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  1. I was trying not to elaborate i shoot and reload calibres .303/ .243. 5.56/223/22/250/357 /38 and i need a licence i cannot assemble or possess an 9mm even if i had the components the point is IF YOU AINT GOT THE LICENCE YOU CANT HAVE THE ROUND
  2. I have just spent an hour talking to my RFD, who's shop is now click and collect.as nothing was booked, the call was directed to his mobile at home. what has blanks or Chinese fireworks got to do with it powders and primers are controlled and you need the respective licence to possess so you cannot legally have all the component parts you do not have all the legal components and this would also be impossible because of the specified calibres
  3. Of four basic components powder and primers are controlled, brass and lead are not that is their problem.
  4. Surely a dukw is exempt on the over 40 years old or pre 1960 rules ,I think this will be a long thread ,can of worms springs to mind starting with side reflectors ,rear under run , side bars steer tyres rear fog etc etc .
  5. These covenants were initially targeting the likes of ice cream traders or sea food stalls keeping their vans at home it is not really a council issue . It is something developers in their wisdom apply but yours as a hobby is not commercial or hire and reward and should not apply been there before with my mk3 militant recovery on the drive
  6. My wife was born in Stepney, I was brought up in Islington between us we watched it 6 times
  7. Do not believe everything you are told when it says Actons lock the picture is Broadway Market, the pie and mash shop is over on the right and i have never seen Hertford spelt Heartford
  8. Yes that was a brief description i missed out Kings Cross ,York way previously York road with redundant York road station. alongside Goodsway up into the now famous Camden Lock Market there is a sharp right turn into Regents Park the 1874 explosion makes great reading dead fish were landing in the West End the keel of the tug was found 300 yds away embedded in a house and the bang was heard 20 miles away and local were concerned animals from the zoo were killed or had escaped !
  9. So what is a nice lightweight worth { not a Dutch diesel } with no petrol to put in it?
  10. I played along the Islington section of this canal as a child, and many years later travelled it by narrowboat.it has changed so much its hard to recognise now i think it is part of the Grand Union / Regents canal ,we see Stepney green station on Mile end road, Gardiners corner at Aldgate glimpses of Victoria park and Broadway Market in Hackney moving into Islington, Eagle wharf basin and the Islington tunnel running from the Angel to Caledonian road 960 yards long up through Camden lock into Regents park alongside London zoo where there is a gate to access the zoo from the towpath this is also the site of a barge load of munitions exploding Oct 1874 this was also a route to the Enfield factories this is all off the top of my head so do not quote me there my be inaccuracies
  11. Got up to read Mail on line really cheered me up "Driving will be come a privilege for the wealthy "he is banning sales of petrol, diesel and hybrids in 9 years time. Who in their right mind is going to buy a new petrol car a year or so before the ban with the uncertainty of a future petrol supply
  12. Well i am not going to covert my command car to gas electric hydrogen or wood alcohol, it will remain as it left the factory. I am applying for planning permission to extend the dining room and living area fitting bi-fold doors . I will be draining all the fluids in the command car it will look great in the corner .The grand kids can play on it and the boot/trunk will make a great drop down bar.
  13. Many years ago at a show at Bleadon Somerset,I saw a guy running his Explorer from the big orange Calor canister strapped to the side step. around the same period a friend turned up one day on a moped running on some screen wash pipe and a gas lighter refill taped to the handlebars. Also there were the two plumbers in the Thames van who ran out of petrol, took the gun off the hose on their gas bottle, lifted the engine cover stuck the pipe in the carb, some adjustment on the bottle and off they went. Now, back to the original post, are we all going to be left with a load of depreciating museum exhibits ?
  14. A friend had a factory LPG transit it was all right he just got fed up finding places to refuel. its all been done before, councils tried it with dust carts .I knew a waste company were looking at buying Mercedes lorries running a 50/50 diesel/LPG mix , it never happened . In the 70s A Dutch firm Landi Hartog started fitting lpg kits in the UK fizzled out, but all is not lost Mercedes have increased the range of their 50k plus vat electric sprinter from 50 to 100 miles
  15. Am I the only one concerned with the government wanting to bring back the end date of producing petrol and diesel cars from 2030 to 2025,surely this will affect petrol production and availability. I only have a command car at the moment, but was looking to buy another big petrol vehicle , although not as bad as Chris Evans Ferrari collection. whats a 30k Jeep worth with no petrol to put in it ?
  16. A HGV 4 was a short lived licence for an also short lived lightweight transit type artic a C licence is your old class 1/2 rigid and CE is your old class 1 which also covers the C 1 E Drawbar i took my CE /CLASS 1 test in an artic and can drive a drawbar unless things have changed i does not work the other way very complicated
  17. Yes KRAZ there is one on the cover observers military vehicles post war a guy in Essex has got /had one and he likes a Hiab
  18. What would you like to be done with them when they are picked up
  19. Simple questions need a bit of help i changed the oil in my WC57 today might not sound outstanding but when you get a bit older even simple things become a challenge engine had been running on Morris golden film so no problem there but can anyone tell me best modern gearbox oil transfer box oil diffs ETC and also do i just pump grease into the front CVs joints serious got the buzz want to do more tomorrow thanks
  20. Hello Iain it gets a bit complicated but if you are interested i will try to explain there was a lot of interest especially from a collector of sirens in Toronto he tried many times to bid but they were always not allowed he contacted me and i spent over a week trying to sort it out with ebay and heard many reasons for the problem but in the end if you put "collection only"it turns out this is only available to UK buyers to sell abroad you have to put postage when you pay the basic postage to the ebay hub and then they take over and basically stick it up the purchaser this may well be okay if the item is small but with a large item its going to be a ridiculous amount basically they are not going to let it go to Canada even though the guy could arrange collection we both worked hard on it for over a week in the end i did really feel sorry for him MARK wiifire8 Toronto and me i am not very bright i can not do photos the siren was the same as the one at RAF Uxbridge Hillingdon house or the one at Aerospace museum filton you might still pull it up on the ebay No 274387286819 and i sold my MK 3 10 Years ago how time flys Charlie
  21. Tony you got 2 Dodges what was mounted on the o/s wing with 8 nuts and bolts and do you know what colour was factory Dodge under coat Charlie
  22. No longer available Just sold that siren an hour ago on evilbay £3300
  23. Brilliant love those Pathe films remind me of saturday morning pictures 6d not 6p sat through hours but cannot see my Dodge
  24. Its just a self declaration and forget your cover note /certificate they do not need it it will come up automatically
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