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  1. make sure the left hand 4 wheel drive lever is in the Opposite Forward 2 wheel drive position too
  2. The high/low transfer lever is in the midway neutral position, hence no drive. ..pull the transfer right lever back
  3. It was an executors estate sale there was no reserve its up to the vendor to decide if the price was acceptable,...I would think yes..
  4. Lot 356 Willys bid to £15,000 Lot 375 Willys bid to £16,500 both bids awaiting confirmation of sale from vendor
  5. Birmingham LEZ, due to commence in June Exempts Historic 40 year old vehicles, .more recent vehicles will have to pay the charge,...think this will be the case in most other LEZ's ..same as in the London ULEZ https://www.brumbreathes.co.uk/info/5/exemptions-additional-support/21/apply-exemption/8
  6. Alas looks like you have another CJ Propshaft, their rear props are shorter than an MB/GPW owing to the larger diff housing,.. look in the link below for prop lengths https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?t=154947
  7. Pickfords Diamond T's had EGG registration numbers so maybe ita an ex Pickfords truck
  8. that would be a Civilian RB as used by Utility companies, and as Fire engines, its Not Military, is it a V6 Ford engine ? what year is it? to be Historic Exempt 40year old it has to be pre 1980. otherwise It will Not be ULEZ compliant, must be Euro 4 petrol, or pay £12.50 a day. but it can still be used ok outside of the ULEZ, which expands out to the North & South circular roads in October this year
  9. https://mailchi.mp/44ab00f3bdf5/wap-2021-announcement?e=[UNIQID]
  10. https://mailchi.mp/44ab00f3bdf5/wap-2021-announcement?e=[UNIQID]
  11. 2nd hand jeep parts are often for sale on Ebay
  12. a Military RB 44 with the original Perkins Phaser engine Cannot enter London ! .. the requirment for the recent Inner London ULEZ is Euro 6 diesel...the old 1990's Perkins engine is Not even LEZ compliant ! the minimum for LEZ is Euro 3 diesel made from 2001 on, so it Cannot enter the Outer London LEZ, that area covers virtually everywhere inside the M25. An RB is not older enough to be exempt Historic.
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