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  1. The drop in the front bumper makes it most likely a 1937 Ford 7W car, ...google it
  2. The first pic if study it the front beam axle is just visible, it is 4x2
  3. Are these photos not just the same two Americans sitting in a Quaint old British armoured car, it was not neccesarily in USAAF service , could it have belonged to local Home guard unit?
  4. 80 Jeeps wanted at Brooklands Military vehicle day November 21st. to celebrate the Jeep anniversary https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10161530691787729&set=gm.10159628478794662
  5. With the shambolic state of DVLA at present dont think there is Any "Fast track" for anything from them, waiting time is about 5 weeks. To drive commercially you will first need to get your CPC up to date
  6. f Fit it if you want, most distributors dont have them
  7. As above post re oil to lubricate the points heel, fitting new points will not affect the ignition timing, Do not move the distributor if your not familiar with setting ignition timing
  8. Longcross was closed down sold off years ago, its now a film studio/industrial park, & housing development, Hurn is/was a driver training site
  9. Organised by the Scammell Register, free Pre booked entry to the road run & Autumn show, it is open to All Makes of Historic Commercial Vehicles, Inc. Military not just Scammells, drive around the sussex countryside, start and finish at the Ardingly showground, Sussex in conjuction with the two day 2/3 Oct. Autumn Show & Game fair Contact, iansarahmartin@yahoo.co.uk for entry form, ...or call 07801 841126
  10. The annual Military Vehicle day at the famous Brooklands Museum, Surrey, nr. J10 M25/A3. always a well supported popular event, 80 Jeeps wanted to mark the Jeep anniversary, Free entry to the museum for pre-booked entries, email, stevecastle@brooklandsmuseum.com https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/whats-on/military-vehicles-day https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10161530691787729&set=gm.10159628478794662
  11. The Humber is a Made up Staff car, the larger 900x13 tyres have been added to a civilian Humber Imperial
  12. The manifold heat control Is correctly set in the Summer Position
  13. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/224575025939?hash=item3449b6f313:g:llcAAOSwzxNhGuhM
  14. For sale in Sussex, Not mine, looks like it was a timber hauler so think its a C8 quad with winch, https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/ .....SOLD
  15. A common problem of vehicles dying in warm weather, no one ever thinks to check the position of the exhaust manifold hot spot, it probably is set in the Winter position so in summer overheats the inlet manifold and causes vapour locks, they often can be difficult to reset as they seize up in the manifold
  16. until
    Capel, Surrey, Military vehicle show is on 4-5th September, between Dorking & Horsham, Surrey https://www.capelmilitaryshow.com/
  17. http://www.classicwaterpumps.co.uk/
  18. This is another style of military Dodge adjustable seat, but think the adjuster is similar, going to be a diificult part to find in the uk, ..you will have to fabricate some brackets to mount the seat in a fixed position as per the first pic
  19. Nice to see the WC42 out, It was a very sad news to read your Fathers Obituary in the MVT magazine, He helped me out a lot with information on my WC11 Panel van I restored some years ago
  20. Duplication, there is already a post about the Crusader and answers
  21. Often Jeeps that underwent full rebuilds by the military were re -stamped with a new chassis number
  22. the chassis number looks to be correct, expand the picture and the number starts GPW, it should be prefixed with a star symbol which is hidden under the wing panel mount
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