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  1. Thanks for the info. I’d certainly be losing sleep if I had a Vickers machine gun, or indeed, a jeep but now I know how it’s done I will be able to sleep easy. When I win the lottery, those will be the first two thing I buy.
  2. LAD Regiment would be Light Air Defence I suggest.
  3. Great to see another rare survivor, but how do they manage to hide for so long?
  4. That’s what people did before fitted carpets.
  5. And the crew don’t work well without their brew.
  6. The armoured Rover is a Shorland. Built by Short brothers and Harland, on a Land Rover chassis.
  7. Technical stores were packaged to last for years in any kind of storage condition, hence what may look like overkill actually did the job perfectly.
  8. Well done for taking them on. You deserve everyone’s best wishes in your tribulations.
  9. There was a squadron’s worth of Cents in Hong Kong in the early 70s at least, for training purposes. I was lucky enough to go there with the Royal Hussars in Nov 1971.
  10. Rest assured that you have a legion of avid followers who may not often comment but await the next instalment with bated breath.
  11. I admit to not knowing the provenance of the word grouser, but it is the only word I have ever heard in this application and I’ve never heard it called growler.
  12. I always thought ‘grouser’ was the word.
  13. The accommodation when I was there was individual wooden huts with coal-fired stoves for heating. If there are now decent blocks they were long overdue.
  14. I was with LAD REME Royal Hussars from 1969 to 1972 and went to Castlemartin every year. The first time I wondered why there were signs everywhere in German. It wasn’t very well known at the time.
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