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  1. Duplication, there is already a post about the Crusader and answers
  2. Often Jeeps that underwent full rebuilds by the military were re -stamped with a new chassis number
  3. the chassis number looks to be correct, expand the picture and the number starts GPW, it should be prefixed with a star symbol which is hidden under the wing panel mount
  4. It can't be 1945, the Standard Vanguard was'nt launched untill feb. 1948, the pick up truck was launched later that year but the first cars were for export only, so it would have been a while before the RAF took delivery of Vanguard pick ups so the photo must be sometime from 1950 on
  5. Alas NOS gasket sets are seldom any use anymore, if they got damp then dried out and become brittle and shrink, I have recently thrown away some similar ww2 gasket packs
  6. A jeep tows ok on an A bar, put the transfer lever in the midway, neutral position then its not turning the gear box
  7. Yes its ok to tow a gmc, if flat towing on a rope the brakes will be heavy with no servo assistance
  8. The Sea Fury crashes after engine failure, it was only a few years ago it was badly damaged following another engine failure crash landing https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-56920390?fbclid=IwAR3hBvJ4fQ0fNRfqfBk3rb61m_YKyckNolfHYiK1bZsRdYs84wXJCHfVWbU
  9. Here is a pair of NOS FV14932 Lamp bodies on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254903286809?hash=item3b596b7c19:g:Qh4AAOSwzjxeIYtq
  10. Green Canvas with insulating material on one side, "Mat Heat Exhaust" manufactured in 1994 Ex MOD, presume to shield personell or equipment from a hot exhaust system, I have 2 NOS and 1 used...Ideas as to what vehicle/s
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