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  1. not many of these left in the word, this is one in Australia is one of 5 left . The rest are in Russia and Poland At AAAM down-undah https://streamable.com/4z655h
  2. 3 years can go by so quickly, most people have nothing to mark that time You have a beautifully restored truck , congratulations are in order, it's a beauty
  3. the old link from last night was in fact not working ;( I imagine they're saving all the action videos for the owner, AAAM , although you can see Axis track driver pops it into gear. I'm guessing well over 5 million $$ into this including purchase price. It's impressive
  4. it's not you, it's Facebook, impossible to link to I have no idea why people use that instead of just creating a you-tube channel . Please try this. One nasty little Kitty πŸ˜‰ https://streamable.com/vtgdg
  5. this is finally done, took 4 years which is raher quick IMHO , video EDIT : GDM Facebook, try this https://streamable.com/vtgdg
  6. i don't think so, if you notice the chunk that was torn off the armor was actually blown inside . It looks like classic spalling from a direct hit where the hole from the outside is rather small, and material torn off other side larger in sizxe or volume of spalled metal pushed into the vehicle . they started using multlayer steel and in British tanks heavy fabric spall liners inside after WW2
  7. from Wheatcroft collection, something you don't often see, Tiger 1 turret basket floor, original steel frame, replaced sheet soon to hang under this
  8. they keep popping up and each one more "jigsawier" than the last . AAM has started a Tiger 1 or Tiger A or whatever you want to call it. What do you guys think could have blown apart the toughest part pf the tank, the 4 inch thick frontal armor? My guess is ISU-152? The spalling would have killed both driver and gunner https://www.facebook.com/ausarmour/photos/pb.550740451628887.-2207520000../2824251767611066/?type=3&theater from FB courtesy of AAM
  9. a shame, they should have just left it alone. Why drag it out then scrap it? funny back ground track, and the narrator calls is a Heinkel https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2Flecmazurypl%2Fvideos%2F763277307087794
  10. forget towing, a quick tune-up and fly it somewhere. You know the old girl has a few left in erπŸ˜‰ Were you able to confirm, is it really complete with engines, flight controls etc? Some serious scratch, even for a wealthy collector, for something that will sit in one place forever. That's assuming it's left as a tanker, to restore it back to is' bomber configuration i can only image.
  11. doesn't appear to be the case, plugs are present in both intake and exhaust, my bet is that it's the same condition as the day they decommissioned it. This was the last operating base for this aircraft, I bet it was simply towed from flight line to gate guardian in 1993 https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/raf-marham-offering-free-victor-jet-1-6504843
  12. sounds like they don't have a choice. If it's structurally in danger of collapse, there's no funding to stabilize/restore it, and none comes forward, then what else? It would be bad if this was the last one but (according to Wiki)There's 4 others, 2 can be taxied. It will be interesting to see if anyone comes forward, finding someone with the funding or even a building large enough to display in seems low likelihood?
  13. Any guesses on what it would cost to simply disassemble and move? 10K pound sterling? https://www.warhistoryonline.com/news/victor.html
  14. based on photo posted by the KWC on FB, it would appear that the Deck armor plate they have in their collection matches this vehicle captured at Kursk. Source http://the.shadock.free.fr/Surviving_Panzers.html I hope they post more pics and dig up more parts in their storage sheds. This one could be fun to watch
  15. not sure i follow, if it was officially re-named Elephant in May 1944, and this vehicle was destroyed prior to 1944, like at Kursk in 1943 prior to vehicle modernization, then it would be a Ferdinand no? Also having a hard time believing that footage was staged, there are shells exploding just yards away from the Soviet combat infantry. Surely you wouldn't risk trained combat troops like that for a video.
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