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  1. Thanks, Gordon. I have left it soak overnight, let's hope it does the trick! Hope you're well and keeping safe in these turbulent times. Thanks Paul
  2. I have a rare wade proof distributor where the HT contacts deep in the bakolite are green and horrible. What can i pour and leave in there that will not affect anything, yet clean the copper without aggitation? As there is no way to actually clean then mechanically. any ideas?
  3. Thanks for the replies. I have no resolved the issue. Vintage power wagons, USA have a Chrysler engine manual. So will be ordering one. Thanks again
  4. Does anyone happen to have the tolerance and assembly specifications for the T236 Dodge/Chrysler Canadian engine? I can only find a simple assembly manual, and not the full 'power' manual with bore/crank tolerances. I have for T214 and T112, this seems illusive as was Canadian. It must exist as these units (¾ APT/WP) went to Norway after the war. Thanks Paul
  5. I can only help with cleaning canvas part of your question. In the past I have placed it on the ground, used detergent and a pressure washer (not too close) and given it a good going over. Providing the canvas isn't rotten this works a treat. Then use Fabsil or, as many others and myself have in the past, brick sealant! Sounds crazy but dries clean and waterproof. Hope that's of some help.
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if some people could offer some advice? I am pondering the tentative steps into WW2 Armour and wanted some pointers on what to look out for in regards to purchasing a Daimler Dingo. I have often admired this little wheeled vehicle and think it would fit the bill for me. As it can be transported with a trailer and wouldn't take up too much space in the workshop. What are they like to own, drive and service? Are the parts a major issue, or are there a few dealers with bits in abundance? Any tips would be appreciated, also any pointers as to who may have one, ideally for restoration available early next year would be brilliant. Thanks in advance Paul
  7. I have also read on several websites and associated news that the Pretender will also be made a facility in Slovakia as well. Just another unnecessary SUV.
  8. It is on it's way to a French museum so it would seem. As it was a target for training for Dunkirk (not D-Day) it is being incorporated into a display of that period.
  9. I guess British. Morris Quad and limber will be mine one day. Or a Humber Pig again. But the standoff armour with a turret. 9 tonnes of unnecessary and poor handling, but if you have owned one you'll know why.
  10. Found these buried in my garden in West Germany. I'm not sure what they are but thought I would put them on here before they go on ebay. They look quite old, really not my style, but someone might like them. They're too flashy for me. Appears to be odd stone inlays with what I presume is gold-look plastic. Slots together okay after I pressure washed it. 5 large panels all in all. Furniture is a separate sale on Ebay. Offers. Paul
  11. The condition of any items left underground in a tunnel for 75+ years would make identification of most things difficult. I'd wager that such items as the amber room exist, but in a private collection somewhere. Having worked in archaeology a good while, the condition of items found in tunnels would be awful. But, it is exciting and I think we all like the 'unknown' aspect of hidden treasures and booby traps! I certainly do. It has fuelled my battlefield archaeology research and fieldwork for many a year. Alas I have only encountered unexploded ordnance and a few artefacts; but if I find the amber room I'll post an update ha
  12. http://www.milweb.net/webvert/a4154/96770 Nice example, lots if new parts. Make me an offer. Located in Germany 07913190788 UK number Or sussexpillbox@gmail.com Thanks Paul
  13. Having attended Militracks and Ciney this yest, it's clear how good shows actually can be. WP has the potential but it feels as if "that'll do" attitude prevails as they know it will bring in the bucks. The ideas above are great. Encourage with incentives armour collections to come, maybe museums and well. Green only areas. Choreographed battles that make sense. Strict camping display policy. More stalls, less fun fair, expand! Some great ideas. Maybe a HMVF show?
  14. If it isn't repaired it will probably stay with me and be painted and used to store wine!
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