed Census numbers form batches

Just as an example.


31000-32999(not listed)

,101586-150000(maybe an error here),

150001-166709 impressed,

209500-220424,(errors here)

I have gone from the Chilwell book, they may have been some printing errors,

I have rounded to the nearest contract number.

But I do not know if these nos. were allocated in the post war period.to 1949,

or in wartime.

I have not found an ERM plate or holes for one, there is very little bodywork left.

I have not cleaned the bonnet off, but I do not expect to find anything as the Humber has been converted and was well rubbed down.and removable parts(instruments) are gone so I can rule out that as a census no.indicator,(RAF practice on Aircraft, was to write down the aircraft no. on the instruments when removed, not always done).

Some Number's came from Singapore post war soothers another path.

cheers Rupert


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Hi Rupert

You have many colours to choose from.

My mid war (contract S538) heavy utility only has one colour throughout, inside, on top, underneath everything including chassis, all panels I have touched. Dark green.

I'm working on the front seat box covers at the moment, so recognised your panel with the brown paint.

regards, Andrew


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Hi Andrew,

I only have the drivers side.

your Humber was probably rebuilt and used the post war Dark Green, and a big brush.

I do not have information on Humber interior colours, other than army regs, for painting.

i have your Humber in the Ex Malaya, section.

So Dark Green bit odd.( I do not know).

depending on how thorough they were, you may find something, I found the Factory Dark Earth behind the instrument bezels.as well as the seats.

factory no.44 K Green under the clutch operating bracket, and hand brake bracket, fuel tank straps.

inside the steering box mounting housing, most of the no.44 Green had come off the chassis leaving the factory Black.this applied to the inner areas, in the main.


MMF 120, has a nice interior.

But as you can see from the drivers seat/tool box there is also the factory,

No.44 Khaki Green.(bit hard to paint over)

I can see the floor was no.44 K.Green, and upright surfaces were Dark Earth originally, good guess

chassis was factory black, then factory no.44 K.Green(certain).



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Hi a bit more.

the front axel traca joint retaining grub screws, decided not to play.


managed to get one out, had to drill the other one.


its 1" sq.bar. + 6mm, 7/16 UNF thread, pull up firm, and strike retaining collar from the inside, this will unsize the collar and then just wind out.


note early type retaining collar(2 piece 2 cir-clips)


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