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  1. It's the tank from Indiana Jones and the last crusade.. So not a real one, but made up That was before it was restored, some pics: https://www.parkeology.com/2011/04/indiana-jones-and-boneyard-tank.html
  2. Can't the center runner/rail be mounted higher perhaps?
  3. Hi, unsure if they actually bought a T-34.. I haven't been in touch for a while.. should you have any leads I can always pass them on
  4. Still an awesome topic Wish I had the skill and workshop for such a project!
  5. Sorry, I was talking about the East German patrol boat.. http://www.grenzboot.nl/
  6. Is it a GSB 075? They have the same engine as the BRDM-2, except 2 of them I've been to a dealer who has loads of them, including engines..
  7. It's a brilliant thread Thanks for the photos!
  8. Oh wow, lot's of different stuff.. Not in the best of shape mostly though, could do with some more shelter
  9. Thanks for all the replies! I think the Ukrainian T-34/76 is a bit out of reach (though very cool to see!).. I've mailed them with the options I've found so far, including the eBay link
  10. Nope I do know of one near here in a private collection.. But I'm unsure if they are selling it.. I will pass on his info though.. maybe they can talk to him...
  11. I know them, but I don't really trust them much
  12. So, someone I know approached me, knowing I had a military armored vehicle and wanting to know where to find a T-34/85. Apparently her husband really wants to buy one. I did some searches around, but the usual places don't have them. Anyone know a good place to find them these days? Preferably in Western Europe, but Eastern is fine as well
  13. GAZ66 one will work, got one of those on mine as well I can recommend this seller: https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/kesovagora/m.html?item=171649948040&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562 Send him a message and he will have one for you quickly..
  14. The manual you are getting has equivalent oils etc as well in it
  15. Oh, for those interested in learning about when your BRDM was made: https://www.drive2.ru/l/464487313838178617/?utm_referrer=&fa821dba_ipp_uid2=RcWc41FSsAiKqFbl%2fs7SnK34wQQ6Xy6f%2bPj7%2b9w%3d%3d&fa821dba_ipp_uid1=1512821071714&fa821dba_ipp_key=1512821071715%2FzSYXzZ5mK07mN9rGFJlPPA%3d%3d Mine is January 1986, made at the Murom locomotive plant.. (The hull atleast :))
  16. Can't say that I remember it happening.. It's been in storage now for 2 months I think.. Won't be going again until I have to go for MOT in february so can check then. I had it leaking quite a bit when I had the wrong fluid in before.. But that all stopped once I purged it as much as I could and put the proper fluid in.. And while we are at it, here is a picture of it :-) Still need to repaint it..
  17. Both this thread and your fabrication talent are excellent
  18. Last year I was in your neighborhood visiting the Tank Museum, Ian told me I should have visited your BRDM He's allready been here to see mine! Mine is suffering from me not having the C1 driving license yet, so it's not doing a lot of miles.. Still have a list of things to do..
  19. First and reverse aren't synchronized. So they require double clutching. Usually with reverse I stop the vehicle, see if it goes in reverse, if it doesn't, put it in neutral, release the clutch a bit, then depress it again and see if the gears are aligned then. Reverse is "all the way out there" though, quite a long throw to the right and then front. Because the engine is kind of reversed in the BRDM (gearbox aiming to the front, ancillaries attached to the radiator/rear side) the gear shift pattern is also reversed.
  20. The link to the gallery: http://s517.photobucket.com/user/kcimb/library/money%20pit?page=1 It looks quite good, it's definatly a later model. All BRDM's were made in the USSR, however many countries they were exported to added their own flavour. Their own accesoires etc. My example was used by the East Germans so it had rifle racks mounted, an extra commander light and some additional sockets for powered tools. I can recommend this one: http://www.afvhandbooks.com/brdm.html English translation of the manual..
  21. Good luck, and keep it up Will be following this thread with interest! :-D
  22. On mine, there isn't one.. So I determined the year from the dated parts.. Such as the fuel tanks, light bulbs, electrics etc.. That only works if you know that the vehicle is pretty much original..
  23. Since the last post we got it going, headed to the testing station and blew up the headgasket while going there. Apparently there was a leak and all coolant dissapeared. So we've since replaced headgasket, replaced points, replaced fuel pump, cleaned fuel tank, replaced various oil and water lines, added cameras and multiviewer on HDMI screen, recored a radiator,replaced mechanical fans with electric ones.. Hopefully in a month we can see about getting it road registered again!
  24. Type 97 Shinhoto Chi-Ha? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_97_ShinHoTo_Chi-Ha Looks like the one in the picture.. Might also be another variant, I'm not fully up to speed on world war 2 stuff..
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