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  1. An absolute fact that can’t be disputed is that fourth is misspelled. I would have thought that such a high quality product would deserve a high quality advertisement.
  2. My daughter lives in Townsville, so maybe I had some help looking.
  3. I think I have found it for you, Tim. Steve.
  4. This will be worth waiting for. I might be tempted to go to Dorking for a ride myself (and I’m long retired already). A lovely job you have made so far and good luck for a quick finish.
  5. You may well be right about the origins of the vehicle, and it was a long time ago for my memory. You are definitely correct that it was in amazingly good condition, which is probably why it was chosen. We only had a few weeks to get it ready for the open day, so no time to strip the gearbox out and the decision was taken for it to be a static exhibit. We did a top overhaul and the engine ran as sweet as a nut and radios etc were sourced from various places. I believe a tube was made to replace the gun, which had been cut short. On the day, someone decided to drive it from the hangar and the b
  6. Ex-boy


    I missed the sticker, so it was presumably fleeting, but what a bizarre collection of vehicles, and why? Thanks for posting, for 22 minutes of amazement.
  7. It was rescued (stolen) from a range (probably Lulworth) and the resultant hooha smoothed over by the old boy net. This was The Royal Hussars in Bhurtpore Bks Tidworth circa 1971. It was renovated for an open day, then put on a plinth whilst the regiment was in Tidworth. What happened to it later I have no idea. It was painted to represent a vehicle of 11th Hussars with 8th army if I remember correctly and has the 7 Armd Div desert rat logo.
  8. Not a model but the real thing that I was lucky enough to work on in Tidworth 50 years ago. I am the short one, second left. Apologies for the poor quality.
  9. Looks like it would be ideal for cooking a turtle in!
  10. My sister married an Aussie whose brother was a ski instructor in the Snowy Mountains. It does exist in Australia.
  11. I thought that looks very big for 9 feet by 6 feet, but of course you Aussies have very sensibly gone fully metric. I hope we catch up with you soon. Steve.
  12. It looks complete, which should save a lot of hunting for parts. Your English is good, so no need to apologise. I wish you the best of luck with the project. Steve.
  13. One minor correction Tony. Aquila was in Bromley, not Bexley. Steve
  14. I only got the end of the interview, but my main complaint is that they couldn’t get his title correct: Captain Sir Tom Moore. It’s not difficult.
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