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  1. Hiya, I have a BRDM-2 as well, and this one is pretty good and cheap: https://www.afvhandbooks.com/afvshop/prod_7327168-BRDM2-Maintenance-Manual.html Depending on how good your German is, you can also look at getting the East German manuals (Look for the SPW-40P2, that's the East German designation for the BRDM-2).. I also have a Soviet/Russian parts catalog, but that is 580 MB so a bit hard to transfer.. The engine is pretty similar to the GAZ-66 engine, and some GAZ-66 parts will fit such as the water pump and some of the gaskets..
  2. He translated it to English for those who don't know Dutch. Hij heeft het vertaald naar het Engels voor diegene die geen Nederlands kunnen lezen.
  3. It's the tank from Indiana Jones and the last crusade.. So not a real one, but made up That was before it was restored, some pics: https://www.parkeology.com/2011/04/indiana-jones-and-boneyard-tank.html
  4. Can't the center runner/rail be mounted higher perhaps?
  5. Hi, unsure if they actually bought a T-34.. I haven't been in touch for a while.. should you have any leads I can always pass them on
  6. Still an awesome topic Wish I had the skill and workshop for such a project!
  7. Sorry, I was talking about the East German patrol boat.. http://www.grenzboot.nl/
  8. Is it a GSB 075? They have the same engine as the BRDM-2, except 2 of them I've been to a dealer who has loads of them, including engines..
  9. It's a brilliant thread Thanks for the photos!
  10. Oh wow, lot's of different stuff.. Not in the best of shape mostly though, could do with some more shelter
  11. Thanks for all the replies! I think the Ukrainian T-34/76 is a bit out of reach (though very cool to see!).. I've mailed them with the options I've found so far, including the eBay link
  12. Nope I do know of one near here in a private collection.. But I'm unsure if they are selling it.. I will pass on his info though.. maybe they can talk to him...
  13. I know them, but I don't really trust them much
  14. So, someone I know approached me, knowing I had a military armored vehicle and wanting to know where to find a T-34/85. Apparently her husband really wants to buy one. I did some searches around, but the usual places don't have them. Anyone know a good place to find them these days? Preferably in Western Europe, but Eastern is fine as well
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