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  1. DVLA search PNT 891G last road tax expired in 2014
  2. The Beverley hammer price was £21,000
  3. The buyers premium on all lots for this sale is 20% + vat
  4. not only the brush guard, the Rear wings on the garage find are from the 8cwt too, agree its built on a Snipe 8cwt chassis, see pic in link below https://encyclopedie-des-armes.com/index.php/unites-mobiles/vehicules-legers/929-lorry-8-cwt-4-x-2-ffw-humber
  5. It is not a Humber Box 4x4, ...it appears to be a military Humber Snipe 2 wheel drive chassis, with 900x13 tyres, there were military Woody utility estate versions, but this is not a military body, more likely its been rebodied post war with a longer and higher civilian coachbuilt 2 door body, the military Humber utilities were 4 door and used the steel bulhead and windscreen of the Snipe car as show in the photo below
  6. definatly Not underseal, it actually can enhance corrosion by trapping water moisture against the metal
  7. Do hope someone gives this this poor old aircraft a safe home, it was sold when the military museum closed at Beverley, now its being evicted from Fort Paul https://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/gilbert-baitson/catalogue-id-ibgi10619/lot-de133d6c-3cbe-44b4-bf34-ac0600cb36d7?fbclid=IwAR1IBJMxA68E2uCDChytitzPvjbTtrHwBkdQ0yOSL1dA7q3_8bQ7V6OXNGg
  8. That looks nice, ..several Hippos have been modified to get a bit more speed by turning the transfer box around, run it in low range, it then works as a step up box
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRACTOR-DRAWN-WATER-BOWSER-TANKER-SUIT-SHEEP-FIELD-TROUGH-ETC/313183556534?hash=item48eb31d3b6:g:0j0AAOSwcnRfNs8G
  10. Some dials /guages may be compatible with ones used on other vehicles, doubt if any wiring looms exist
  11. What bits and pieces do you mean? there are very few parts around for military Leyland Hippos,
  12. I have heard so many similar stories over the years, same as the infamous Jeeps still in crates...the stories all turn out to be entirely ficticious
  13. Looks very much like a film prop QL, ...amazed to find a photo on the Internet movie cars database of my old QL used on a French film shot in London in 1970,
  14. The large centre hub cap looks very much like Morris Commercial taxi wheels/axles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morris_Commercial_Cars#/media/File:1939_Morris_Super-Six_Taxicab.jpg
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