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  1. One minor correction Tony. Aquila was in Bromley, not Bexley. Steve
  2. I only got the end of the interview, but my main complaint is that they couldn’t get his title correct: Captain Sir Tom Moore. It’s not difficult.
  3. Fascinating information on the saltire. I always wondered about the colour difference from the union flag, and now I know. Thank you.
  4. I’m glad I have been of some assistance. Good luck with your search. Steve.
  5. I was at the front end of the process of scaling; setting up the projects and liaising with manufacturers, so didn't have any dealings further down the line with the output, and although I suspect microfiche was the storage medium, I can't be sure. As for ATSA, that name disappeared when DLO was formed, and we became a division of DLO. I heard some gossip that DLO was moved from Andover to Bristol (Abbey Wood) and that the new build at Andover had been done so that HQ Army Land Forces could make an excuse to move from Wilton. All very underhand. Anyway, I believe everything that was ASCA/
  6. I'm afraid I can't answer that one. I joined Army Scaling Authority just before it amalgamated with Army Cataloguing Authority to form ASCA, so I dealt with the wrong side of the organisation for CESs. Steve.
  7. ASCA was based at other sites apart from Ha Ha Road, including Chetwynd Barracks, Beeston, Notts. It was amalgamated with Land Services Technical Publications Authority (LSTPA) in the 1990s, to become Army Technical Support Agency (ATSA) and subsequently became part of Defence Logistics Organisation (DLO) around the turn of the century. When DLO moved to a new base in Andover, with a large detachment in Abbey Wood, Bristol circa 2002, the old ASCA sites were closed, with many staff, myself included, made redundant. I apologise for the vagueness regarding dates, but it is a long time ago a
  8. This is a photo I took of the BATLSK Explorer as it was about to leave Kahawa in Kenya for backloading to UK in 1984. I was told it was one of only two still in service, with the other in Belize.
  9. In Detmold, Germany in the early 70s, with 4 Field Wksp REME, we had an office trailer and a flatbed fitted with an L60 carrying frame, both used by the power pack repair section. Both towed by AEC 10 tonners. Not sure of manufacturers but Rubery Owen comes to mind. Steve.
  10. Seriously impressive indeed, but still needs a crewman to take the winch rope to the casualty: wot! no rocket? My only concern (apart from the worrying amount of electronics) is the enormous front overhang. Steve.
  11. Works of art. Lovely to see such workmanship.
  12. I’ll second that Richard. I tried to follow a Fox from Beer to Lulworth in a Landrover many years ago and couldn’t get close. He lost me in no time.
  13. Thanks for the updates Kevin. Steve.
  14. Whoops, I nearly missed Armintiers 1914, which should be Armentiers 1914.
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