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  1. She really is a credit to you and I’m very envious. One question though. Are the red door handles due to necessity or is there a security element to them? Best regards, Steve.
  2. It really has been a great journey, even for armchair enthusiasts like me, so thank you very much for all your efforts and these posts. What are your plans for your new project?
  3. And now another: The last dambuster, Johnny Johnson. RIP.
  4. A tragic loss. May she rest in peace.
  5. Not being very techie I can’t post a link, but just seen the above advertised on Facebook Marketplace and thought it might be of interest. Steve.
  6. I’m not the one to ID the vehicle, but I’ve ID’d a female onboard. Nurse?
  7. Just guessing, I wondered if it was just a trademark of PUROLATOR filters, although Googling Purolator filters didn’t help. Let’s hope someone with a bit of knowledge can enlighten us both.
  8. I have to thank you for posting the directory, as I have been fascinated by some of the trades listed. What a different world it was then. As for the subject of the original query, whether it is a parts cleaner or oil dispenser, it is a beautiful artefact and well worth preserving.
  9. I can’t help directly, although if you do a search, there are several threads about bomb trolleys, which may help you. One comment on your posting: the final ‘s’ on the plate looks, to me, like an 8. Good luck. Steve.
  10. Thanks for the replies, Steve and GWT, good to know it wasn’t scrapped, and being a gun on a railway mount I would still class it as a railway gun, whatever the experts say.
  11. At the end of that article it says that no railway guns now exist. I’m no expert on railway guns, but there was one in Woolwich, outside the Rotunda museum on Repository Road in the late 1990s, possibly early 2000s. Does anyone know what happened to it?
  12. There are a number of threads for Salamanders on the Emergency Services section. I would have recommended the Museum of RAF Firefighting, but not sure if it currently has a home. Good luck, Steve.
  13. At least one was still in use with 10 Div. Support Workshop in Tidworth in the early 1970s.
  14. Sorry, I’m not paying enough attention and misread your post. The original post from Motorfarher states that the vehicles were bought in 1966 and, to me, the accompanying photos show a Mark 2. That made me doubt them being ex-BAOR, hence my unnecessary mention of Mk1.
  15. The Mk 1 had different windows, with the side ones being level at the bottom, not sloping down, as the Mk2 does.
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