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  1. Hi, Heres the Austin type, Has the MOD part no, regs Rupert
  2. Hi there I have just being looking at these, Austin Part numbers, and MT part numbers. 1st type Oil can, 2H 3442, MT1/22355, Wesco. Holder, 2H 3485, MT1/43989, 2nd type Oil can, 2H 3884, MT1/10128, Holder, 2H 3885, MT1/27026, 3rd type Oil can, 2H 3884, MT1/10128, Holder, 2H 3885, MT1/27026, same part numbers but different holder's , Holder is broken, but on dash by throttle linkage. regs
  3. Have a sunny picture, 1941 Austin K2y ex ME. regs Rupert
  4. Hi Geraint, I can see a jeep, I would be guessing anything else. Austin K2ys are my area,in the main. "The observer's Fighting Vehicles Directory, World war II by Bart H. Vanderveen" is the book to look for, Have you tried RAF Cosford, they have a web site. and a vehicle page. regs Rupert
  5. Hi Geraint, the Ambulance is an Austin K2Y, 4 stretcher, Heavy Ambulance 4x2 chassis no. 40494, WD contract A2939, WD no. A1212---, Impressed no.RAF161553, post 1949, 00 AA 89. date late 1942. regs Rupert
  6. Hi Nice resto, My neigobore was in the REME during WW2 now passed, they used to put Ford V8's (those that were worn out) into motor boats filled with explosives.( sorry I do not the place, But he was at D-day) Now I have written this as the power plant, long time ago mmm. regs Rupert
  7. Hi The humber box has the same markings, if you can find a good picture that might help. it is film and fiction, filmed in 1957/8. regs Rupert
  8. Hi I do not know what the roof catches look like, But Paul Beck,The Complete Automobilist, does hinge blanks and parts, spares for Austin K2Y ambulance hinges. regs Rupert
  9. Hi Richard, that would explain the Government registration number, Just a few numbers off. regs Rupert
  10. Hi i cannot find the post on this site But it was for a humber restoration, they found this number. I found this out maybe this helps, does someone knows who it was. regs rupert
  11. Hi As I was looking for Humber information, About 150 Humber 1 ton CT (1955) were listed in the Australian Army. no's ARN 105671-105823, thes records are quite poor, Based in Victoria, i have not seen any about. regs Rupert
  12. Hi i am looking for information on this Humber box, As I believe it has an RAF registration number. Any other GXW regos considered. regs rupert
  13. Hi NOS, Just some pics, regs Rupert Just a game.
  14. Cheers Radek, Can I blame the computer? regs rupert
  15. Hi all The registration is for FYY 228 ,Jan 1940, 5625, K3/SL London. So All looks good for a gen appliance, regs rup
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